Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

Happy #fashionwednesday! Yesterday, we chatted all about my favorite statement earrings to update our summer wardrobe – and today, we are going to talking about another way to accessorize your go-to summer #ootds: ruffles. Ruffles first became a fashion statement in 16th century Europe and has (clearly) stood the test of time. Back then it was a sign of wealth and royalty for men and nowadays, it’s seen much more often on women’s clothing. You can see them on boho chic looks, sleek and feminine silhouettes, and more. I’m a big fan because to me, it’s an easy way to spice up an otherwise totally plain outfit, ya know? Let’s dive into this.


Red Ruffle Dress | “T” Necklace | Nude Sandals | Similar Black Coach Crossbody

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

A feminine detail to your outfit.

Ruffles are a great way to instantly elevate your outfits without going overboard. They look beautiful in lace and pastel colors, and don’t have to be big or ostentatious to make a point. I am a big fan of ruffle detailing on shoes, earrings and sleeves to achieve this type of understated look. You will instantly “girl” up your look and can be a really great way to take a street style outfit up a notch. Shop my favorite ruffle details with these shoes, this $15 top, and these $9 earrings.

Statement accessory without extra items or layers.

This is great because ruffles don’t need any layers. In fact, often layers end up looking bulky or out of place with ruffles anyways! I love that my look is pretty much totally complete with a ruffled top or dress. I rarely have to do anything else to feel put together (unless it’s a popping lip). This is especially true if your ruffles are coming in on a skirt, hemline or sleeve. Shop the dress I’m wearing in this post here, an alternative ruffle dress here, and this cute skirt here.

Easily transitions from day-to-night.

You can take your ruffles from cute and sweet with some boyfriend jeans to edgy and sophisticated with a leather skirt in two seconds. For the dress I’m wearing, I like to switch it up from this date night glam look to an easy every day summer dress by changing out my lip color (from coral to nude), my shoes (from heels to gold flats) and my purse (from my sleek Coach crossbody to my super fun straw bag with pom poms). It’s THAT easy to transition with just a few accessory switches. 

Easily paired with basic pieces in your closet.

You can easily pair your ruffles with anything in your closet. My favorite are slouchy boyfriend jeans because the combination of the girlie chic ruffles and the I-woke-up-like-this boyfriend jean is SO easy to pull off for anyone. Easily pair with jean jackets, nude flats, pops of color and more. They aren’t there to compete with your other pieces, they’re there to compliment your other pieces! 

Looks amazing on all types of clothing & accessories.

Ruffles look so good on every type of clothing and accessory that it’s hard not to want one of everything, amiright? I am mildly obsessed with this ruffle mini-backpack and these ruffle shoes. I am also a huge, huge fan of this ruffle dress, this ruffle skirt and this ruffle top. I have yet to come across a ruffle I didn’t like. πŸ˜‰

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe


Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

I hope you enjoyed this adorable ruffle round-up and fell in love with this perfect Downeast Basics classic as much as I did. I know they can be intimidating if you stay on the safe side when it comes to style, but this is truly the easiest way to work something fun and trendy into your look without going too far out of your comfort zone!

Why You Need To Add Ruffles To Your Summer Wardrobe

Let me know if you love ruffles as much as I do – and what your favorite way to style them is in the comment below!

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  1. Cara Newhart | 20th Jun 18

    Ruffles make everything better! Love this look.

    xo, Cara

  2. Sharon Wu | 20th Jun 18

    that ruffle dress is to die for gorgeous! love the color on you! xo

  3. Azanique | 20th Jun 18

    I love mixing ruffles in with my basics! This dress looks amazing on you girl πŸ™‚

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  4. Kileen | 21st Jun 18

    Loving this outfit babe! This is such a fun dress with the ruffles and the color is so cute!!

    cute & little

  5. Deborah | 21st Jun 18

    I love ruffles because they’re just an easy and chic way to add a bit of oomph to an everyday look! I LOVE your dress here! The color is gorgeous!

  6. Kimmie | 21st Jun 18

    That is such a nice color on you!! Ruffles are my fave!

  7. Tonya Tardiff | 21st Jun 18

    Love this dress! Your tips are awesome and I love how you can dress up or dress down with ruffles!

  8. THEEYETRAVELER | 21st Jun 18

    yas, I completely agree with you on this! ruffles are so feminine and can be a statement piece <3

  9. adriana | 23rd Jun 18

    This dress is the cutest and I love that color on you!! Sooo fun!

  10. Bree | 24th Jun 18

    Such a great post!! I am a HUGE fan of ruffles myself;)

  11. KatWalkSF | 25th Jun 18

    I couldn’t agree more! I love a good ruffle!

  12. Whitney | 25th Jun 18

    love these ruffles on you! so cute!

  13. Bernice | 26th Jun 18

    I definitely need to increase my wardrobe with more ruffled pieces!


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