FALL TREND ALERT: Corduroy Mini Skirt

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! This is my absolute favorite time of year for fashion – and I’m soaking in every bit of it. It’s cooled down quite a bit here in Missouri and has been steadily hovering in the high 40s and low 50s so cozy sweaters, vests and jackets are now officially IN. And with the changing of the weather, comes some of my favorite fabric choices: dark denim, fleece, faux fur and corduroy. Today, we are talking about styling CORDUROY! It’s fall’s unsung hero when it comes to seasonally-appropriate fabric. It’s so unique in texture and can absolutely amp up any outfit. Let’s dive into this.


Global Cat Day + The International Cat Show

Happy TUESDAY, fam! It’s been such a fun weekend full of Halloween festivities (catch them all on my instagram from the past weekend if you are curious on what to do during the month of October) – and not only was this weekend a bunch of fun for Halloween festivities BUT it was ALSO The Cat Fancier’s Association’s INTERNATIONAL CAT SHOW! This year, it was held in Cleveland, Ohio and the main sponsor was….drumroll please…Royal Canin! We know and love Royal Canin in this house from cat food (Chester literally can’t get enough) and now puppy food (Archer is thrilled) so I was so excited to get in on the cat show action. Let’s dive into this.


HAPPY #BEAUTYMONDAY! Today’s magical halloween tutorial is one of my all-time favorites – my gory mermaid. Last year, I did a pretty mermaid and it was so much fun, but this year, we are taking a darker turn! Our poor Ariel wanna-be has had a ROUGH go of it swimming the seven seas but she just can’t seem to swim on anymore and has washed up on shore. She’s suffered some intense bites and her old scars are red and irritated. Her scales are still sparkling, though. 😉 This tutorial is easy to replicate with a little bit of special effects makeup and a little bit of time. I promise, this look is going to turn heads at any Halloween or costume party you attend this year! 

RECOMMENDED COSTUME: Sparkling mermaid tail, one piece or bikini top and some pearls and shells woven into your hair style of choice!

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