Sparkly Holiday Cut Crease Tutorial

Hello, pretty people! Welcome back to another #BEAUTYMONDAY! It’s more than time for a new holiday tutorial. I’m stoked about this one because it includes ~ g l i t t e r ~. So. If that wasn’t reason enough to watch it…amiright? This sparkly holiday cut crease tutorial is going to be the TALK of the town for your next holiday party (fyi: it is perfect for christmas AND new years so). I can’t wait to wear it Tuesday to my husband’s work party! Also — I collaborated with my sweet friend, Jasmine, to create TWO holiday looks for you and you can find her beautiful creation HERE!  SO. Without further ado. Let’s jump into this jazz.



Thank Stila for real for their liquid liner. GEEZ.


Wasn’t this packed full of all kinds of fun? I vote yes. I can’t wait to do more holiday looks for you guys. This is the greatest time of year (besides Halloween obvi). Even though I’m feeling bummed that hubby and I can’t decorate as we are in the midst of moving, I am grateful that we have a new place to move into and family to spend the holiday’s with. ๐Ÿ™‚ 


(lol guys look at my baby hairs sticking straight out of my head omg)

Do you have a favorite holiday look? I want to hear about it! What is your GO TO for Christmas parties?? I personally LOVE rocking a BOLD lip. But you already knew that. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Let me know what you want to see next in the comments below and I will be SURE to get RIGHT ON THAT!

Thanks for supporting me and my channel. Stay tuned because FRIDAY starts this years 12 DAYS OF BLOGMAS. That means 12 days, 12 bloggers and 12 giveaways. I wouldn’t want to miss it if I were you. Set your alarms and get back here BRIGHT and EARLY on Friday morning to enter into the first giveaway and meet some amazing new bloggers!


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Taylor Mobley


  1. Jasmine | 5th Dec 16

    I am obsessed with this look especially with the red lipstick. I wish I had recorded my look but I didn’t have time. I’ll have to recreate the look ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Dec 16

      I love love loved your look. That green was STUNNING with your eyes.

  2. Stefanie | 5th Dec 16

    you nailed it with that eyeliner which is SO HARD to do!!


  3. Olivia Morris | 5th Dec 16

    This was a great tutorial, especially for people like me who don’t wear a lot of make-up on a regular basis. I love the holiday look, it’s fresh and yes, it’s fun too!

  4. Tanvi Rastogi | 5th Dec 16

    You look stunning Taylor. Love the look.


  5. Alexis @FITnancials | 5th Dec 16

    I use the same exact eyeliner, and love it! My only issue is I can’t seem to perfect the winged eyeliner, especially with hooded eyelids.

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Dec 16

      Hooded lids are hard — I’m doing an entire eye look on hooded eyes soon so stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kari | 5th Dec 16

    Beautiful makeup! Love the look!

  7. Dominique | 5th Dec 16

    Oh my. Gorgeous! Love the sparkly shadow! Cut crease is so wonderfully dramatic!

  8. Summer @ Coffee With Summer | 5th Dec 16

    In love with this look on you, Taylor! I need to really practice learning a winged liner!

  9. Mistle | 5th Dec 16

    Such a pretty look! I love wearing glitter during the holidays for my make up looks! I also love pairing it with a red lip.

  10. Logan | 5th Dec 16

    WOW!! Your eyes are GORGEOUS!! I love that shimmery gold! It is perfect for the holidays!

  11. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh | 5th Dec 16

    I’m forwarding this on to my 17 year old daughter. She would love your look. I’m a little old for it myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Anna | 5th Dec 16

    OMG, Taylor! This is so amazing! Obsessed with the look and you look gorgeous! I’ll definitely be trying this look. Xo ~Anna

  13. Emily | 5th Dec 16

    This look is so, so pretty! Love the gold sparkles.

  14. Allison | 5th Dec 16

    This look is gorgeous! It’s perfect for the holidays and all of the parties coming up! I am saving it now!

  15. Adaleta Avdic | 5th Dec 16

    This is an absolutely beautiful makeup look, and I am honestly OBSESSED. While I am a beauty blogger, my cut crease is NOWHERE near this level. You’re a babe! xx Adaleta Avdic

  16. Steffanie | 5th Dec 16

    Girl. Those wings, though. Slay.

  17. Sharon | 5th Dec 16

    Loooooving this look. Super chic. And you’re so right…it’s perfect for the festive season! Also, I think the baby hairs look adorable. I have them took and have only recently started appreciating them haha

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Dec 16

      Haha!! They sure give my hair character ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Kiara | 5th Dec 16

    Loved this look especially with all the holiday festivities coming up!

  19. Marie | 5th Dec 16

    LOVE THIS! Perfect for all the holiday parties I have next week.

  20. Molly | 5th Dec 16

    This look is just stunning! I love to add a little extra sparkle during the holidays. I’m definitely going to give this look a try for my next holiday party!

    Molly | Hey There Sunshine

  21. Chelsie | 5th Dec 16

    SO pretty! I really need to get some glitter liner in my life for the holidays! I usually wear a red lip during the holidays or I’ll do a smokey green eye! I’ve got a tutorial on one coming up later this week! EE!

