How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

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Happy FRI-YAY!!! It’s been a whirlwind of a week, I cannot believe it’s already Friday and it’s already been week since I left for my Disney vacay. ORLANDO PLEASE PLEASE TAKE ME BACK. Except without the flight. I really hate flying. BECAUSE, unfortunately, a few things happen to me when the weather changes and I fly on airplanes. Read: sinus infections + cold sores. My mama JUST got over a cold sore, and I can feel one coming on already. And obviously, the sinus infection. It’s settled into my sinuses and I think that it’s going to stay for a while. There’s not a TON I can do for my sinus infections except let them ride – but there IS something that I can do for my cold sores. Enter: Herpecin L.

How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

There are a couple tried + true ways to keep your lips healthy, soft and cold-sore free.

First things first: it’s time to put the kabash on the term “oral herpes”. It’s NOTHING to be embarrassed about – in fact, 2/3 of the population has the virus in their system already. You also don’t have to kiss anyone to contract it: the weather can cause them, too! So, now that we have that out of our system, let’s move on.

Second: Start exfoliating. To keep your lips as soft as possible, you need to be exfoliating regularly. It SHOCKS me when I hear that most people don’t do this weekly at the very least. Sugar scrubs (you can even make your own – Pinterest is a WEALTH of lip scrub recipes) are amazing at keeping your lips soft. I do it every night before bed!

How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

Third: PREVENTION IS KEY!! This is what I DIDN’T know. You can PREVENT cold sores before they even start. One way to do that is to use Herpecin L. This is like a crazy 3-in-1 jewel of lip protection. Herpecin L acts as a lip balm (it’s gentle enough that you can use it daily), sunscreen AND prevention of cold sores and sun/fever blisters. Basically, it’s everything you ever asked for in a lip balm. 

Fourth: Help the healing process. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we get cracked lips or cold sores anyways. What you DON’T want is something that stings, burns or numbs the area. #nobueno. THANK THE GOOD LORD Herpecin L doesn’t do any of those things (but I bet you saw that coming a mile away). It provides relief from itching, burning and oozing almost instantly. It also helps speed up recovery – because who in their right mind wants to be suffering from cracked lips or cold sores for weeks on end? #notme


How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

It’s really important that you take care of your lips: you only get one pair of smoochers! So whether it’s a change in weather, airplane germs (gross), or a pesky cold sore virus – Herpecin L has you completely covered. 

How To Protect Your Lips with Herpecin L

What is your MUST-HAVE lip treatment for the winter months? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Courtney | 23rd Feb 18

    I am so bad about keeping up with my lip treatment no matter the weather! I really need to get on the ball. Especially because I do get cold sores with the changes in weather and hate the looks I get. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Jiawun | Beauty Nerd By Night | 24th Feb 18

    I didn’t know a treatment that helps prevent cold sores existed! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 24th Feb 18

    I NEED TO TRY THIS. My lips…SOS.

  4. Jasmine | 24th Feb 18

    I keep seeing this and I definitely need to try it out.

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