Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

Happy Thursday!! Today, I am going to be talking about my first impressions with the Pure Barre class in my area. My friend Ashley and I went together a couple times last week because they offer the first week free. I was excited to go because I used to dance, so it sounded like a perfect combination of dance core workout and strength training. I have been trying so many different types of workout classes lately trying to find the one that really works best for me, so here goes nothing.

Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

Benefits of a barre class:

So, apparently, according to the Pure Barre website, here are the major benefits of the barre workout:

  1. The BEST CORE WORKOUT YOU WILL EVER HAVE EVER IN YOUR LIFE EVER. Ok so they didn’t say it QUITE like this but they did claim to be the BEST in core workouts because they utilize isometric core training. They target muscles with tiny, repetitive movements. 
  2. It improves your posture. This works like yoga in that the instructors really focus on correct posture during class and proper alignment of each movement. They really want you to keep your back straight during class, so you notice when you slump after class.
  3. Increases flexibility. They do a lot of stretching in barre classes, so you improve your flexibility over time. This also goes back to when I said they target specific muscles isometrically so you tone one muscle at a time.
  4. It targets every single muscle group (apparently). They claim to target each muscle in their barre classes, which is a big stretch because I DIDN’T STRETCH OUT MY FACE, PURE BARRE. JK. I get what they are trying to say. They do tackle those smaller, forgotten about muscles and each major muscle group so you really do workout your whole body to finely tone up your muscles. 
  5. It’s low impact. It is similar to yoga in this way as well. You aren’t doing major cardio, you aren’t jumping up and down on your joints. You are doing slow, long muscle stretches essentially. They focus on getting your heart rate up without making you run out of breath. 

Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

My personal thoughts:

I am still not sure if I actually LOVED pure barre or not. The work out was really good, my abs were TOTALLY feeling it the next day, but out of the four times I went, I didn’t really feel like they workouts were consistent. It really depended on the instructor whether you got a really good workout or not. 

My first class was the most intense workout of the four that I did. There were a ton of squats and sit ups and some things I couldn’t even do. I learned that I suck at planks, and that I apparently have no upper body strength. My second class was less intense and I felt like it went by super fast. The instructor was super nice, but I felt it was a little too easy for me. My third class was the best out of the three I think. I could do MOST of the things that they wanted us doing in the class, and I felt good when it was over.

All in all, the classes were fun and so was the music. It was nice to do it with a friend. I think that I prefer my hot yoga classes, though, even still. It isn’t quite as much of an ab workout but I burned the same amount of calories, and I like the pace a little bit better.

Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

ALSO I WAS SUPER EMBARRASSED MY FISRT DAY because I typically workout in a sports bra and yoga pants. I sweat during my workouts, and I don’t like when a shirt sticks to my sweat. I don’t have any tight tops because I have never had to buy one because I don’t wear them usually. So anyways, I showed up to the studio in my sports bra and yoga pants and the instructor looked at me really funny and said “Uh…You are going to need to put a shirt on. We don’t allow only sport bras in the studio.” So basically, that’s how I was an accidental slut at Pure Barre. I put my t-shirt back on, but then every time we bent over my shirt fell in my face. #embarrassed #help #sos


Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

If you are someone who used to do dance, or want to build muscle like a dancer, the Pure Barre classes are super awesome, but they are kind of tricky to navigate. They have lots of barre work (obviously) with exercise bands that are hard to do if you aren’t familiar with it! 

Should You Be Doing A Barre Class?

I would definitely go back and try my hand at it again, but I would intermix other exercises as well to get a well-rounded weekly workout.

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  1. Laura | 10th Aug 17

    I had similar thoughts about barre. I went to 3 classes and never went back, I LIKED it but I wasn’t sure about it, though I would happily go again

    But WOW, did I feel it! Also barre babes have rockin muscles… damn I have to go back… lol

    Laura @

  2. Brittany | 10th Aug 17

    I looove barre. I was totally hooked. I also expected a little more dance, but it turned out to be really empowering to learn a new way to exercise. It’s really interesting to me that Pure Barre doesn’t allow sports bras! My studio (which is also a hot yoga studio) is all about wearing whatever you’re comfortable in, from sweats (HOOOWWW???) to tiny shorts and sports bras haha

  3. Chelsea | 10th Aug 17

    Ahhh! I’ve never tried Barre but it’s on my to-do list!!! Looks so fun.

