Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do’s and Don’ts

Happy #fashionwednesday! The day before I took these pictures, it was 65 degrees, sunny and GORGEOUS out. So I thought, “oh I’ll take advantage of this weeks nice weather and shoot some outfits tomorrow!” and wouldn’t you know, when I got up to take the pictures, it was 40 degrees with bitter wind chill and it was completely overcast. So. That’s how my week was going, just FYI. Regardless of the crappy weather, I still LOVE this outfit and it’s actually one of my go-to tops for traveling. I travel a lot so I have the whole travel style on lock down, it seems. Here are my rules of travel style etiquette I always follow to make sure I’m cute, comfortable and practical, all at the same time. Let’s dive into this.


Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do’s and Don’ts

Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

Don’t: Dress for summer weather (EVEN IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE BEACH)

Airports are notoriously freezing and so are airplanes. Odds are, if you dress in shorts, sandals and a tank top, you will be cursing the airport gods and wishing you’d grabbed that long sleeve pullover on your way out the door. Don’t be silly. Pack layers and bring an extra pair of fuzzy socks for the plane ride.


As mentioned above, you’d be totally wise to dress in layers and a few of them at that. If you are going to be landing in Louisiana in the summer, be prepared to strip 90% of your clothes off when you get off the plane. I’d suggest a tee and sweatshirt with joggers and cute sneakers. That way, if you are heading somewhere warm or tropical, you can ditch the sweatshirt and just tie it around your waist without sweating to death!

Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

Don’t: Wear pants you can’t sit comfortably in.

It makes sense to dress nicely if you have plans or meetings directly after landing. However, make sure you choose your pants wisely. There is LITERALLY nothing worse than sitting on a 2+ hour flight in tight jeans and an unforgiving waist band. I like to travel in either joggers, leggings or super stretchy jeans. Anything I can move around in and sit for hours at a time without getting an indention from pant buttons underneath my belly button.

Do: Sport a pair of shoes you can easily slide on and off. 

Those TSA check ins, amiright? You’re already going to have to hassle taking them off once but if you did what I mentioned above and bring fuzzy comfy socks for the flight, you are going to slip those suckers off again in flight. Just make sure you don’t wear shoes without socks to being with so you don’t kill your neighbors with stinky feet.  

Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

Don’t: Wear anything you are afraid of getting dirty.

Turns out, airports aren’t exactly winning awards for “most clean” anytime soon. I love these white pants, and I absolutely will change into them after my flight to look cute upon landing, but I’m not sitting in the airport in them. That’s just asking for a stain on my butt that looks alarmingly questionable.

Do: Grab a beanie!

If I haven’t stressed this enough – it’s CHILLY in the airport. There is nothing cuter than rocking an adorable beanie and messy hair. I always do beach waves in my hair if I’m flying (it doesn’t look greasy as fast as my hair when it is straight) so the combo of beauty waves and a comfortable beanie is totally airport chic.

Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

Don’t: Wear a belt or heavy jewelry.

While it may be tempting to glam it up, it’s going to double your time spent in airport security. Just skip the belt and jewelry so you can speed through without the hassle. They have increased security for many things, not just garments so make sure you read up on what is and isn’t allowed on your fight before getting to the airport.


Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

Fun fact about me: I actually HATE flying. It’s one of my least favorite things to do. It makes my ears pop and hurt because I have the worlds tiniest ear drums (and YES I’ve tried every trick in the book) but it is an easy way to get from point A to point B without having to spend 27 hours driving there. It’s also statistically the safest way to travel. So, if it means I get to experience amazing parts of the world in less time, I’ll take it!

Pleated Peplum Top & Airport Style Do's and Don'ts

I am obsessed with this top and it isn’t uncommon to see me rock something like this while in flight on my way to a work event! AND here’s my favorite part about this top: It’s ONLY $20 RIGHT NOW AT KOHL’S. I linked it up above so be sure to check it out. They have 5 colors and it’s stinking adorable. For reference: I am wearing a size small!

What is your go-to airport outfit?? Do you have an airport uniform so to speak? 

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  1. Lily | 21st Mar 18

    You are so stinkin’ cute! I am loving your sneakers — definitely need them. Great tips too!

  2. Tabitha Bradley-Raines | 21st Mar 18

    When traveling, I always wear light layers and pack light layers as well. I always pack comfy clothes as well as ones that can be dressed up or down. It makes it easier to change when necessary. When wearing dresses while traveling, I tend to sport leggings or bike shorts underneath in cases of crazy wind or in case I am having to change in unlikely places (like unisex changing areas that are just a really big squared off area marked with really thin fabric curtains). We always have traveled by car too so there have been a few accidents of spilled drinks caused by brake checks.

  3. Katherine | 21st Mar 18

    I totally agree with these tips! I always have to bring layers on a plane because it gets so cold just sitting on the plane haha. And TSA precheck has become my new best friend because I don’t have to take off my shoes! But I still wear my comfiest pair (made a huge mistake of wearing tight UGG boots the first time I traveled to Europe and I literally needed help taking them off haha). Love your style and those sneakers are too cute, too!!

  4. Helen | 21st Mar 18

    I am obsessed with that top! It’s SO pretty!

  5. Kileen | 21st Mar 18

    This is such a cute top girl! I love the whole Spring color palette as well and these tips are awesome! All about casual, chic, and comfort when I travel!

    cute & little

  6. Stephanie | 21st Mar 18

    Ummmmmmm I’m majorly swooning over that top right now! It’s seriously the prettiest of all time. Shopping the LC Lauren Conrad collection ASAP! And thanks for your tips! I agree with all of them when it comes to traveling – and comfort is majorly key!

  7. Deborah Hunter Kells | 21st Mar 18

    Love this peplun. Love all the softness of the outfit. Real flair!

  8. Kristen Jones | 21st Mar 18

    LOVE your top so much!! Your whole outfit needs to get in my closet ASAP! Love the travel tips, too! I’m always as comfy as possible–leggings and a cozy top because it’s always FREEZING on planes!!

  9. Megan Elliott | 21st Mar 18

    Love these tips and agree with them completely!! Those sneakers are the cutesttt <3

  10. Coral Allen | 21st Mar 18

    That top is too stinkin’ cute! I love finding cute tops like that for affordable prices. Kohl’s is actually becoming one of my favorite stores. I feel like it’s so underrated! I almost always walk out of there with a few pieces that I absolutely love and end up wearing all the time- all for a great price. Oh, and I’m totally with you on hating to fly! I have the same issue with my eardrums. It makes the whole flight miserable. And I’m scared of crashing ever since I watched the first episode of Lost a million years ago.

  11. Jasmine | 21st Mar 18

    I will definitely be wearing comfy clothes on my flight to Florida.

  12. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 22nd Mar 18

    OMG amen to the pants rule…I do NOT understand how folks can wear jeans to fly. It’s leggings or bust for me, baby!

  13. Suzanne | 22nd Mar 18

    That top is so cute! I always take comfort over chic when flying.

  14. Kimmie | 22nd Mar 18

    Such helpful travel tips!!

  15. Julia Comil | 22nd Mar 18

    Absolutely love your top! So pretty!

  16. Iliana Garcia | 22nd Mar 18

    This is such a cute look! I forgot the last time I wore a peplum top but this one is adorable.

    Iliana |

  17. Delia | 24th Mar 18

    Love this top! So sweet and feminine yet so chic!!! Thanks for all the airport tips!

  18. Nataly | 25th Mar 18

    I love your airport style! Also, great tips here babe!

  19. Cara Newhart | 27th Mar 18

    Oh my goodness this top is adorable!


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