Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault Review + Swatch

Hello friends! Happy Monday! I hope this week’s beginning finds you well. I had a little bit of a rough weekend — my sweet Felix was admitted into an animal hospital last night and diagnosed with a congenital heart defect. We are waiting on more news on our boy! Good thoughts are totally appreciated. ON A HAPPIER NOTE: I am swatching the Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault today (aka FORTY LIPSTICKS and giving my opinion on whether or not this splurge should end up in your vanity, too. Let’s do this.

Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault

Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault Review + Swatch

Okay. First off. When I got this in the mail I almost died. I opened it the day before my birthday so it was basically the best birthday gift Sephora could have ever given me. I’m a lipstick junkie as you probably know already, so this was a dream come true. I officially have over 150 lipsticks in my total collection (I have a problem. I know). #weartherainbow, amiright??

These lipsticks glide on really creamy and dry perfectly matte. I really loved that the formula is EXTREMELY opaque. On my arm swatches, I only used one swipe. So, all that color is from a single glide across my skin. That is ideal for liquid lipsticks because the less you have on your lips the more comfortable it feels. 

Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault

The only downside I can think of is it does easily rub off of the inside of your mouth. This isn’t as huge of a problem when you are wearing the nude colors because you can’t tell quite as much. But beware when wearing the darker colors because you will start to see the inside of your lips and that looks really bad IMO. To combat that problem, I will typically wipe off the lipstick around 2pm and reapply. A little annoying but the colors are amazing so that isn’t a deal breaker for me. 

At $375, it is pretty pricy. When you consider how many lipsticks are included (it is a $500 value), it doesn’t seem quite as bad. But still, not pocket change.

I love the range of warm and cool tone lipsticks that this vault encompasses. I personally look much better in cool tones in the winter, but tend to pull off warmer shades in the summer when I have a tan. This vault allows me to wear the lipsticks all times of the year. #winwinwinwin


Sephora Cream Lipstick Vault

I hope this was helpful for those of you going back and forth about purchasing this kit. I would say that a normal human PROBABLY doesn’t need every single shade in here (I’m looking at those blue + teal shades at the end) but if you are a makeup artist or an extreme lipstick lover, you absolutely need this in your makeup box. 

Let me know what your favorite shade is in the comments below!!!

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  1. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 23rd Jan 17

    WHAT A BOX. Sometimes I’ll throw on a crazy blue around the house just because #WhyNot. My only problem was the one time I left the house *forgetting* I had on blue lipstick…HA.

    Coming Up Roses

  2. Chrissy | 23rd Jan 17

    Oh wow, what an amazing box! I would love to try all of these, but then again, my daughter would probably grab them before I’d get the chance! She loves everything makeup related!

  3. Alexis @FITnancials | 23rd Jan 17

    Flame red is definitely my color. I love pinks!

  4. Christina Beauchamp | 23rd Jan 17

    WOWZA!!! I absolutely need this!! The color payoff is SO GREAT and what an extraordinary array of colors!!!


    Christina | Fashion & Frills

  5. Keri | 23rd Jan 17

    Burnt Sienna, chai latte down and black cherry down. Did you say tell me your favorite color meaning pick one? Oops! Thanks for sacrificing your arm to educate the masses! You’ are selfless! 😉

    • Taylor Mobley | 23rd Jan 17

      LOL!!! You are the best. I couldn’t pick one either!!!!

  6. nallely | 23rd Jan 17

    so many pretty colors!!!! i one it too!! i just went to sephora on saturday and didnt see that lipstick vault!!
    btw im sorry to hear about your pet hope he/she gets better soon

  7. Jessica Bradshaw (@loveyoumoretoo) | 23rd Jan 17

    So many amazing colors!! I would be overwhelmed!! Beautiful choices.

  8. Neely Moldovan | 23rd Jan 17

    Wow there are so many of these I would love to try!

  9. Cristina | 23rd Jan 17

    The boxing, the containers and colours are so perfect and obsessive…

  10. Lauren | 23rd Jan 17

    I am obsessed with all these swatches.. thank you so much for doing this! It looks like a great set!

  11. Angie | 23rd Jan 17

    All the heart eyes! Those are really gorgeous, and I love how pigmented they are. I’ve never tried blue lipstick, or had the inclination to do so, but this is begging me to change my mind. I definitely have to check these out in real life…

  12. Laurel Noelle | 23rd Jan 17

    Wow, I didn’t even realize they had so many shades! From the neutral to bold, the swatches are amazing. What a great set, you’ll be “set” for awhile haha. Love it!

  13. Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins | 23rd Jan 17

    Wow, those blue swatches at the end are just…wow. I definitely couldn’t pull something like that off, but I like the nudes and pinks!

  14. STephanie Jeannot | 23rd Jan 17

    I always love Sephoras selections. They have such pretty colors and great products to choose from.

  15. Kristin Cook | 23rd Jan 17

    Wow! That is a huge color variety! I would never be brave enough to wear some of those colors, but even then there are so many options!

  16. Debbie Savage | 24th Jan 17

    I love love love all of the different colors in this makeup palette!
    xo Debbie |

  17. Neh | 24th Jan 17

    I love this! Thanks for sharing xx

  18. Rachel Ritlop | 24th Jan 17

    OMG this looks like the holy grail of lipsticks! haha i didn’t even know this many colors could exist in one box haha

  19. Alexandra Hammer | 24th Jan 17

    Wow these look AMAZING!! I instantly looked at “Pretty Beige” I think I need that one!
    Alexandra Christine Blog

  20. Jessica Lam | 24th Jan 17

    Everything looks super pigmented, but yikes about them rubbing off easily on the inside of your lips! I’ve never tried any Sephora brand beauty products, and I’m a little scared to try them! Happy belated birthday by the way 🙂

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