Ultimate Guide To Workout Gear.

Hello, my darling friends! Today I’m coming at you live with a post that is going to blow your mind. I’m bringing you the ultimate guide to the most affordable and adorable work out clothes. For me, one of the biggest incentives to start working out was the cute athleisure articles of clothing I knew I could convince my husband to let me buy. So today I’m going to give you the low-down on the must-have workout gear and where to buy them. Let’s jump right into it.
Ultimate Guide To

The Ultimate Guide To Workout Clothes.

The Sports Bra.


This is my favorite sports bra. It is from Victoria Secret and I got it during their semi-annual sale (aka my favorite day of the year). Why are sports bras important? They reduce the movement that unavoidably will happen to your breasts when you’re working out. That can cause tearing in the “Cooper’s Ligaments” (pleeeease be impressed. I’m using my college degree in biology right now). Once those ligaments tear, there is no repairing them….and then let the sagging begin. Sports bras range between ‘compression’ bras to bras with built-in cups. Whichever you choose, make sure it has enough to support to keep your girls in place. 


The Yoga Pants.


There are two of my favorite yoga pants.  I am currently wearing the black ones right now. I am ADORING the crochet bottoms. I feel feminine and chic when I wear these. I like that these yogas are high-waisted, too, because it keeps all parts of me covered when I’m twisting like a pretzel while achieving my “zen”. I love the detail on the grey and pink ones too. I know that “looking pretty” doesn’t make your work outs any better but I definitely feel like I burn more calories….


The headphones.fitness5

My Beats by Dre headphones are my absolutely favorite. I got them as a birthday gift last year from my mom (thanks mom you the real MVP). I love them. They completely block out any external noise and allow me to focus on my workout. Because I’m serious about this working out thing. I’m serious. 


The shoes.


Okay confession time: I don’t have these YET. I’ve run around the Nike store in them and stared at how pretty they are for about an hour. Then I promptly went home, ordered my size and now I wait. Everything that I know about these shoes, though, (because my husband has a matching pair…are we cute or..?) is that they are amazing. Honestly. Here is a testimonial from my hubby: “They are some of the most effective, comfortable and stylist running shoes I have ever worn”. Are you convinced yet?

MATCH ME AND MY HUSBAND HERE (it’s a pretty exclusive club).

Alright ladies. As a special treat for those of you who made it this far. Here is my favorite 15 minute yoga routine! Do pose #1 for 1 minute, poses #2-7 for 2 minutes each and then pose #8 for 1 minute. Be sure to inhale and exhale with a steady, rhythmic pace.  5 minuteMorningYogaRoutine-2

So what did you think of that, ladies?  I would LOVE to hear about your favorite workout gear. Where do you buy your workout clothes? Did you find this yoga pose guide helpful? Be sure to PIN IT for later if you did!! If you liked it, and want to see more…don’t forget to follow my instagram and like my Facebook page! BUT if you want some exclusive content, subscribe to my email list. I’m going to be sending out some pretty awesome content you aren’t going to be able to see anywhere else in the next two weeks! Can’t wait to see you there. 

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  1. Kristin Cook | 15th Jul 16

    I love those yoga pants! I am so excited to look them up. I need a good pair of running shoes!

  2. Kelly | 15th Jul 16

    This is such a great post! Super informative, plus I am sorta obsessed with that sports bra!!



  3. Jessica | 15th Jul 16

    I get most of my gear from TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. Super great deals on cute stuff. Of course I love me some Athleta as well.

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Jul 16

      I don’t have any Athleta gear but I’ve been looking into it!!

  4. Emily | 15th Jul 16

    Love this post. Do you workout with the Beats often? I have been wanting to get a pair for working out but I sweat so much and I’m afraid it will get extremely dirty and covered in sweat! 🙁

    xoxo Emily

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Jul 16

      I almost always workout with my beats! I don’t find that they get very gross! Just a quick wipe down with a damp cloth afterwards keeps them in great shape!!

  5. Amber | 15th Jul 16

    I need to get cute workout clothes so I’m actually motivated to work out!!

  6. Meg Tang | 15th Jul 16

    This is a great post with a ton of information! I love the 15 minute yoga routine and need to set an intention like this for my day every morning. Thanks for sharing.

    xo Meg

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Jul 16

      No problem Meg!! I’m so glad you liked it!!!

  7. Rachel Ritlop | 15th Jul 16

    Love those pants and that sports bra!!

  8. Ali Lang | 15th Jul 16

    Ohhh I love those shoes! So cute that y’all will match!

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Jul 16

      Hahah, sometimes we like to do that 🙂 I love them!

  9. Madeleine | 15th Jul 16

    Great choices! Love the VSX gear. Love the flatlays as well.

  10. Vanessa from Alexandrea Anissa | 15th Jul 16

    Love this post and those headphones. They are on my wish list haha. I think having cute workout gear makes me more motivated to work out. If I had to add something it would be a water bottle!

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Jul 16

      Yeah! I have that cute pink blender bottle and I LOVE it!!!

  11. Annabel | 15th Jul 16

    Cute work out gear that always excites me and gets me to more energetic about working out.

  12. Abby | 16th Jul 16

    Definitely already obsessed with VSX sports bras. Agreed that having what you like for a workout is going to assure that have the best workout!

    Xoxo takingonthekitchen.weebly.com/blog

  13. Jennifer | 16th Jul 16

    I love VSX sports bra. Thank you for introducing me to other great pieces.

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jul 16

      No problem Jennifer. I’m glad you liked them!!!

  14. Chrissa - Physical Kitchness | 16th Jul 16

    I have yet to buy anything VS workout – but I think I need to check it out! I always find goodies at TJ Maxx and Michaels (probs because I’m cheap) LOL! Those Nike kicks make me swoon though!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th Jul 16

      I know! The shoes are amazing!!! I think I will live in them once they get here.

  15. Kim | 17th Jul 16

    LOVE the yoga pants…the crochet detail is cute and I love the pink accents on the other pair…I am obsessed with cute yoga pants; Athleta is my favorite brand

  16. ashley lee | 17th Jul 16

    The only work out clothes I have are from tjmaxx and target. & they were not bought for working out! HA!
    Maybe if I go buy some cute work out clothing now, i would be motivated to work out!?

  17. Melanie | 18th Jul 16

    Those shoes! ????❤

  18. Elizabeth hugen | 21st Jul 16

    Super cute gear! I always feel much better working out when I look good <3 have a great day!



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