The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

Happy FRI-YAY!!! My bestie Amanda is coming into town tomorrow and we plan on really living up her time here. One of the things we are going to be doing is hitting up as many local brunch spots as we possibly can. St. Louis is known for it’s big city atmosphere with a small town feel. I am in love with that type of place. STL is also known for it’s fabulous cuisine from all over the world. Here are my absolute FAVORITE brunch places in the city – MUST-TRIES if you are coming to visit in the near future. Let’s jump into this.

The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

Rush Bowls

I love this little place! If you are looking for a restaurant that has some of the best smoothie bowls on the market – Rush Bowls is the PLACE! I love how beautifully instagrammable the bowls are, and how packed  they are with nutrients and antioxidants. I don’t have to feel bad about eating my entire lunch, so winwinwin. 


This sweet little restaurant is right on the 8th floor of the Four Seasons hotel, so you know it’s bougie AF. You get brunch AND a beautiful view of downtown STL. They boast a “relaxed but sophisticated” atmosphere, so you can feel comfortable in a cute sundress and sandals with your girls. 

Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria

Don’t panic – lest you be concerned: this is not just pizza and pasta. Katie’s weekend brunch menu is JUST as delicious as their pizza and pasta dishes. Some notable dishes are their wood oven eggs and avocado toast (yes, you CAN live our your millennial dreams here). If you like a drink with your brunch, I’ve heard they have a killer cucumber mojito and loaded Bloody Mary. 

Hiro Asian Kitchen

Located RIGHT in downtown St. Louis, this little restaurant is conveniently easy to find. They are famous for their unique green tea waffle loaded with vanilla bean ice cream (which sounds more like dessert than breakfast…but I’m not complaining) and their Hiro Slinger (a twist on the St. Louis staple with bulgogi beef, spicy cheesy tater tots, Chipotle mayo and an over-easy egg). 


While it’s definitely known for it’s nationally acclaimed pasta, Pastaria has a brunch menu that would but the others to shame.  Some of their ignature items include a buttermilk farro waffle with whipped butter and candied pecans, breakfast pizza with pork belly and fontina and bucatini rigati a la carbonara. They also make their own granola for a to-die-for parfait and hand dip their delicious donuts.

The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

Tree House Restaurant

This is a vegatarian and vegan restaurant for my health-conscious foodies. Some of their most popular brunch items include: vegan donuts of the week, pancakes and out-of-this-world biscuits and gravy. They are also INCREDIBLY instagrammable so grab your phones before you take a bite and boomerang that ish. 


I love this place! It is located in Central West End – aka the most quaint part of St. Louis by FAR. It has such a wonderful atmosphere and the outside seating has a beautiful view of this part of the city. Their dishes are French-based (if you couldn’t tell by the name). They service classic eggs Benedict and their French toast is made with brioche. Plus: if you’re looking for something unique, you need to try the grapefruit brûlée.

Scrape American Bistro

Don’t stray too far from CWE, because this sweet little spot is located there, too! The back patio is definitely where you want to be seated so be sure to ask for a spot if it’s nice outside. Every table is served with a stuffed beignet to start off, and the fillings change with the seasons. It’s got a bit of a southwestern flair to the menu so be sure to try out their breakfast chorizo chicken burritos!


This little place is very farmhouse-chic. It’s got all your classics all in one spot: eggs, platters, crepes, waffles, and biscuits and gravy. It’s part of the Bailey’s Restaurant family, if you are familiar, so you know the food is amazing. I’m a particular fan of the their BBLT (double bacon BLT). 

Living Room 

This is a hipsters dream restaurant (so perfect for the ‘gram). Not only do they roast their own coffee and dry their own tea, they also make their own bread and pride themselves on making everything from scratch in their kitchen. No pre-frozen box meals for this little spot. Their eggs Benedict is fabulous, and so is the Elvis toast if you need some recommendations!


The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

I hope you take some of these recommendations to heart and visit them when you’re in town. Most of these are completely unique to STL, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

The Top TEN Best Brunch Spots in St. Louis

Let me know which one of these spots strikes YOUR fancy in the comments below!


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  1. Savannah | 8th Jun 18

    We’ve never been to St. Louis, but it would be such an easy place for us to take a weekend trip to! (We live in Nashville, so not too far.) Hiro Asian Kitchen and Pastaria both sound like they’d be right up our alley!

  2. Cynthia | 8th Jun 18

    I lived near STL for 3 years and managed to try only one of these on your list! How depressing?! Although I thoroughly enjoyed roosters. Next time i visit or drive through I will definitely have to add another on the list.

  3. Katie | 8th Jun 18

    Girl you are making me hungry! My in-laws live in Springfield and we spend a bit of time in Missouri. Maybe next time we’ll take a trip to STL to try some of these brunch places! That Rush Bowl place looks amazing!

  4. Felicia | 8th Jun 18

    These places sound absolutely delicious! I’ve driven through St. Louis, but I’ve never stopped. I need too and I’ll have this post saved for when I go back!

  5. Helen | 8th Jun 18

    Ooooh I love posts like these because if I’m ever in St Louis then it’ll be so handy! Food is my life and that Hiro Asian Kitchen sounds divine!!

  6. Denise | 8th Jun 18

    YUM! St. Louis is such an easy drive that I’m disappointed I haven’t made the trip yet. Bookmarking this to plan 🙂

    Denise //

  7. Kileen | 8th Jun 18

    Ooh, these sound amazing and so yummy!! Will have to bookmark this for future reference!

    cute & little

  8. Prachi | 9th Jun 18

    Wow! Would love to visit this places when I am there.

  9. Tonya Tardiff | 9th Jun 18

    Wow these look incredible! Great pics.

  10. adriana | 9th Jun 18

    These sound like such good spots!! I need to get there so I cant try these! Yum!

  11. Stephanie | 10th Jun 18

    Suddenly I’m totally drooling haha. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, I think!

  12. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 10th Jun 18

    I fully expect to go to ALL of these when I come to visit you in STL. Mark my words

  13. Candace | 11th Jun 18

    I have never been to St. Louis, but I had no idea there were so many options in places to brunch. Tree House and Cielo sound right up my alley!

  14. Kelly M Mullican | 12th Jun 18

    Those are some good choices, but Half & Half is by far my favorite in all of St. Louis!! I moved away from STL 3 years ago, and it’s always my first stop when I come back to visit. Tho the homemade donuts at Pastaria’s brunch are also to die for!!

  15. kelly Fordon | 13th Jun 18

    That acai bowl looks heavenly, definitely need to bookmark this for when I visit!

    Birdie Shoots

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