Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

It’s another Friday, and actually, the LAST Friday in June. Half of 2017 is over (that’s insane) and it’s ALMOST the Fourth of July (aka my husband’s favorite holiday). If you visited my site last week, you would have seen my post on our Dominican Republic vacation (read it HERE). My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to take that trip together and I am a huge believer that couples should take at LEAST one vacation a year. Here’s why it’s important.

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

Vacations with your spouse are so important (especially if you have kiddos). It allows you to take break from the everyday life and just BE with each other. Here are 9 reasons you need to book a vacation ASAP.

REASON ONE: You can focus on the two of you.

You can take long walks on the beach and just talk, you can eat your favorite foods together, or order room service whenever you want. The biggest thing is reenergizing your marriage by stepping back from the everyday life (maybe it’s the fact that you’re always chasing kids around, or your jobs have opposite schedules, or maybe you have lost that connection you once had and need to rekindle your love, etc). Talk about the things you don’t get to talk about regularly, make time to remember why you fell in love with that person.

REASON TWO: You can leave the distractions back home.

Forget about everything else the two of you have going on. Drink fruity drinks in the sand, go to historical art museums, whatever it is you like to do. Turn off your cell phones, ditch the internet connection and ignore everyone else except your spouse.

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

REASON THREE: It’s a break from your daily routine.

Let go of the after school routines, the papers you have due, the house that needs cleaning, the dog poop that needs picked up. You can lay in bed as long as you want, doing absolutely nothing but snuggling with your sweetheart if you want to. Forget about eating on a schedule. Eat when you want to, where you want to. Calories don’t count on vacation.

REASON FOUR: You make memories together.

This is the start of your “remember when..” stories. They are memories that only you and your spouse will share and nobody else. All of the experiences you have are ones you’ll carry throughout the entirety of your relationship. Whether it’s parasailing over the gulf of mexico, cage diving with sharks in hawaii, or just getting lost in the big city, they will allow you to grow closer together as a couple.

REASON FIVE: Improves intimacy.

This doesn’t have to be taboo. A study conducted in 2013 by the U.S. travel association states that traveling with your partner is much more likely to create a spark in your relationship than a gift. Often, couples who travel have a better sex life than those who don’t because they feel “closer to their partner when they experience new things together”. 

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

REASON SIX: Proves that it doesn’t matter where you are, it’s who you’re with.

Traveling with your spouse really solidifies the fact that you are at home with them, no matter where you are. I know that when I travel with Adam, I am so grateful for him. I feel so happy to be able to see the world with him by my side. It brings me so much peace and happiness to know that I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend.

REASON SEVEN: It’s safer!

Traveling in a pair is always safer than traveling alone. Not that you can’t travel solo (because you totally can) but there isn’t any question that you can be more safe when you travel together. You share cabs, hotels, activities and more. You have an accountability partner, someone to worry when you get lost and someone to help you find where you are supposed to be going.

REASON EIGHT: Strengthens trust.

Traveling is a big deal. It’s about trusting someone to go along when things get hard and becoming a real team player. Things like hiking and camping mean being on your guard and trusting that your partner has your back.

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

REASON NINE: Reminds you why you love them so much in the first place.

This is my favorite one. When Adam is seeing new things for the first time, his eyes get really big and he gets so excited and I love that about him. I love hearing him speak fluent Spanish and I fall in love with him all over when I’m alone in a brand new place.


Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

Have I convinced you to book a vacation with you spouse yet? I hope so! You definitely deserve it. It’s important take one vacation a year with your spouse if you can, in addition to the vacations with your kiddos. Remember to put your spouse FIRST, even in front of your kids. They are who you spend your life with, after all. 

Why You Need Vacations With Your Spouse

Do you have a favorite vacation spot with your honey? Let me know in the comments below!




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  1. Azanique Rawl | 30th Jun 17

    This trip looks so fun! Such a great way to enjoy some R & R

    – xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  2. foodtinerary | 30th Jun 17

    Agree! We don´t have kids yet but it is still necessary to reconnect and vacation is a great way to do this!

  3. Ro | 30th Jun 17

    YES! My husband and I have tried to make it a point to go on at least one vacation a year if we can afford it. I think it’s so special to spend time together alone!

  4. Becky | 30th Jun 17

    Our vacations are probably one of the best things we do for our relationship! It’s so nice to just be able to focus on each other without any of the distractions of daily life.

  5. Amy Grote | 30th Jun 17

    You guys are so cute! A vacation sounds amazing right about now.

  6. Nicole Green | 30th Jun 17

    Aww this looks like it was a great trip for y’all! So glad you were able to enjoy it together.

  7. Amanda Frazier | The Light Owl | 30th Jun 17

    That trip looks amazing! My husband and I loveee to travel together. It is one of our favorite gifts to each other. I completely agree with what you said about vacations bringing you closer together with your spouse. We’ve grown so much on our vacations together.

  8. Mistle | 30th Jun 17

    I agree that taking vacations once a year with your significant other is so important. It’s so nice to step back from life and just be able to enjoy each other. Great post!

  9. Jessy | 30th Jun 17

    I agree! Traveling with my husband is one of my favorite things ever! Happy weekend girl!!
    xo, Jessy | http://www.currentbliss.com

  10. Iliana | 30th Jun 17

    This post is cute! Although I’m not married I cannot wait to make trips and vacation with my future husband. I totally agree with making time for your significant other. Please keep these posts coming 🙂

    Iliana | http://www.sophisticatedfashionista.com

  11. Kaycee | 1st Jul 17

    I totally agree! You have some great points! It’s been harder to plan vacations now that we have two littles, but hopefully we’ll get to do a little vacay or at least a mini getaway just the two of us when our youngest is a little older (she’s only 2 weeks old).

  12. Ashley Lauren | 1st Jul 17

    Gosh, isn’t this the truth!

  13. Rachel R Ritlop | 1st Jul 17

    So true! I think you learn a lot about your partner and the two of your as a couple when you travel together!

  14. Rachael Thomas | 1st Jul 17

    What a fun trip! My husband and I really need a vacation together!

  15. Caroline | 1st Jul 17

    yes yes yes! WE LOVE our vacays! Absolutely are a must for us 🙂

    Y’all are precious btw

  16. Amanda | 2nd Jul 17

    I couldn’t agree more! My husband and I have been married for almost 3 years and never took a honeymoon, and we are finally going to Puerto Rico together this fall!

    Amanda || http://www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  17. Stephanie | 2nd Jul 17

    This makes me want to go on vacation with my man so badly. We’re not married yet, but these are definitely all the things we still enjoy about vacations together now – though we’ve never really had a REAL vacation, just the two of us … usually it’s visiting family … so we need to try something different hehe!

  18. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 2nd Jul 17

    You guys are just the cutest. And you’re so right…that 1:1 time distraction-free (and technology-free?) is UNPARALLELED.

    Coming Up Roses

  19. Lauren | 2nd Jul 17

    Yes to all of this!! My husband and I love to travel together. Such great memories!

  20. Emenike Emmanuel | 2nd Jul 17

    Hi Taylor,

    You have an interesting advice here. I’m still single and searching but I admit it’s important that couples take vacation once a year to re-energize their union again and again.

    Keep shining. My first comment, though.

  21. Yulissa | 3rd Jul 17

    I’ve been wanting to go on a little vacay with my husband!! You convinced me with reason 5 🤣😜 I hope at the end of the year to book a vacation

  22. Kileen | 3rd Jul 17

    Such a great post and you guys are so cute together!

    cute & little

  23. Kristen | 4th Jul 17

    I agree taking trips together is important! I love your 9 tips and y’all look like you had a blast!

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