How To Style A Metallic Dress

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY!!! This shoot was a semi-disaster the day my mom and I went out to do it. It was supposed to be warm, which is why we chose that day, but instead it was cold, rainy and EXTREMELY windy. So instead of looking chic and on fleek (is that what the kids say these days?) – I mainly looked and felt very windblown and was pretty certain my fingers were going to fall off from the cold. #fail But bless the Lightroom Gods because somehow, I managed to make these photos look halfway decent and show off the absolute beauty that is this dress. Let’s dive into this.


How To Style A Metallic Dress

This dress is literally so beautiful. It is SUPER light so you don’t feel weighed down by it, it’s extremely flattering and when you twirl you feel like a total princess. It’s completely on trend right now, as NYFW said metallics would be, so you can rest assured that you will be rocking the latest look when you wear it!

How To Style A Metallic Dress

Step one: choose your silhouette.

There are TONS of metallic dresses on the market right now (as there should be) – so you literally have your pick of the litter. I chose this A-line look because it’s one of the most flattering dress shapes. It hugs the tiniest part of your waist, lays nicely on the rest of your body and the neckline doesn’t suffocate you like some high neck dresses might.

How To Style A Metallic Dress

Step two: mix textures!

For this dress, nothing but my fuzzy white vest would do. The cream flatters the bronze shade and the contrast between the faux fur and metallic skirt was spot on. I love mixing textures because it’s easy to do and really elevates your outfit. Another option would be to sport a faux leather jacket (check out this post to get help choosing the perfect one). SO CHIC and it’s literally only two items of clothing. I’m ALL about simplicity lately.

How To Style A Metallic Dress

Step three: grab yourself a statement necklace.

This one is super important as this dress is very plain on it’s own. I chose my pearl cluster necklace because the pearls match my cream vest and the chain matched my bronze dress. It’s large enough that it adds an elements of style to the front of the dress but it isn’t so busy that it clashes with the faux fur vest. Depending on your vest, you’ll want to choose a statement necklace that coordinates with your outfit without stealing the whole show.

How To Style A Metallic Dress

Step four: pick your poison (aka: shoes….).

My black pumps are simple enough that they go with every dress I own almost. I’m pretty obsessed. They have a slight velvet texture (see texture mixing above) which is PERFECT because shiny pumps would take away from the metallic dress, in my opinion. Go with what lets your dress be the belle of the ball.


How To Style A Metallic Dress

I hope you enjoy this style guide and can’t wait to grab yourself a metallic skirt or dress of your own!! I KNOW you’ll look stunning. 

How To Style A Metallic Dress

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Will you be testing out this 2018 trend??

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Krystin | 24th Jan 18

    This is such a gorgeous trend and you totally nailed it with this look!

  2. Nicole Green | 24th Jan 18

    Taylor, I love the metallic with the fur vest! I never would have guessed that you had yucky weather on this day from the photos.

    • Taylor Mobley | 24th Jan 18

      Thank you Nicole! And no -they turned out so much better than they looked on camera. LOL

  3. Lily | 24th Jan 18

    Girl — you look amazing!! I love that dress and how you have styled it.

  4. Julie | 24th Jan 18

    These photos are amazing. You look stunning. You’d never know the weather was less than ideal. Thanks for sharing this trend.

  5. Michelle Stallings | 24th Jan 18

    The metallic is beautiful! I can see it can be dressed up or down.

  6. Samantha | 24th Jan 18

    I know absolutely nothing about fashion so this helped a lot! I’ve been wanting to wear more dresses so I’ll remember your advice! Also, your photos are stunning!

  7. Natalie | 24th Jan 18

    Loving the shimmer! That dress looks great on you!

  8. Kristen Jones | 24th Jan 18

    I love the way you styled this metallic dress! The white furry vest adds the perfect pop! Loving that necklace, too! I used to make a necklace super similar when I ran a business in college–mine was just a bit chunkier! Too cute!

  9. Beth | 24th Jan 18

    I love metallic bronze and always have! You look amazing in that beautiful dress, Taylor!! I love the way you styled it.

    Beth ||

  10. Jenny | 24th Jan 18

    I would never know from the pictures that it was a miserable day because you’re rocking it!

  11. Kiara | 24th Jan 18

    This color is absolutely stunning on you! And I love the best and heels you paired with this outfit to complete your look! Thanks for sharing, girl!

  12. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 24th Jan 18

    Ooo! I’m gonna love this trend! This is a beautiful dress and not too overwhelmingly “shiny!” It looks great on you, and I love the color!

  13. Christina | 24th Jan 18

    This dress looks amazing on you, girl!

  14. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 25th Jan 18

    Wait I’m Actually obsessed with this shoot. Also LOL @ vest 😉

  15. Amanda Kruse | 25th Jan 18

    This metallic dress is so pretty! I love that you wore a white fur vest with it!

    Amanda ||

  16. Becca | 25th Jan 18

    You look gorgeous! What an awesome dress!

  17. adriana | 25th Jan 18

    Love this look! That color is gorgeous on you!

  18. Samary | 26th Jan 18

    Super cute!

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