Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDESDAY! Yesterday I hung out with the adorable ladies at the St. Louis Michael Kors store getting a sneak peek at their new arrivals and trying out some of their adorable spring dresses. Some of my very favs are pictured here (and linked – don’t worry) in this post!! SPEAKING OF WHICH: Today’s post is gonna be a good one – so buckle up. I’m about to change your life and your closet forever. There is a psychological reason we should be changing our closets to represent the correct season – not just because it helps keep your closet organized. Let’s do this.

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

Reason One: It clears closet space. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I mean. This was so obvious I felt like it just had to come first. I’ve only said it twice now. BUT this is still important. Think about it: when you have an entire closet full of clothes – it can be difficult to find the pieces you want, especially when you are digging through fall sweaters to find spring blouses and vice versa. The simplest way to do this is to just get rid of your out of season clothes. Put them in a bin (fold them nicely, please. You do NOT want 3 months worth of wrinkles to sort through) and tuck them in a closet or underneath your bed. Now, you can easily sort through your closet and it’s only seasonally appropriate clothing you have to sort through. Do the same thing with your out of season shoes.

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

Reason Two: Fresh perspective.

I don’t know about you but I get VERY tired of looking at the same clothes every day, and sorting through the same tops and the same sweaters trying to find something to wear. It would be so easy if I could just buy new stuff all the time and never wear the same thing twice but my wallet says plz no. So, since I’m forced to live like a peasant, one way I’ve found that helps me feel better about my closet is to hide my clothes when they’re out of season. That way, I don’t have to look at them for almost 9 months and by the time I pull them out again, I have forgotten what they look like so it’s almost like going shopping in my own closet! #winnerwinner

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

Reason Three: You don’t need specific clothing items during certain times of the year, and let’s be honest – it’s probably time to give some of your most loved items away.

It just makes more sense to store it out of sight. Do you really need those sweaters in 98 degrees? Nope. Do you really want your open toed heels when it’s snowing outside or a bathing suit in -20? Nope, and nope. Cut the clutter and organize your clothes by season. Out-of-seasoners get the boot. I like to take this time purge my closet as well. Sometimes we like to think we actually wear stuff when we just don’t. We like to see it take up space in our closet because we feel better with a full closet than an empty closet. But think of it this way: what good is a full closet when you only wear 3-4 items in it? Give the stuff away that you don’t wear or doesn’t fit and make room for the new and improved you.

Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

NOTE: I do want to make a note that you SHOULD be keeping layering pieces all year round somewhere accessible. Be sure you keep some cardigans, jean jackets, and light sweaters just in case you need them – ESPECIALLY in the spring time. I want to say this simple from experience. Sometimes you switch your wardrobe over to spring from winter, and it’s like 65 and sunny and beautiful on the day that you do it, and then two days later it snows. So. Keep a jacket or something out so you don’t freeze to death. Learn from my mistakes. 


Why You Should Be Hiding Your Out Of Season Clothes

I hope this helps you make the MOST out of your closet. For reference, here is the link to the clear bins I use to store my out-of-season clothing and I personally just slide them right underneath my bed!! It makes it so season to pull out when I need to switch seasons.

Let me know what you do to keep your closet fresh for each new season in the comments below!


I am partnering with the St. Louis Michael Kors location and we are throwing a spring extravaganza! Stop by between 12pm-5pm this Saturday to hang out and shop with me. Not only will there be sales, there will also be snacks like macarons, chocolate covered strawberries and more. You are NOT going to want to miss it, I promise. 

1435 Saint Louis Galleria

Richmond Heights, MO 63117

If you’re local – I hope to see you there!! You can get all the styles that I am wearing in this blog post (and so many more) so save your favs and add a pop of teal to your wardrobe this spring!

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  1. Kimberly Burke | 7th Mar 18

    It totally does give it a fresh perspective! I just donated two bags full of clothes and it feels so good! Love that blue dress on you btw! Gorgeous!


  2. lydia | 7th Mar 18

    Love all of the tips for why you should be hiding your out of season clothes! I have been having the hardest time getting rid of clothes that I don’t ever wear! And with a small closet, this is all great advice. Thanks for sharing girl!

    BTW, we live in STL so we may just have to come stop by and say hey!

    xo, Lydia

    • Taylor Mobley | 7th Mar 18

      Oh my gosh PLEASE come and hang out this weekend!! It will be SO fun to meet you!

  3. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 7th Mar 18

    That red floral dress has my heart…I now can’t think about anything but that. Ha!

  4. Annette Dattilo | 7th Mar 18

    This makes perfect sense. I am currently ding a big closet clean out to just help with a fresh perspective. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nakeya | 7th Mar 18

    I hate looking into my closet and only seeing clothes that I can not wear. Removing the last season clothes is a great idea. It allows you to actually see what you have.

    • Taylor Mobley | 7th Mar 18

      Yes exactly. No more digging in out of season stuff!

  6. Leslie@Peaches&Willow | 7th Mar 18

    Ever since my husband & I moved in together 5 years ago I have been putting away my seasonal clothes mostly for the storage space but it is so much fun to pull down that box (or boxes) of sweaters, flannels and boots in the fall and the tanks, shorts and sandals in the spring. It is like shopping in your own closet. My husband laughed at me this year because every box I went through I was like, “ooh, I forgot I had this!”

    I like to take that time to go through my clothes and get rid of anything I don’t want anymore, too! Then I can add a few more pieces into my wardrobe without feeling bad about it. I always donate the clothes I no longer want or give them to friends. One of my friends got an entire HUGE bag of clothes I didn’t want anymore at the beginning of fall. She’s in heaven so it feels really good to give to someone who truly wants and appreciates all those un-wanted items I don’t need anymore!

