How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! I have been so excited to bring you this post because I teamed up with another awesome blogger, Alexis from A Blissful Haven to bring you THREE ways to style a suede skirt. You can see my favorite way here, and then jump over to her blog to see the other two! I was originally going to style this two ways but on the day of shooting it was 97 degrees and the humidity was getting to me so… only get one. I will style it other ways down the line! Anyways — enjoy these 3 fun suede outfits and hopefully it feels a little more like fall for you wherever you’re at. 😉


How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

Ok. So. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eyeing suede skirts for a LONG time. I lovelovelove them, and feel like they are super underrated. I am kind of obsessed with the way this particular skirt fits — and, another plus, it’s perfectly modest! A lot of the suede skirts I have been seeing are a little too short than I like to wear (even though they are COMPLETELY adorable) so I was looking for a midi skirt and thank GOODNESS Amazon two-day shipping came to the rescue. It’s so affordable and hopefully you LOVE it as much as I do!

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

tip #1: choose your best skirt style

So, as I mentioned above, suede skirts come in a few different styles. They can be short with laces (so cute), long with fringe (not my fav, but you do you) or a neutral midi. Alexis chose the CUTEST short suede with buttons, and I went with the neutral midi! I love how it is a stretch suede, so it hugs my body in all the right places, and it doesn’t have any zippers or clasps. I prefer my skirts to be stretchy so I can sit and stand and jump without it moving an inch.

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

tip #2: choose your color!

Originally, I was going to go for a dusty rose color. They are SO cute but I worried that they’d be more appropriate for spring as opposed to fall, so I went for the classic tan (as did Alexis). I plan on ordering this skirt in black and maroon ASAP as well because it fits SO well. Black, tan and maroon are all PERFCT fall colors so you won’t feel out of place.

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

tip #3: pair it up

I opted for a basic striped tee from Target (their layering tees are my JAM) and a jean jacket. Except that the jean jacket was totally for aesthetics only since it was 97 degrees out. AKA TOO HOT FOR AUTUMN. Missouri clearly didn’t get the memo that it’s fall. HOWEVER. Should it actually be fall wherever you are at, the jean jacket is the perfect layering accessory. I threw my big Kate Spade tote into the mix, and my favorite Restricted Footwear shoes (I brag more about them here). Voila – the perfect fall date night look!

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

tip #4: head to A Blissful Haven to see the other ways you can pair up a suede skirt and rock it well into November (and even December if you’ve got a black or maroon one)!

But for real — go on over to see Alexis’ tips on styling a suede skirt  TWO MORE WAYS . Thank me later!


How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

I hope you loveloveloved this style guide — especially for an item that is SO popular this season. And most importantly I hope your weather is cooperating way more than mine is. Is it too much to ask for it to be real life fall? *remind me that I asked for it to get cold when it’s in the middle of winter and I miss summer*

How To Style A Suede Skirt For Fall

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and have a fabulous rest of your week!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. cara | 27th Sep 17

    Love this longer suede skirt on you! I usually only see the mini looking ones in stores, so I really like this one!

  2. Oh to Be a Muse | 27th Sep 17

    Such a great way to style this suede skirt this fall. And I think your lipstick here is gorgeous. What a fab color on you!

  3. Tami | 27th Sep 17

    Love this outfit! That skirt is so cute. 🙂

  4. Dominique | 27th Sep 17

    Love this with the stripes! I wouldn’t have thought to do that! Totally off topic, but how are you liking your Apple watch?

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Sep 17

      I love love love my apple watch. I’ve had it for about 10 months and use it every day!!! I like that it tracks my workouts + steps and that I can answer calls and texts from it, too.

  5. nallely/tips4chiks | 27th Sep 17

    i love this skirt i have one but is short and i always have trouble styling it and ist the same color as yours!!! your post gave me fantastic idea

  6. Gail | 27th Sep 17

    This skirt is beautiful on you. Love how you styled it with the striped tee and denim jacket. That lipstick shade looks amazing on you too!

  7. Melody | 27th Sep 17

    I typically rock a black leather skirt for Fall and Winter. I love the softness of suede. It’s a bit more versatile, especially in this color.

  8. Marissa | 27th Sep 17

    I love that suede is back for fall it’s one of my favorite textured fabrics. And this outfit is super cute

  9. Jasmine | 27th Sep 17

    I also love the way you styled your suede skirt. It’s so cute and classy.

  10. Helen | 27th Sep 17

    This is such a gorgeous outfit. I love that this skirt is a little longer. Such a classic look.

  11. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties | 27th Sep 17

    I love this whole look! A mini suede skirt is perfect for fall!

  12. Alison @ Puppies & Pretties | 27th Sep 17

    Darn auto correct..I meant midi.

  13. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 27th Sep 17

    Love this look! I saw a cute suede skirt while I was shopping the other day and passed on it because I had no idea how to wear it. Now I think I might have to go back and pick it up haha!

  14. Jenny | 27th Sep 17

    Love this skirt on you! I have one that’s a similar color to yours and I need to break it out again.

  15. Cait Weingartner | 28th Sep 17

    The suede skirt seems to be essential for Fall this yer, and I must say that I LOVE this skirt and how you’ve styled it. The fit is perfect and it looks wonderful with the striped shirt and denim jacket!

  16. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 28th Sep 17

    Oh girl you look SO GOOD!!!!

    Coming Up Roses

  17. Nik G. | 28th Sep 17

    Cute suede skirt! Love how you styled it in a casual chic kind of way.

  18. Tayler Morrell | 28th Sep 17

    I love your outfit! It’s completely adorable!

  19. Melissa | 28th Sep 17

    I love the texture of suede skirts! I’m excited to buy one this fall. I like this longer style on you. So chic!

  20. Jennifer L | 29th Sep 17

    Oh I just love your entire outfit! I love how you can dress up or down a suede skirt.

  21. Tatyanna | 29th Sep 17

    This is my first time seeing a longer suede skirt with this trend and it’s so cute! You look FAB!

    xx Tatyanna

  22. adriana | 29th Sep 17

    I LOVE this outfit! So cute together – it looks amazing!

  23. Amanda Kruse | 29th Sep 17

    This suede skirt would be perfect for work! I love the stripe top paired with it!

    Amanda ||

  24. Kate | 30th Sep 17

    The striped shirt combo is fabulous! Love the casual chic look!

  25. Madelain | 1st Oct 17

    What a cute look. I love the color of this skirt and you’re beautiful!

    Madelain |

  26. Lacey | 2nd Oct 17

    Love that skirt on you Taylor! Anything suede for fall is perfection!


    The Glitter Gospel

  27. Mary | 2nd Oct 17

    such a chic suede skirt!

  28. Madras Skirt | 19th Jul 18

    Wow! You’re absolutely stunning Taylor, suede skirts looks amazingly perfect with that nice white with black stripe top.

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