  22. Terri Steffes | 5th Dec 16

    If you’d have let those baby hairs alone, I would have never noticed. But now I did. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the tutorial and I think you rock the look.

  23. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries | 5th Dec 16

    This is such a pretty look! I love the sparkly eye paired with the bold lip.

  24. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins | 5th Dec 16

    Oh man, I wish I knew how to do eyes better, but I just don’t have a reason to do them very often. The most they get on a regular day is a coat of mascara. But you look amazing!

  25. Amy | 5th Dec 16

    Loved this tutorial girl! I need to get some of that gold glitter!


  26. Debra | 5th Dec 16

    I love sparkles and they look so great on your eyes! This is a great tutorial – thanks so much!

  27. Desire | | 5th Dec 16

    Omg this look is gorgeous! I love glitter eyeshadow! And I love the bold lippie and strong cat eye!

  28. Jenny | 5th Dec 16

    This makeup look is GORGEOUS. I am obsessed. Come do my makeup.

  29. Blythe Alpern | 5th Dec 16

    I absolutely adore the look you created. The bit of sparkle pairs so well with the darker crease color. I tried something similar today, minus the glitter, and really liked the result. It’s my first time doing a cut crease and I was surprised by how much it added to my small eyes.

  30. Ana De- Jesus | 6th Dec 16

    I wish I was as good at makeup as you are. I adore the sparkly cut crease makeup it is stunning and perfect for the holiday season.

  31. cara | 6th Dec 16

    Such a pretty look for the holidays, although I love glitter year round! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also I have those same baby hairs no worries lol.

  32. Krista Dial | 6th Dec 16

    What a GORGEOUS look. Absolutely perfect for upcoming Christmas parties! Just enough glitz and glam without being over the top! I’ve never heard of this liner, but I’m totally checking it out!

  33. Jennifer (JenuineMom) | 6th Dec 16

    Love the dramatic eyes and bright lips. This is a really striking look, and would be perfect for an evening holiday party!

  34. Jessica | 6th Dec 16

    Girl, you are GORGEOUS. Loving the entire look and it is all complete with your hairstyle. SO cute!

  35. Carolyn | 6th Dec 16

    That eye is gorgeous. I wonder if I could pull it off. Love the glitter and liquid liner. Maybe I’ll try it next weekend when we go to a holiday party.

  36. Kiwi | 6th Dec 16

    Hello winged eyeliner! Its is lined to perfection I love this!

  37. krystal | 6th Dec 16

    Tarte and Ubran Decay are my splurge favorites! Your eyeliner is on POINT. Loving that extra bit of sparkle.

  38. Chelsea Damon | 6th Dec 16

    I love using glitter for special occasions! I think it comes out so pretty and just ads an extra something.

  39. Angela | 6th Dec 16

    Your eye makeup is stunning! I am so hopeless with makeup so this tutorial helps a ton! Thanks so much!

  40. Dawn McAlexander | 6th Dec 16

    You did a magnificent job. Thanks for the tutorial. I am sure my daughter would appreciate it. I don’t wear makeup any more since I am allergic to a lot of it, but my daughter loves it.

  41. Rachel at The Everyday Mom Life | 6th Dec 16

    Oh I LOVE those sparkles. I always want to wear sparkles but I feel like I am getting too old. I really have fallen into some sort of mom rut. lol

  42. Sara | 7th Dec 16

    I love the tutorial, I could really see the sparkles. You did an amazing job!

  43. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 7th Dec 16

    I AM OBSESSED. Obsessed. Love. the. sparkles.

    Coming Up Roses

  44. Reesa Lewandowski | 7th Dec 16

    Honestly, this look is movie star quality!!!! You look beautiful! I want to get that Urban Decay!

  45. adriana | 7th Dec 16

    This is STUNNING!!! I want to try this for NYE this year! Love it!

  46. Brittany | 7th Dec 16

    Wow this is such a cute look! I love the gold eye shadow so much! I would love to try this one out for the holidays. I’ve always loved gold eye shadow!

  47. Debbie-Jean Lemonte | 7th Dec 16

    Firstly, you’re your lipstick… The color is bold and amazing. I love how the makeup sets. Secondly, holidays without sparkles is like winter without snow. I’m looking forward to the giveaways.

  48. Julie | 7th Dec 16

    This would be such a great look for so many holiday events! I absolutely love the color…and the added sparkle!

  49. Tabitha Shakespeare | 7th Dec 16

    Girl those wings are on point! I love this look – perfect for all of your holiday events!

  50. Yona Williams | 7th Dec 16

    Ooo โ€“ your eyes look sizzling. That is such a sexy look. Me, I am such an amateur when it comes to eye makeup that I don’t even try.

  51. CourtneyLynne | 7th Dec 16

    Omg looking fabulous girl!!!! I just love the red lips!!! I have been on a total red kick myself lately

  52. NIkki | 7th Dec 16

    I lov this look!! I am horrible at doing a cat eye, but the glitter look is so beautiful for the holidays.

  53. karen | 8th Dec 16

    Seriously – why do you always look so incredibly put together girl? Your makeup is incredible and I am jealous over your skills!

  54. Toughcookiemommy | 8th Dec 16

    This is such a beautiful look for the holidays. I love wearing red lipstick and really enjoy adding a little sparkle to my holiday makeup routine.

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