  4. Marah | 10th Aug 17

    I’ve been wanting to do a Barre class for awhile! A studio just opened in my area about a year or two ago. I could definitely see it being good for improving posture and core strength!

    Fashion Blog

  5. Alyssa N Zapinski | 10th Aug 17

    I did a Barre class through a local club, not Pure, and it was the most intense thing I have ever done in my life. Every part of my body shook and screamed and I had to stop during a lot of the moves. I’m super out of shape, so I’m honestly surprised I even lived through the class. Honestly, don’t know if I would ever do one again. Zumba is more my style.

  6. Felicia | 10th Aug 17

    I decided to do Barre for the first time on my 23rd birthday. No idea why haha but it was a great experience. I’ve toyed with the idea of doing it again. It was amazing to see that I was able to do more than I initially thought.

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  7. Liz | 10th Aug 17

    Great write-up! I’ve never been to a Pure Barre class though there are a couple studios in my area and I know some people who love them and they always say it’s a killer core workout. I’m with you in that I’m more of a yoga person, but you could probably add some of the planks or other workouts to your yoga workouts or just do some add-on moves separately if there were some barre moves you really liked. Also, that’s really interesting Pure Barre doesn’t allow just sports bras in the studio. I’ve never worn just a sports bra to workout, but it’s something I’ve been thinking of working up to, and if I showed up finally brave enough to wear a sports bra and was told I needed to cover up I’d probably be mortified.

  8. Katie | 10th Aug 17

    I have never tried Pure Barre but I definitely want to! The thing I love most about fitness these days, is that there’s something for everyone. So if barre isn’t right for you, then no problem, you can go right back to hot yoga and know that you gave it a shot! And if you feel the desire to try it again, you can and there’s no shame in that game! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Tiara Brown | 10th Aug 17

    I was not aware of what a barre class was until now. That is very informative and interesting.

  10. Nicole | 10th Aug 17

    I’m intrigued, but intimidated still. They offer these classes at my gym and I wish I could try them with no one else around. I am looking for a good leg workout…

  11. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 10th Aug 17

    I so want to try a Pure Barre class but the only ones near me are far enough away that I know I wouldn’t actually go take them. I really don’t want to make a 45 minute drive across the city for one… so someone needs to open up a studio closer to me. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. Tracey Crockett | 10th Aug 17

    I am so going to have to find a Barre class soon! Looks like fun and a great girlfriend’s activity!

  13. Jessi Smith | 10th Aug 17

    It’s always great to try something new! I’m a yoga on the lanai and run by myself kinda girl, but it might be nice to try this for something different.

  14. ShootingStarsMag | 10th Aug 17

    Yeah – I don’t think this would be for me. It sounds a bit too difficult for me. LOL

  15. Megan | 10th Aug 17

    I’ve been wanting to try a barre class for ages! They look fun but tough!

  16. Jenny | 10th Aug 17

    I was a dancer too but still can’t decide if I liked it or not haha.

  17. Rachel R Ritlop | 10th Aug 17

    I loveeee Pure barre!!! I used to go 6 days a week, sometimes 2 a day for years!! If you didnt feel anything in your other classes, its probably because you werent engaging the right muscles, its a super mindful exercise and REALLY easy to cheat, but you’re only playin yourself then!

  18. LaToya | 11th Aug 17

    I haven’t been to a barre class before but this post has me interested in trying one now thanks for the info on this and drive to actually try it now

  19. Autumn | 11th Aug 17

    I haven’t tried it, but I have heard so many great things about it and I think I would absolutely love it if I started. One of my goals this year was to try 4 different types of exercises, so far so good, and this would be great!

  20. Joscelyn | 11th Aug 17

    Thanks for the info! I’ve been wanting to try barre for a while now. I’ve heard good and bad things about it, but I wanted to try something different from yoga. I guess I just need to give it a shot!

  21. courtney | 12th Aug 17

    Barre looks like a really interesting workout and i love te dance aspect but i actually hate classes like that. I just feel so awkward!

  22. The Southern Thing | 13th Aug 17

    I’ve been wanting to try a barre class so bad! I need to make this happen!

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