How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

Happy #fashionwednesday! I’m still rolling out shoots from NYC — and this one is a personal fav. I have been obsessed with gingham forever now, and am honestly surprised I don’t have more gingham pieces in my closet. I think it’s the PERFECT plaid for fall and everyone can rock it. Any body type, any skin color, any gender. It’s literally fabulous for every human. I love pairing black and white gingham with maroon because it just screams fall to me. Read on to get my top tips for how to rock gingham this fall.


How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

The key to rocking gingham is not looking like a full blown picnic. Picnics are cute, but not if you are wearing them. Time & place, people. Gingham has been totally blowing up my instagram feed so I felt like now was the perfect time to hop on the trend and style everyone’s fav pattern. Let’s do ittttt. 

When I saw this top — I almost put it back. It took some convincing from Amanda (from Blissful Gal) to get me to snap it up. I love gingham but was totally scared of rocking it myself. But guys..the embroidery…the mini-flared sleeves…the SUPER soft fabric…in the end, I was a goner and most of me already knew it had to happen. 

You need it, I need it, everyone and their MOTHER needs it. Just go ahead and shop it now. I’ll look away (I pinky promise not to judge).

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

Tip #1: Don’t let it overwhelm your body.

Gingham is stinkin’ cute, don’t get me wrong, but it’s dang busy. That means it shouldn’t cover your entire body, probably. Gingham top or jacket? Cute. Gingham maxi dress? Less cute. You don’t want to get lost in the sea of black and white and completely lose your shape. It should only cover AT MOST the top or bottom half of your body (never both) and if it’s a skirt, it shouldn’t go past your knees. In this case, less is typically more. 

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

Tip #2: Play with pretty details.

Whether it’s ruffled necklines, embroidery detailing (as pictured in this post) or ruffled sleeves, the devil is in the details here! Make it fun and exciting so there is something more to look at than endless plaid. My favorite ways to play up gingham are pairing it with bright or seasonally-appropriate colors. For summer, a poppy red or yellow are the PERFECT accents. For fall, a muted maroon or olive green take the cake! I don’t love gingham for winter, but if you pull it out again for spring, a bright pink or baby blue would be absolutely adorable.

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fallv

Tip #3: Make it an accent.

Instead of the main part of your outfit, make it an accent! Gingham is undeniably chic as a handbag. I feel like I need at least 5 of them. It’s also gorgeous as a headband or high heeled pumps. I am definitely thinking I need gingham pumps for the fall season…..

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

Tip #4: Pattern match!

That’s right! You can TOTALLY mix and match other patterns with gingham. I like to think of it as the leopard print of the plaid world. I think of leopard print as a neutral (as everyone should) and gingham is coming to be the same way for me. Whoops #sorrynotsorry. It looks especially gorgeous when paired with a bright and fun floral pattern. 


How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

It can be totally easy to rock it in gingham, you just need a little confidence and a lot of sass. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know Erica from Coming Up Roses has a gingham bomber jacket I have been DYING to get my hands on (E — if you’re reading this, I know what I want for Christmas). I think I’ve got black & white gingham pumps and a headscarf sitting in online shopping carts right now. 

How To Rock Gingham + Maroon This Fall

Do you own any gingham? What are your fav pieces?? Let me know in the comments below!!!


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Taylor Mobley


  1. Jess | 4th Oct 17

    That top is gorgeous, glad you didn’t put it back! I love gingham and am definitely planning to wear it this fall. Love your tips!

  2. Alexa | 4th Oct 17

    Love that top! Great tips, I will definitely have to get into some gingham this fall ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jae (@gorjaeous) | 4th Oct 17

    Since fall commenced two weeks ago, I’ve been looking at Google images and Pinterest for fall outfit ideas, and this one is a great one, especially because I live in San Diego! We don’t get harsh fall/winter weather here, so this whole ensemble will work in this part of the country!

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Oct 17

      That will be perfect!!! Don’t forget to pin it for later!

  4. Valerie Hansen | 4th Oct 17

    This outfit is darling on you..I love gingham …I did a similar post earlier in September about Gingham..have a happy fall!


  5. Kathiey | 4th Oct 17

    I love the top. After reading your post I think I will put some gingham in my fall wardrobe. Thanks:-)

  6. Ashley Stephenson | 4th Oct 17

    I love this top! Gingham is so fallish!

  7. Michelle | 4th Oct 17

    I love that top, it looks really great on you

  8. Cassie Dowling | 4th Oct 17

    LOVE YOUR TOP! You are rocking it. This is definitely a fun, feminine, and flirty take on gingham!

