Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

Happy TUESDAY!! Today, we are diving into more summer fashion – specifically, accessories. More specifically, EARRINGSSSS. I love earrings and I typically wear them a lot more than I wear necklaces. I usually have patterned outfits more just plain prefer my dainty “T” necklace vs a big chunky statement necklace. So, I’ve gone through the internet (ya welcome) and found 35 of the BEST statement earrings for the summer. The best part? They’re all under $35 for my ladies on a budget. Because look – I get it – we all wanna rock Kendra Scott and Anthropolgie earrings but I literally can’t justify spending $50-$75 on pair of earrings at this time in my life. Maybe one day when I’m a millionaire. But today is not that day. SO. Enjoy these beautiful summer picks. Let’s dive into this.

Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

It’s no secret that accessories make or break an outfit. A really good accessory can take your entire look from 0 to 100. They compliment certain colors, they make nods to certain eras or themes, without being so crazy matchy-matchy. Statement earrings have been making a big comeback this year (where as I really saw more statement necklaces this time last year) so this is SUPER exciting for me. My very favorite type of statement earring this summer has been the tassel trend. I have so many adorable earrings with tassels on them that make my heart so happy. I feel like they add such a sweet and tropical vibe to any outfit.

Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35


Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

Summer Statement Earring ROUND UP! 35 Pairs For Under $35

I hope this post helps you snag an adorable pair of statement earrings to amp up your summer outfits this year. This statement earring round up was too fun to put together and now I need to add ALL THE THINGS to my cart asap.

Let me know in the comments below which pair is your favorite – and if you’ve jump on the statement earring bandwagon! 

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  1. Stefanie | 19th Jun 18

    Baublebar is one of my favorite jewelry brands! Sugarfix is even better because of the price point at that you can grab them on your target run! xx

  2. theeyetraveler | 19th Jun 18

    this is such a great collection of earrings! I love how they’re so affordable too!

  3. Kileen | 19th Jun 18

    I’m such a sucker for a cute pair of earrings, and a total fan of Baublebar!! Love these, they are all so cute and perfect for Summer!

    cute & little

  4. Christina Beauchamp | 20th Jun 18

    These are lovely earrings. They are not only perfect for summer but for any kind of event, even for day-to-day!

  5. Tonya Tardiff | 20th Jun 18

    I love all of your picks! Including a Pinterest pin at the end too is such a good idea!

  6. Deborah | 20th Jun 18

    Oh those earrings are all so fabulous! I am loving all things tassels lately so these are right up my alley!

  7. Sharon Wu | 20th Jun 18

    these earrings are so cute and perfect for summer! love your picks babe xx

  8. Whitney | 21st Jun 18

    Loving all these earring suggestions!! The bold red ones are my favorite!

  9. Nailil | 21st Jun 18

    I love a good statement pair of earrings. Especially when they’re for a good price.

    Xx, Nailil

  10. Julia Comil | 21st Jun 18

    Love these earrings!! They are so beautiful!! I also did a statement earrings round up if you want to check it out:

  11. Candace | 24th Jun 18

    I just can’t get enough of these beautiful earrings!! They give a totally different look to a simple dress or even a tank top with jeans. Awesome picks! Can’t wait to buy a pair or two of these.


  12. Suzanne | 25th Jun 18

    I love tassel earrings! They make such a pop in outfits – plus they’re just too darn cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Steph | 26th Jun 18

    I love statement earrings! Especially in the summer with all the fun colorful options!

  14. Laura | 26th Jun 18

    Sugarfix has so many great statement earrings. I can always find a few new pairs I want to take home with me on my Target run!

    xo, Laura

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