The Best of Nude Lipsticks

It is #BEAUTYMONDAY so HOLLAH! It is NO secret that I love love love beauty monday. I get so excited to come up with new items for all of you to enjoy and learn from because makeup is seriously one of my biggest passions. One of the biggest trends of the last year or so has been perfecting the nude lip. Apparently, it isn’t enough to just go bare with your lips, we must now get our hands on the perfect shade of your-lips-but-better. I’m not even mad. Let’s dive into the best of nude lipsticks take one: 

The Best of Nude Lipsticks

These are The Best of Nude Lipsticks I am going to be reviewing for you today:

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Caramello

I looooove this color. It is more of a cool toned white nude than anything else. Super pigmented, and dries down incredibly matte. It is easy to apply and unless you are eating something super greasy, it isn’t going anywhere all day long.

The Best of Nude Lipsticks

Tarte Tarteist Matte Lip Cream in Birthday Suit

I love everything Tarte. Ya’ll already know. I don’t think I need to explain why this is so amazing but in case you are NEW to the show, here’s the deal. Tarte’s matte lip creams are the BOMB. This one was a limited edition birthday gift, but I think the one I linked is a super close match. It stays on all day, doesn’t dry out my lips and is perfectly kissable. This shade is a cool-toned matte.

Tarte Tarteist Liquid Lip Gloss in Nude Beach

I’ve been straying away from the mattes lately because it is more practical for me to have something that will fade off while I’m at work during the day. I have been reaching for this gloss time and time again lately. It is a warm-toned peachy nude that flatters my super pale skin really well. 10/10. Plus I LOVE the wand.

The Best of Nude Lipsticks

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in Kristen

This gloss was bought on a whim, but I’m glad I caved. This color is VERY cool-toned and would look great if I had a little bit of a tan. The gloss fades nicely for the most part but does feather if not set with a pencil first. I love the pigmentation of it. 

Milani Matte Lip Cream in Adorable

This one is kind of a hit or miss, but I felt I should mention it because the nude color is amazing. It WILL dry out your lips while wearing it. I’m talking Sahara desert. If you are someone who doesn’t mind that, go for it! This is definitely a white-based, cool-toned nude that would match a lighter skin tone really well!

The Best of Nude Lipsticks

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in Seduction

This is the first nude lipstick I bought for a looooong time a few months ago. I always tried to stay away from nudes because I was on a BIG bold lipstick kick. However: it is matte, it stays MOSTLY all day and it has a rosy undertone. Beware however, the longer it stays on your lips without reapplication, the “pinker” the lipstick turns. I always reapply a few times through out the day to keep the “nude” look.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Nude Blush + Pink Tea

Ya’ll know I love the Sephora cream lip stains. I was graciously gifted the entire 40 lipstick set in January and have been going through and wearing all my favorites. These two have stolen my heart from the nude selection. They are both fairly cool-toned. Pink Tea is a little rosier than Nude Blush, but both are ultra flattering. (ALSO not drying FYI)

The Best of Nude Lipsticks

Honorable Mention (not pictured because I added it after the fact like a FOOL): TooFaced Cream Lipstick in Sugar Daddy 

THIS. I cannot BELIEVE I left this off my original list. I am literally kicking myself. This is a cream lipstick that comes in a stick, not a tube. It is GORGEOUS. By far one of my favorite nudes to wear. It fades beautifully, it looks amazing on just about every skin tone and it doesn’t feather. AKA this is the perfect nude and I forgot about it until like 20 minutes ago as I was going through my lipstick drawer. #classictay

Okay, okay. So there you have it! The Best of Nude Lipsticks! I love nude lipsticks, and am really glad pigmented glosses are starting to make their comeback. While the super matte lip creams are still hot (and I love them), it is nice to wear something that will fade during the day instead of crumbling off. 

Do you have a GO-TO nude lipstick not on this list that I need to try ASAP? Let me know in the comments below!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Tanvi Rastogi | 13th Feb 17

    I am going through a nude lipstick phase. Thanks for sharing your recommendations. I will check them out.


  2. Jamie Beckham | 13th Feb 17

    Love love that you swatched them! I have a few of the Revlon ones in more summery shades, but need this nude!

    xx, Jamie

  3. Alysa Villelli | 13th Feb 17

    I love nude lipcolors! They are seriously so versatile and complete your look well

  4. robin Rue | 13th Feb 17

    Those are all really pretty. If I wore lipstick, I would choose a nude.

  5. Adriana Renee | 13th Feb 17

    Nude liquid lipsticks are my weakness! I already have the Tarte ones so I will check out the others!

  6. Allison | 13th Feb 17

    Love how much variety you have with these nudes! My favorite is NARS Dolce Vita
    Allison from

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      I haven’t tried that one!!! I need to ASAP!

