15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don’t Cost Money)

Raise your hand if you are TOTALLY EXCITED for spring! *me me me me me me me* I love spring because it means winter has ended. It’s no secret that I really, really, really hate cold weather and winter. It directly effects my mood when it’s grey and sad outside so when the weather starts to perk up – so do I!! It’s time to start planning date nights with my man and we are getting outside! PLUS – Taylor by Timeless by Taylor Photography reached out to me a few weeks ago wanting to collaborate and these pictures were the result. They remind me of Polaroid film and I am so in love. So in the name of being in love – check out my 15 favorite date night activities below and start planning a night out with your favorite human! Let’s dive into this.

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don’t Cost Money)

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

One: Call all your couple friends over for a game night!

This is one of our FAVORITE games nights. Our personal favorite games are Wackee Six, Cover Your Assets, and Ticket To Ride. They are fast paced and are guaranteed to end in either fits of laughter OR mortal enemies for life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Two: Head back to kindergarten for a park date!

Remember when your only concern in the world was whether or not you’d get the best swing on the playground? Head back to your little kid days and enjoy a night of swinging, sliding and laughing. Just be careful when you are chasing each other round because you might run into a pole and break your nose.* 

*I actually did this…play at your own risk. LOL.

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Three: Collect ALL the change in your wallets (and under your couch cushions) and go play a claw game at your local grocery store.

Try to be the first one to win and then give your lover the prize. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A little competition is totally healthy (and fun).

Four: Visit your local farmers market and make a picnic.

Walk around and enjoy all the local booths, pick up some farm fresh fruits and veggies and make a delicious picnic to enjoy!!

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Five: Go to your local library and pick out books with titles that describe your significant other!

*bonus points if it’s a book they’d actually like to read!! Set a timer, split up and find those books! This is sure to end in giggles and silliness (especially if you are of the sarcastic couple type).

Six: Movie night!

This is an obvious one – each of you choose your favorite movie and watch them together! Don’t forget popcorn, pizza and candy! No movie night is completely without them! 

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Seven: Explore your city.

In St. Louis, there are TONS of little locations to explore that we haven’t even gotten the chance to yet. This date is high on our list of things to do this spring. There are dozens of cute shops, restaurants and local artist murals to enjoy! I’m sure there are things in your city you haven’t done yet – get out and enjoy!

Eight: Make homemade milkshakes and write a couples bucket list!

Sit down to write your couple bucket list with a couple of yummy homemade milkshakes. Pinterest some new recipes and shake it up with your honey!

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Nine: Pull out the crayons!

Grab some adult coloring books and hold a coloring competition! Color your heart out and then hang them proudly on the fridge when you are done! 

Ten: Make a DATE NIGHT jar!

This one is so helpful. Spend a night together writing your favorite dates on popsicle sticks. Then when Friday rolls around – pull a stick out of the jar to determine what that weeks date will be. Take the guesswork out of the evening and spend more time with your S.O. doing something you both already know you’ll love!

Eleven: Head to your local book store with encouraging notes!

Here’s how to play. Each come prepared with 10 encouraging notes (sayings like: you are amazing! you are stronger than you know! you can do it!) and find books to stick them in! Place them in the center of random books to give the next owner a happy surprise!

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Twelve: Zoo date!!

If you live in the St. Louis area – the zoo is FREE! Make a day out of it and go see all your favorite animals. Share an ice cream cone and enjoy the afternoon! 

Thirteen: Tandem bike through the park.

I’m still trying really hard to get Adam to agree to this date! LOL. He’s convinced that I won’t actually peddle and he’ll end up doing all the work….. (spoiler: he’s probably right)

15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

Fourteen: Hike a wooded trail!

With the weather getting warmer but not too hot, it’s the PERFECT time to take a hike and enjoy nature! Grab your walking shoes and soak in the call of the wild with you love.

Fifteen: Plan an epic April Fool’s joke on some friends!

