Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Haaapppy #BEAUTYMONDAY!! I hope your weekend was fabulous and that you have amazing things planned for the end of February (is it not totally crazy that it is already almost March?? someone slow down 2017 please!). I’ve been trying not to post too many picture of Izzy on FB and completely failing, #sorrynotsorry and I have been feeing a little under the weather so hopefully that goes away A S A P. Today, I am going to be doing a little review + first impressions on the spring makeup collection for a brand I have never tried before (I know I’m once again late to the party): Pixi Beauty. I actually think I may have had an eyeshadow by them back in the day (aka middle school), but I haven’t used them in so long I honestly don’t remember anything except the packaging it came in! SO, let’s do this.

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Blush + Highlighter Duo — Blush 3/10, Highlight 9/10

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

This highlight is actually the bomb. I was pleasantly surprised at how creamy the texture was and how bright the highlight was. There weren’t any glitter chunks (I haaaate that) and it reflected the light beautifully. 

The blush however, was a complete and utter disappointment. You can see on my swatch that you can BARELY see the blush. That was with me pressing FIRMLY into the pan. I was not impressed and probably won’t ever use it.

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Lipgloss — 5/10

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

This was just okay. I’ve been really liking hydrating lip glosses lately, but this one feathered really badly. The color payoff just wasn’t there for me. It did smell really nice, though, so I wish that I liked it better. If you look at the swatch on my hand you can tell it was a little patchy in application as well.

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Glow Booster — 8/10

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

I am totally obsessed. As I am already oily, I kind of debated on whether or not this would give me a natural glow or look like an oily MESS. So needless to say, I did not have high hopes. BUT BUT BUT, I loved it. It honestly just gave me this inner glow. I would totally wear this in the summer underneath a light BB cream and some mascara. That’s literally all you would need!

Pixi Beauty Spring Makeup Review

Overall impression? 

I am honestly pleasantly surprised. Next, I want to try their eyeshadow palettes and foundations next. Personally, I think this is an affordable line that seems to have pretty good items, though some are hit or miss. I would definitely be willing to try more items to get a better feel for the brand. 

Well, ladies, I hope this was helpful for you as you get ready for spring and summer. I love trying new brands. 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this brand and what you thought of it!

Until Wednesday, pretty people!

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  1. Sarah Althouse | 27th Feb 17

    I’ve been trying to use up my old makeup so I can try Pixi. I’ve heard awesome things about their toner and imagine their makeup is great too.

  2. Steffanie | 27th Feb 17

    I tend to agree! The blush was just way too light for me, so I’ve been mixing both shades as a highlighter and it gives a little more of a rosy/champagne glow instead of JUST the champagne color. The gloss is meh. I wish it were more peachy (story of my life lol). I’ve been nervous to try the glow booster because I’m also oily, but I’ll give it a shot now that you said it’s not bad. Reminds me a LOTTTT of MAC Strobe Cream (like exact). So that’s an affordable option ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Feb 17

      Yes!! I totallllllyyyy agree. I wish the gloss had been more peachy too. UGH! LOL.

  3. Allison | 27th Feb 17

    PIXI is killing it lately with their new launches! I’m loving the colors going on here
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

  4. Safaniya Stevenson | 27th Feb 17

    I’m more of a dark soul when it comes to make up choices but I love how affordable Pixi products are.

  5. Dominique | 27th Feb 17

    Pixi is so nice! I love the range of soft muted colours. So flattering!

  6. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 27th Feb 17

    Ahhhh they need to separate the blush and highlight cos I agree 100%!!

    Coming Up Roses

  7. Claire Melzer | 27th Feb 17

    hmm, I’ve never heard of this brand! (maybe I need to get out more? lol) I like the idea of the Glow booster, I also have oil prone skin so I’m glad you didn’t think it made your skin look to shiny!

  8. Neely Moldovan | 27th Feb 17

    So many amazing products from pixi this spring!

  9. cara | 27th Feb 17

    If you try swirling the blush and highlight together it looks beautiful on the cheeks! One of my fave youtubers recommended that and it works amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. camille | 27th Feb 17

    I have to try a few of these out!! I’ve never tried any makeup products from this brand, so pretty!

  11. Jenny | 27th Feb 17

    I’ve heard good things about Pixi this year and I need to try some more of their products.

  12. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 27th Feb 17

    Thanks for sharing! I’m always drawn to Pixi, but haven’t yet purchased anything. Glad to read this review, and glad to hear about the Glow Booster. I’m a bit oily, too, so glad to hear it worked well. I will pick this up!

  13. Kiara | 27th Feb 17

    Ahhh I wanna try the glow booster one!! Thanks for your reviews – they’ve been super helpful!!


  14. Kiara | 27th Feb 17

    Love the glow booster! Some of these products I need to add to my list to try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on them!

  15. Alix Maza | 27th Feb 17

    How cute are these?!

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

  16. Sandy a la Mode | 27th Feb 17

    I loooove Pixi products! They really are the best, the blush shades are like no other!

  17. Our Family World | 28th Feb 17

    I totally love Pixi brand make up it’s really unique and pretty! Those swatches are so gorgeous.

  18. Rachel Ritlop | 28th Feb 17

    I’ve been seeing this everywhere!!! I want to try it! haha I feel like I need to lock myself in a bathroom with make up for an entire day and just figure it out haha

  19. Sami | The Classic Brunette | 28th Feb 17

    I’ve seen this brand everywhere lately! These products look great, I definitely want to try them!

    The Classic Brunette

  20. Kandja Sylla | 28th Feb 17

    The blush sounds amazing! I like how creamy the texture is and that it doesn’t have any glitter chunks. I need to try this brand. Awesome review Taylor!xx


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