  7. Sarah Althouse | 13th Feb 17

    I usually only buy crazy lipstick colors but it is definitely time for me to get a neutral I can wear with anything!

  8. Taylor | 13th Feb 17

    These are so pretty! I’m usually more of a dark lipstick girl, but I’ve been getting into neutrals lately as well! My favorites are Kat Von D Bow and Arrow and MAC Velvet Teddy.

    Taylor |

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      I’ve heard amazing things about Velvet Teddy. Time to try it!

  9. Liene G | 13th Feb 17

    Great post!^^
    I am not wearing lipstick too much but O love nude color (especially nail color)!

  10. Erin | A Welder's Wife | 13th Feb 17

    I am all about nude lip color! Currently, I am obsessed with ‘First Love’ by LipSense. It is the best of a pink and brown nude.

  11. Christa @perilouslypale | 13th Feb 17

    Nudes are my jam! The only one I’ve tried of these is the Stila liquid lipstick. I’ll have to check these out!

  12. Robin | 13th Feb 17

    Awesome review… I’m a bit of a lippie addict and nudes are my fave as well, so found my old faves and some new ones to try LOVE it. xoxo Robin

  13. Jae | Dreaming of Leaving | 13th Feb 17

    I am a sucker for a bold lip but nudes are my every day, love the choices here! xo

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks Jae! What is your all time favorite?!!?

  14. Bonnie Marrow | 13th Feb 17

    I love nude lipsticks because I have so much red in my skin tone. Thanks for the tips!

  15. Belle | 13th Feb 17

    I love a good nude lipstick for my no-makeup look. I’ll definitely check these out!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  16. kristin mccarthy | 13th Feb 17

    Love these colors and love your logo!

  17. Lanae Bond | 13th Feb 17

    I have a weakness for nude lipsticks because you can never go wrong with it! I love the picks you selected!

  18. Claire | 13th Feb 17

    I love nude lipsticks.the revlon one is my favorite.

  19. The unrivaled paradise | 13th Feb 17

    All shades are amazing and perfect for the season. Love these

  20. Dominique | 13th Feb 17

    I’m a fan of the Milani gloss, but all of your picks are great! I need to check out this Sugar Daddy you are kicking yourself over! ;o)

  21. Mihaela Echols | 13th Feb 17

    Wow so many different shades! I love more natural looking make up or a little pop of color.

  22. Emma @ The Happy Journal | 13th Feb 17

    I LIVE for nude lipsticks! I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, especially Stockholm. I really want to try the Tarte ones and the Stila one you mentioned!

  23. Jessica | 13th Feb 17

    I love the nude lipstick shades that you shared. I prefer nude lipstick shades over bright or dark shades.

  24. Lee Anne | 13th Feb 17

    Chasing that perfect nude lipstick can be hard! Thanks for these ideas, totally going to try them out!

    Lee Anne

  25. Porche | 13th Feb 17

    Product reviews are so useful. They really help narrow down a potential shopping list

  26. Natalie | 13th Feb 17

    Of the ones shown on your hand, I like the 2nd and 7th ones the best! I’ve been searching for a new nude lipstick and will have to check those ones out ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. cara | 13th Feb 17

    I love a good nude lip! I have that revlon one and absolutely love wearing it with a smokey eye!

  28. Megan Campbell | 13th Feb 17

    Thank you for the honest line up. I am always looking for a nude and read blogs like this all the time and the writer always says the positive, not the negatives. I LOVE matte lips but hate the dryness. There are very few formulas out there that can do both. Cheers!

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      Thanks Megan!! I strive to bring it all — the good AND the bad!!!

  29. Momsthumb | 13th Feb 17

    I have never been a fan of lipstick, I don’t like the stickiness or that it smears. But these nude lipsticks might be worth trying to see if I can enjoy adding more than chapstick to my lips. Thanks for showing all the options you did, I saw a few colors that I do like…hopefully they look good on me.

  30. Jenny | 13th Feb 17

    Pretty much obsessed with all these colors! I wish I wore lipstick more often.

  31. Sheryl | 13th Feb 17

    I love nude lipstick but always feel it doesn’t look that great on me. However, I’m always willing to try more. Thanks for the suggestions.

  32. Eryn MacGillivray | 13th Feb 17

    I’ve been wanting to get some nude lip colours so this is perfect! I’ll have to check out a couple on this list! Thanks!

  33. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen | 13th Feb 17

    Love these shades. I prefer nude lipsticks over bright, bold colors. Will have to check these out.

  34. Author Brandi Kennedy | 13th Feb 17

    I’m totally going to try some of these when I can! I love nudes because I’m a really laid-back, low-maintenance type of girl, so I don’t usually go all out with makeup (although I can ROCK a bold lip like it’s nobody’s business) – which means that when I DO wear makeup, people tend to ask me what I’m so “dressed up” for. It makes me crazy! So all that to say this: I love that I can wear a nude and feel the girlification of wearing lipstick, WITHOUT the hassle of explaining that, “I just felt like wearing it today.”