  7. Ivana | 7th Mar 18

    number 3 is my favorite, I enjoy getting rid of clothes I didn’t wear in a while so it’s not making clutter in my room ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Krystin | 7th Mar 18

    This makes so much sense, to be honest, I never hide my out of season clothes but I think I should, it would make getting dressed so much easier!

    • Taylor Mobley | 7th Mar 18

      It really really does. And it makes you feel good about pulling you stuff out when the new season starts.

  9. Ashley | Honey & Pine | 7th Mar 18

    I love hiding my out-of-season clothes in bins under the bed. It makes it so much nicer to go into my closet when I don’t have a ton of things I can’t wear staring back at me. I usually sort through my closet twice a year, at the start of spring and winter.

  10. Kristen from Pugs & Pearls | 7th Mar 18

    Couldn’t agree more! I’ve been doing this for a few years now and I love it! It’s like going shopping when you swap out seasons! I totally agree, I get sick of seeing the same things all the time. I don’t keep things under the bed, but what I have found that works really well are bins on my closet shelves. For example, I have one bin that stores my sweaters in the summer and in the winter I replace the sweaters with bathing suits. Works great, and I love multitasking systems. =]

    • Taylor Mobley | 7th Mar 18

      Yes – exactly. If I had more room in my closet I would totally do it!

  11. Kristen Jones | 7th Mar 18

    I so wish I was local–sounds like a fun party!! Love your tips, too! I always put a lot of last season’s clothes into my spare closet so I have more room or it goes into a bin under the bed. Going through and getting rid of clothes I didn’t wear after each season has also helped me cut down on how much I need to store. Plus, if I make a little extra $$$ selling some of my clothes, I can buy at least one new item, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚ haha!

    • Taylor Mobley | 7th Mar 18

      That is my line of thinking exactly. If I make some extra cash – I can buy some extra clothes!

  12. Kiara | 7th Mar 18

    Honestly, Iโ€™m glad you wrote this because Iโ€™ve been feeling a little uninspired with my closet recently. I always remove dresses during fall and winter and then bulky sweaters for spring and summer. But I want to put away more. For spring, I plan to remove any fall/winter items so that I have only 50 items in my closet for the season. Such a great post to help get ready for a new season!

  13. Megan Elliott | 7th Mar 18

    Yes! I always do this! Totally makes it so much easier (and more organized!).

  14. KatWalkSF | 7th Mar 18

    So many great tips and ideas! I have been hiding my clothes everywhere…by not putting them away lol!

  15. Stephanie | 7th Mar 18

    I am so on board with this concept! I keep my clothes in two different closets (because I have that space at my parents’ house right now haha – I’m sure it’ll be different once married) and have summer clothes in one and winter in the other. SO helpful!

  16. Chelsie Carr | 7th Mar 18

    I just started doing this a year ago and it’s been awesome because it helps me see my clothes with new eyes and it’s like Christmas opening up my totes with my spring and summer clothes because I always forget what I had! New clothes for meee

  17. Iliana Garcia | 7th Mar 18

    I do this all the time and I love it, it keeps me organized! That blue dress looks amazing you you. Happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

    Iliana | http://www.sophisticatedfashionista.com

  18. Helen | 7th Mar 18

    I love all of your tips and I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing this to us!

  19. Helen | 7th Mar 18

    I try to do this but I have three closets and don’t exactly organize them…whoops! Maybe this will be my year. I love that blue dress! Too pretty!

  20. Maegan O'Loughlin | 7th Mar 18

    I love storing my out of season clothes (partly because my rental house has tiny closets ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I do this for my kids too, and we have a lot of fun pulling out our clothes twice a year to swap out our wardrobes. It helps me recognize the pieces I really love. And all your clothes are gorgeous!

  21. Suzanne | 7th Mar 18

    Yes with the fresh perspective. Have the time I can’t remember everything in my closet, there’s so much to archive! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Azanique | 7th Mar 18

    I have never thought about it like this. I usually keep most of my clothes in my closet throughout seasons but I could definitely start packing them away and creating more room. Great tips babe!

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  23. Kileen | 8th Mar 18

    I love this post babe!! I’ve been trying to slowly but surely do some Spring cleaning and this is great advice!

    cute & little

  24. Morgan Klein | 8th Mar 18

    I feel like this post was written for me!!! I just donated a bunch of clothes and have been trying to de-clutter!

  25. Courtney Heathcock | 8th Mar 18

    You are the CUTEST human there ever was! I love all of your stuff! I loved this post because this is something I have contemplated for years. I’m always cold, so I like to keep all my clothes in my closet year round. It’s starting to become too much and super overwhelming. I think this year I’m going to embrace it…and buy more new clothes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. Deborah | 8th Mar 18

    Putting away my winter clothes is on my to-do list this month… or at least when the weather decides to Spring haha. These are all such great reasons!

  27. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 8th Mar 18

    I recently purged a bunch of clothes I didn’t like wearing anymore and thought I was done, but recently wore a shirt that I hated wearing, so that is going to go, too! I’ll have to keep that in mind when ti’s time to transition from winter to spring/summer!

  28. Nataly | 9th Mar 18

    I try to clear out my closet at least once a month now. But, this is such a great idea! I am going to give it a try!

  29. Stephanie Caligiuri | 9th Mar 18

    Love clearing out old closet & starting fresh! Great post!

  30. adriana | 9th Mar 18

    A new perspective on clothes is everything! I have a weird, hidden back section of my closet and I store all of my out of season clothes there – I always feel like I have brand new things each season LOL! I LOVE that teal bag, it’s gorgeous! Have so much fun at the event!!

  31. Amanda | 11th Mar 18

    Cute looks and great tips! I usually keep my winter clothes such as sweaters put away– it totally clears up closet space!

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