Plan an elaborate April Fool’s joke on your friends and soak in the laughs that ensue! Grow closer together as you plan a goofy activity together. ๐Ÿ™‚


15 Spring Date Night Ideas (That Don't Cost Money)

I hope this gives you new ideas to get out of your house and into the sunshine with your love. I firmly believe spending quality time with your S.O. is one of the most important parts of building and maintaining a lasting relationship.

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Megan | 22nd Mar 18

    Some of these are super cute – especially putting notes into books! One of our favourites (although it costs a tiny bit of money) is to go to a thrift store and pick out something for the other – sometimes we say we’ll pick something silly and other times we pick things the other will really like. It’s good fun if nothing else!

  2. Carolyn | 22nd Mar 18

    These are all super fun and super cute date night ideas! I’ll have to try them all <3

  3. Tabitha Bradley-Raines | 22nd Mar 18

    We are already talking about making a zoo trip. We are also talking about making a few trips to some flea markets and to make some day trips! I am ready for the true spring weather!

    • Taylor Mobley | 22nd Mar 18

      Yes!!! I am SO ready for true spring weather.

  4. Jordyn | 22nd Mar 18

    First of all these photos are ADORABLE. I love that photographers have started capturing couples in their homes, so so cute. Secondly, LOVE your date ideas. I want to head to a bookstore (or library) and leave nice notes in the books, so uplifting!

    • Taylor Mobley | 22nd Mar 18

      Right? It’s so cozy and intimate. I love the way they turned out!

  5. Rose | 22nd Mar 18

    Cute ideas! If only I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend… * sigh *

  6. Helena Marz | 22nd Mar 18

    You two are the most adorable couple! Love your date tips and they sound like lots of fun! โค๏ธ

  7. Taylor Kuhl | 22nd Mar 18

    Love these! Super awesome ideas. And I had so much fun shooting with you two! You definitely have something beautiful! <3 Can't wait to work with you in the future!

  8. Kiara | 22nd Mar 18

    You have so many awesome idea that are also free! Which is so wonderful for couples who are looking for something new and fun to do but donโ€™t necessarily have the money to have date nights out. I love game nights as a suggestion! Great post!

  9. Kileen | 22nd Mar 18

    Love this post babe!! I love these ideas, they’re so cute! Especially love the milkshakes and bucket list one!

    cute & little

  10. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 22nd Mar 18

    These are great, and as a librarian I love your suggestion for #5! My husband and I have occasionally read the same book together and we have such great conversations.

  11. Megan Elliott | 22nd Mar 18

    These suggestions are amazing!! Game nights are my FAVORITE! I do that with my friends ALL the time!

  12. Becky / roseandbrose.com | 22nd Mar 18

    I loveeeeed these ideas, especially the tandem bikes! I’ve actually wanted to take my boyfriend out on a cute date soon and this gave me ALL the ideas!

  13. adriana | 23rd Mar 18

    These are such great ideas!! So fun and there’s nothing better than getting out and about when the weather warms up!

  14. Taylor Aube | 23rd Mar 18

    Such cute ideas! Loved this post babe

  15. the eye traveler | 23rd Mar 18

    aww, this is such a cute list! It’s so important to do mindful activities with your partner, thanks for sharing your amazing suggestion <3

  16. Candace | 24th Mar 18

    I love reading unique date ideas like this. These are some really great ways to save money and still enjoy your partner. Thanks for these!

  17. Life of a Sister | 24th Mar 18

    I love this! Some great ideas…love the coloring date night! I would school my hubby!

  18. Becca | 26th Mar 18

    I am always looking for some budget friendly date ideas and these are great! Thanks for sharing. I also love the personal touches you added with the pictures, soon cute!

  19. Julia Comil | 26th Mar 18

    Game night, movie nights are my fav! I also love escape room!

  20. Lacey Faeh | 28th Mar 18

    LOVE this post! Such a great concept!

    A Lacey Perspective

  21. Chelsie | 28th Mar 18

    We build forts in front of our TV and blow up our air mattress for sleepovers!

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