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      YES!!! YES to this whole thing. I TOTALLY get it.

  35. Sara Strand | 13th Feb 17

    I used to be scared of red lipsticks, but nudes scare me even more! I feel like you could go REALLY WRONG with a funky shade so I just haven’t tried.

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      It’s all about knowing what the undertones are! If know you pull pink (like me) then you need to go more cool toned in your nude lippies!

  36. Gen Cyr | 13th Feb 17

    Thanks for all the finds. Was looking for a nude lipstick for a long time and kept buying the wrong colors over and over.

  37. Greta | 13th Feb 17

    I’ve been looking for a good nude lipstick. This is a good guide!

    Greta |

  38. Mona | 13th Feb 17

    I love nude lipsticks! My favorite one at the moment is by Tom Ford called First Time and Cle De Peau Radiant liquid rouge 11. Loved your picks!

    Mona |

  39. Christina | 13th Feb 17

    Nude lipsticks are a staple. I love a great bold lip but a nude lip is always there for you! These are great picks.

  40. Ivette Lopez | 13th Feb 17

    I love this post, I’m not a lipstick person. But I don’t like to go out with nothing on my lips I mean chapstick and etc yea, but then I look pale. SO hence why I love nude lipsticks they are the perfect color not too bright but enough to give you color.

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      Yes they definitely look perfect without being too bright!!!!!

  41. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 13th Feb 17

    I love the color of that Kristen! Very pretty.

  42. Krysten | 13th Feb 17

    I have been looking for a nude lipstick that I really like. I thought about getting the Tarte one that you mention, but just didn’t. Maybe I’ll go back to Sephora and pick up a tube!

  43. Beth | 13th Feb 17

    Love this! I am always looking for a nude lipstick, but I can never find “the one”. The post is very helpful in my quest.

    Beth ||

  44. Silvia | 13th Feb 17

    These are all great lipsticks! One of my favs is called Velvet Teddy by Mac!

  45. Elizabeth | 14th Feb 17

    These are all such beautiful shades! If I was to wear lipstick I think I would go with one of these nude shades. SO pretty!

  46. Elizabeth O. | 14th Feb 17

    These are all great shades! I love nude with a little hint of pink, not too obvious but it’s there. It feels more girly that way. Thanks for reviewing these!

  47. Nellwyn | 14th Feb 17

    I love nude lipsticks for everyday. I’ll have to try the Tarte one you recommend!

  48. Dana Vento | 14th Feb 17

    Nude lipsticks are my kind of shades! These are totally gorgeous to me.

  49. Rachel Ritlop | 14th Feb 17

    I’ve never really worn lipstick butttt seeing everyone in super cute nudes has got me rethinking that decision! I’ll have to check some of these out!

  50. Lola | 14th Feb 17

    I am so in love with warmer nude colors, I feel they look best on me, even though I like the cool tones too, but not on my lips, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

  51. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 14th Feb 17

    I want them all! I’ve been branching out more with nudes, so this is perfect timing for me.

    Coming Up Roses

  52. Samantha | 14th Feb 17

    I Love nude lipsticks! These are great, I am saving this!

  53. Brittany Daoud | 14th Feb 17

    Thanks for sharing all of these nude lippies! I’m a huge fan of the Anastasia Beverly Hills!

  54. Cynthia Nicoletti | 14th Feb 17

    I like all the nude colors you have picked. I tend to go with more vibrant colors. I have to try again a nude color lipstick.

  55. Keating | | 14th Feb 17

    I’m loving these so much!! My go-to everyday nude lip just ran out last week and I’ve been on the hunt for a new one ever since. I’ll have to check these out!

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Feb 17

      Let me know what you think!!! What is your go-to?!

  56. Chelsea | 14th Feb 17

    I’m obsessed with nude lipsticks, too! Another really good one is koko k by Kylie cosmetics!

  57. adriana | 15th Feb 17

    I LOVE nude beach from Tarte! It’s sooo good! I love your picks, neutrals are my favorite so I need to try some of these!!

  58. Neely Moldovan | 19th Feb 17

    OK I need all of these! I always love a good nude lip!

  59. Ashley Laughlin | 21st Feb 17

    You’re so cute and this is a great post! I”m also a huge Tarte lover and definitely on the market for some new nude lippies!

    The Bookworm Beauty

  60. J | 6th Jun 17

    Ahh I am so obsessed with nude lip colours, can’t help hoarding them! Caramel tones seem to work beautifully on warmer skin tones like mine… though I’m loving some of the dusty pinks featured here. Beautiful blog too, would love it if you could stop by to check out mine, any advice is appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

    Beauty’s Expert Amateur

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