The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

Happy Thursday!! It’s Friday-eve and I am so excited to bring you today’s post. On Tuesday, I got to experience a part of St. Louis that I’ve never experienced before and I love that. I lovelovelove my city. It is a beautiful, chaotic, busy city and I am still discovering so much of it. I had the fabulous opportunity to work with the The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa, a prestigious hotel spa in downtown St. Louis. It overlooks the river and the arch and it’s EXTREMELY gorgeous. I definitely didn’t feel fancy enough to be allowed in. ANYWAYS. I was able to work with their spa and got to test out their facilities and receive an incredible massage. Let’s dive into this.


The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

I received a complimentary massage in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

If you are looking for a hotel to stay at, this is definitely a top notch location. They are close to everything around the city. It’s beautiful and serene and high class. I visited their seventh floor spa to test their facility and did NOT leave disappointed. I also received my first massage…EVER. 

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

The facilities

The spa was gorgeous — no doubt about it. It was bright, clean and beautiful. The view was absolutely spectacular. I checked in at the lobby, where I was met with superb staff (seriously — they were SO nice. and they complimented my dress. soooooooo). I felt like actual royalty. I was escorted into the back where I was met with a cute little locker room. I deposited all of my belongings and was shown the rest of the locker room. There were beautiful bathrooms, counters and mirrors, and a really nice hot tub. They also had a steam room in this area. It was girls-only to help with privacy. 

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

From here, we ventured deeper into this labyrinth of wonderful and we entered the hallway where the massage and facial rooms are. We went all the way to the back where there were beautiful and tranquil rooms that overlooked the city. There was another hot tub (co-ed), and multiple rooms with varying degrees of relaxation. I chose the tranquility room to spend some time while I waited for my masseuse. 

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

They had snacks – so I’ll definitely be back. Nuts, fruit and flavored water. I chose assorted nuts and cucumber water and definitely felt relaxed. The masseuse from The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa came and got me and then magic happened.

The massage

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

Ok. I was a total massage virgin before this moment. I cannot believe I’ve got 22 years without a massage (hint hint Adam I know what I want for Christmas). I chose to go with the Aromatherapy massage because I love oils and I love aromatherapy. I was so nervous, and I didn’t know what to expect. I love massages but usually they’re just from my husband. This was a totally different experience. Here’s the 411 on what to do at your first massage:

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

  1. Be as relaxed as possible. Don’t tense up. The masseuse knows what they’re doing. Let them work their magic.
  2. Decide what you are comfortable wearing beforehand. If you want to go commando, go for it! Most massage places recommend it, as you get the most skin to skin contact. But if you aren’t comfortable with it, that’s okay, too! Your comfort is the most important thing.
  3. Communicate with your massage therapist. If the pressure is too much, or not enough, let them know. They can change it so you enjoy every minute of your massage. You paid for it, man. Milk it for all it’s worth.
  4. Remember to take deep breaths. Slow your heart rate and let your body relax.

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa


The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

I hope this convinced you to take some time for YOURSELF and get the TLC you need. Hopefully, I’ve double convinced you that you need to do it at the Four Seasons in St. Louis. It is SO stunning inside, the staff in incredible, and my massage was out of this world. You need this. I promise.

The St. Louis Four Seasons Spa

Let me know how your first massage was and where it was at in the comments below. Have you ever visited the Four Seasons in St. Louis? Would you go now? Let me know that, too!




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Taylor Mobley


  1. Isabelle | 13th Jul 17

    Oh my goodness this looks soooo good! Totally jealous, I could really do with a good massage and spa day right now 😛 Most big hotels have reliable spa treatment centres, I feel like I trust them more than the side-street, cheaper massage parlours. It’s worth indulging a little once in a while 🙂

  2. Jessica | 13th Jul 17

    This spa sounds amazing! I love the Four Seasons. Their service is AMAZING!
    xo Jessica

  3. Chandler Larsen | 13th Jul 17

    Holy cow you are gorgeous! So is your blog and photos, like I die. This spa sounds so nice and classy. If I am ever out in St Loius I will have to go for sure.

  4. Ashleigh | 13th Jul 17

    Looks beautiful!!

  5. Nichole | 13th Jul 17

    Taylor, this experience looks amazing and the facility looks gorgeous!

  6. Robert | 13th Jul 17

    Looks like a nice place. You sound like you had a good time yourself. All is good then. Probably not something I do, but if you like spas, I guess this is a good place to stay.

  7. Anna | 13th Jul 17

    I love massages! I’ve found my favoirite to be deep tissue. I’ve been wanting to try a hot stone massage just because I’m curious. I wish I could convince Alex to give me a massage but he’s not a fan of giving them since his hands get tired but at least he will pay for them so I can have it some way.

  8. ShootingStarsMag | 13th Jul 17

    Oh wow, this looks amazing! I’m glad the staff were so nice. I’ve never had a professional massage either but I really want one!


  9. Mia | 13th Jul 17

    A massage sounds so perfect right about now. 🙂 If I’m ever in St. Louis, I know where I’ll be staying!

  10. Amanda @ The Light Owl | 13th Jul 17

    AH massages are life changing aren’t they?! My husband got me one as a Christmas or birthday present a few years ago and it was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep!

  11. Monica | 13th Jul 17

    I’ve never had a massage either! But, I need one!

  12. Krysten | 13th Jul 17

    Massages are awesome, aren’t they? I used to get them monthly but realized I needed the help of a chiropractor, not a massage therapist. And I can’t afford both. I miss the massages though!

  13. Nallely/Tips4chiks | 13th Jul 17

    Omg! This looks so amazing I so need a spa day so bad! Curios thing here where I live going to spa it’s not something very common. I do go to a chiropractor that also does massages to relax every six months

  14. Whitney | 14th Jul 17

    It sounds like such an amazing experience. I’m 31 and have never had a massage *hides eyes*

  15. Rachel R Ritlop | 14th Jul 17

    awe sounds like a great day! you know i love my massages haha!

  16. Kiara | 14th Jul 17

    I remember my first massage like it was yesterday! Josh bought me one for my birthday and it was amazing! We have been going twice a year since then and I’ve become addicted to massages.

  17. Tanvi Rastogi | 14th Jul 17

    Sounds like a wonderful experience. Four Seasons does have one of the best spas around the world.


  18. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 14th Jul 17

    Yannno who needs a spa day? THIS GIRL. BRB coming over…

    Coming Up Roses

  19. Oh to Be a Muse | 14th Jul 17

    I think I was actually 25 when I got my first massage. I last went to the spa in Jamaica in June and it was great.

  20. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 14th Jul 17

    I haven’t had a massage for a long time and I could really go for one right now! This place looks fantastic!

  21. Dee | 14th Jul 17

    This looks like such an amazing experience! The Four Seasons spas are so gorgeous.

  22. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 14th Jul 17

    The hotel sounds so wonderful and I bet that massage was amazing! I’m glad you had a great trip!

  23. Jill Conyers | 14th Jul 17

    I love love massages. I’ve been to Four Seasons Spas but never the one in St Louis. It looks as lovely as I would expect.

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