10 Packing Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

Happy TUESDAY! If you’ve been following along with my instagram – you’ll know that I’m in Charleston right now having the time of my life with my mama, Erica and her mama! It’s a mother-daughter trip that is much needed. I’m traveling SO MUCH all the way through the end of September, so I am constantly packing, unpacking, and repacking every time I get home and quite a few of my trips I’m bringing dozens of outfits (hello, NYFW) so I have become a packing FIEND. And I don’t mean just packing the right stuff. I mean packing the right WAY. There is definitely a trick to making sure you pack everything you need to and making sure it all fits in your bag. There is literally nothing worse than getting all of your clothes together and realizing there is no way it’s going to fit in your bag. Luckily, I have figured out how to get a full 10 days worth of clothing into my carryon bag (so think about how much I’m going to fit in the checked bag) + SHOES. So, now that I’ve hyped myself way up, I’m going to show you my 10 favorite packing hacks that will change the way you travel. Let’s do this.

Pink Glitter Liner + Cut Crease Tutorial

HAPPY #BEAUTYMONDAY! Yesterday, I spent 24 hours doing the best parts of Nashville and today I’m en route to Charleston, SC! It’s going to be a TOTAL blast. I can’t wait to experience the southern charm in this part of the United States. TODAY, though, I have one of my all time favorite looks from this year (not gonna lie though – so many of them have been my favorites……so…….): the pink glitter line + cut crease look. This is a monochromatic look that could be interchanged with literally any color you want. I want to try this in purple next so stay tuned. 😀 This is really not as difficult as to looks – and only uses two eye shadows and an eyeliner. Watch below to get the step by step tutorial and product list and don’t forget to follow along with my #100daysofmakeup challenge here.

How To Beat The Comparison Game + Reconnect With YOU

HAPPY FRI-YAY, my sweet fam! I am so glad it’s the weekend. I have SO much to do before leaving for Charleston so I’m hopping on my productivity train and getting stuff DONE. One thing I’ve done recently that I feel like has REALLY helped me to be more productive and stay on task is to get an accountability partner. Mine is Chelsie from Hey There Chelsie and aside from being one of my best friends – she has been AMAZING at checking in with me several times a day, reminding me to send her my task list so she can help me stay on task. It’s been so nice having someone make sure that I am completely my to-do lists. Working at home is amazing but it also means that I can get easily distracted. #whoops. ANYWAYS. I was actually talking to Chelsie earlier this week and we both were really struggling with getting our heads in the right space to create content without comparing ourselves to everyone around us. It can be really hard to remember your worth in a creative business like this. Even outside of being a content creator – we all compare ourselves to other people every single day. They’re a better mom than me. A better friend. They’re prettier than I am. Smarter than I am. More confident than I am. Their house is cleaner. Their car is nice. The list is endless. It’s not productive and all it does is stunt your own growth. So how do we get back into a good head space to reconnect with who WE are and our worth? Let’s dive into this.

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