The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! It’s October, which means that even in 87 degree weather, you can find me rocking sweaters, blanket scarves and booties. #noshame I will pretend that it is fall until the weather decides to follow suit. Tis the season for all things pumpkin right now (God #BLESS) so don’t mind me while I sip my PSL, eat my pumpkin pie and visit ALL OF THE PUMPKIN PATCHES! I was kind of disappointed in the lack of really good patches here in St. Louis – Missouri, WYD??? – but we managed to find one that had a variety of pumpkins to choose from. The burning question I know you are ALL asking is “what the heck do I even wear to a pumpkin patch because it certainly can’t just be jeans and a t-shirt” 😉 Don’t worry, though, the first of this year’s FALL outfits happens to be shot in a pumpkin patch so keep reading to get the full scoop!

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

Pick your color palette.

I went with classic colors to match the pumpkin patch this year: olive green, brown, orange and a little pop of yellow. They are very FALL and very much match my surroundings which is what I was going for. Some other color palette inspirations for this time of year are:

Taupe/Maroon | Rust/Navy | Cobalt/Cream | Forest Green/Navy

There are so many fun fall color combos this time of year that you can honestly pick whatever speaks to you the most. 

Opt for a fun accessory – like a hat & scarf!

This is the best part. Floppy felt hats are my fall love affair so I was SO excited to bring this one back out. It’s really hard for me to find hats I absolutely love because I’m so picky about the “flop”. They’ve gotta be JUUUUST right. Grab yourself a few different styles and colors to choose from during the season like black, taupe, cream, brown and olive. Styles like floppy, flat brim and fedora are really in right now and SO cute.

Blanket scarves are my fall bffs. They are so cozy and as someone who is basically always cold, they’re a godsend. Pick up a few of my favorites to add to your collection this year (bonus: they’re all under $11 and the actual COZIEST).  

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

Choose shoes you can easily walk in.

I know this struggle because if you ask my husband I am the QUEEN of wearing shoes that are inappropriate for the circumstances  #whoops But do as I say not as I do and pick a pair of shoes that will be easy to walk on dirt and mud in. There is nothing worse than wearing cute booties or heels and ruining them in dirt.

Opt for shoes you can easily wipe off if they do get dusty, like a cute pair of hunter boots or brown booties  

Don’t wear anything that can’t get a little dirt on it and survive.

This goes right up there with the message about shoes above. Your hands are going to get dusty and a little dirty from picking up the pumpkins from the ground. They aren’t clean and wiped off like at the store so don’t wear a perfectly white top. 😉

I wore a cream sweater but it was so covered in the front by my blanket scarf that I wasn’t super concerned with it getting dirty (and it didn’t!). 

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit


The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

The Perfect Fall Pumpkin Patch Outfit

Fall is really kicking into gear now and even though our weather is still in the 80s (send help) – I plan on rocking my fall clothes until I die of a heat stroke. 😉 

What is your favorite go-to fall outfit?! Let me know one piece you can’t live without in the comments below!

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