  9. ShootingStarsMag | 4th Oct 17

    Cute top! I do love all things plaid.

  10. 25 Sweetpeas | 4th Oct 17

    Such a fun look! It all goes so well and your hair looks super cute!

  11. 25 Sweetpeas | 4th Oct 17

    Such a fun look! It all goes so well and your hair looks super cute! Love the frilly sleeves!

  12. Kamara | 4th Oct 17

    That is a lovely top and I really love your hair in this style – so feminine and chic!

  13. Nicole Green | 4th Oct 17

    Okay this look is all kinds of fab! Love the burgundy embroidery on the gingham top and that leather tote is such a good size.

    • Taylor Mobley | 5th Oct 17

      It’s the BEST size. And it was only 70% off sale — even better!!!

  14. Alexandra | 4th Oct 17

    You are so cute! These pictures are fab and I’m obsessed with gingham ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Rachel @ The Confused Millennial | 4th Oct 17

    That top looks so cute on you! I love the maroon detailing!

  16. Kay | 4th Oct 17

    Your photos are adorable and I love your outfit! Fall-inspired fashion is MY FAV and I’m so happy I came across your post!

  17. Kristen Jones | 4th Oct 17

    I LOVE gingham in the fall! I have a few pieces and I totally need more. Love the ruffled sleeves on this top!

  18. Nellwyn | 4th Oct 17

    This is such a great outfit! I love how you’ve paired the sweet gingham top with edgier ripped jeans, it makes for a great contrast.

  19. Anne | onedeterminedlife | 4th Oct 17

    You look great in this top. I thought it would be separates but this top is great

  20. Megan | 4th Oct 17

    I love the gingham trend, it’s so adorable. It reminds me of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

  21. Ashley | 4th Oct 17

    This top is too cute!! I love that gingham and the maroon embroidery adds a gorgeous touch!

  22. Beks | 4th Oct 17

    I have a fuschia gingham top that I’ve had forever. Need a few new buttons, but it’s one of my faves. And you’re absolutely right: PERFECT for fall!

  23. Krystin | 4th Oct 17

    This top looks gorgeous on you! Love gingham, even for fall!

  24. Melissa | 4th Oct 17

    I’m determined to find a pair of maroon jeans this fall. Thanks for the tips!

  25. Whitney | 4th Oct 17

    I love gingham and I just love your hair like this! It’s super adorable!!

  26. Felicia | 4th Oct 17

    I love this outfit! The color combo is too cute and I haven’t seen it before!

  27. Anna | 4th Oct 17

    Okay that top is so cute! I love all the details & how you styled it!

  28. Jenny | 4th Oct 17

    That top is so cute on you lady!

  29. Amanda Kruse | 4th Oct 17

    You are so pretty! This little gingham top is so cute!

    Amanda ||

  30. Kimberly McGras | 4th Oct 17

    Love these tips! Youโ€™re beautiful and could probably rock any look but Iโ€™m glad you fleshed out what not to do with this look; I will be on the look out for this pattern now!

  31. Erica R Valentin | 5th Oct 17

    Great shots! You look amazing! I used to live 10 mins from manhattan and im totally missing NYC in the fall!

  32. Mallory | 5th Oct 17

    You are totally rocking that gingham top! And I love your hair in this post!

  33. Molly | Miss Molly Moon | 5th Oct 17

    Loving this look, lady! Maroon is my absolute favorite color to wear in the fall and winter. Also, this gingham top is so, so cute!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

  34. Ellie | 5th Oct 17

    Its odd toe to think back about how much I used to dislike maroon clothing as that was the colour of my school uniform. Now I always wear maroon in Autumn, it’s one of my favourite colours! Loved your tips about rocking the gingham and maroon together!

  35. Lauren | 5th Oct 17

    You look so gorgeous and these photos are amazing!


  36. Kate | 5th Oct 17

    That ruffle sleeve gingham is perfection – totally need to add this to my fall wardrobe!

  37. Alexis | 5th Oct 17

    You are seriously the cutest…like can I be you? I don’t own any gingham but after seeing it on you, I think I need some asap!

  38. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 5th Oct 17

    GORGEOUS, PER USUAL. ALso I was with you on this day okbye.

    Coming Up Roses

  39. Debbie Savage | 5th Oct 17

    Love this look! The top is so cute and I am really loving the hair style!

  40. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries | 5th Oct 17

    I love this look! I don’t own anything gingham but I love your top & I need a similar one now!

  41. Chelsea Pearl | 5th Oct 17

    Such a smart way to remix summery pieces for fall with the color palette!

  42. Mary | 5th Oct 17

    such a cute top and love the jeans!

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