Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday, I was SUPER excited to get home and find out Urban Decay had sent me their entire Naked Heat collection. I was about to order it for myself anyways, and so I’m stoked to finally have my hands on it so that I can swatch and review it for you! There a few people I saw that had mixed reviews on it, and as a lover of UD and all things Naked, I definitely knew I had to try it out for myself. So. Without further ado, let’s dive into this.


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

These products were sent to me by Urban Decay. This particular post is not sponsored, and as always, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Naked Heat Palette.

Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

I have all of the other palettes, so regardless of how everyone else felt about it, I was going to buy it anyways so that I could complete my collection. I have this weird thing about needing things to be complete. ANYWAYS. I love Urban Decay, and all my previous palettes, and really loved the warmth that this palette brings to the collection. I don’t have too many reds in my stash and this will most likely be my go-to look for fall (hello burgundy and burnt orange). 

NOTE: I didn’t edit the lighting or coloring at all in these images. I only edited crispness for clarity. They were taken with my DSLR camera outside in natural sunlight (around 3pm). 


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

I was VERY impressed with this palette. When I swatched it, the colors were creamy and pigmented and didn’t feel chalky. The shimmers in this palette are by far my favorite of any shimmers I own. They blend like a DREAM, and I barely had to pick up any product on my finger for it to have shocking color pay off. 

A few of the mattes (ashes, en fuego, he devil) were a LITTLE bit hard to blend out. They switched sort of patchy on the skin, but on top of a base and with a brush they blended much easier, and the patchiness wasn’t as apparent on my eye. I will say that you do not need a ton of product on your brush to get a lot of pigment on your eye, so a little goes a LONG way.

Overall, I was super impressed with this palette. Not that I didn’t think I wouldn’t be, but I went in with an open mind. I still can’t get over the colors Dirty Talk and Scorched. My mind is going WILD thinking of all the possible looks I will be able to do with these colors.

Naked Heat Capsule Collection Lipsticks.

Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

These are going to be my go-tos for fall just like the shadows. There are 3 colors: 1 cream, and 2 metallized. The cream is called Fuel, and it is a warm, peachy nude. The next color is Scorched, a coppery metallic shade. The last color in the capsule collection is Head, a burnt red-orange color. I personally LOVE the metallic trend that is making a statement right now in the makeup world, it’s SO bold and beautiful.


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

These swatched REALLY beautifully. They are creamy, pigmented and they aren’t sticky at all. They don’t dry down because they aren’t matte formulas, so there is transfer (just like you’d expect). Heat is SUCH a stunning color with my green eyes and blonde hair. I love a good red, especially with warm orange undertones for fall. Scorched is BEAUTIFUL. I am SUCH a fan of copper shades because they bring out the green in my eyes. But copper honestly looks good with most eye colors. It’s almost a neutral because of the color family, but the metallized finish is unexpected and unique. Fuel just became my perfect nude. It’s got peachy undertones so it doesn’t wash me out, and it has JUST enough color that it doesn’t make me look sick either. Finding a good nude for pale skin is like finding a needle in a haystack so it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I already knew I loved their Vice collection so I wasn’t surprised when I liked these just as much as their Vice lipstick in “Conspiracy”.

Naked Head 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil.

Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

So I have several of these eye pencils, and I love them for my waterline because they are SO soft. They are almost more of a NYX jumbo eye pencil consistency rather than a regular non-mechanical eye pencil. Some people don’t like that, but I really love it. It’s easy to smoke out and since I don’t use them for my upper lash line, I think they’re perfect for my lower lash line.


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

These colors are beautiful. Like I said before, all these colors will be perfect for fall this year (fitting, as it IS their Fall 2017 collection). The first pencil is an orange color and it’s called “Torch”. It’s a pretty sienna color, with orange undertones. I will be using this in my waterline and smoking it out on my lower lash line. I have a bunch of neon eye palettes coming in soon, and so I think I’m going to pair a pretty light blue with this color for an awesome contrast. The second color is called “Alkaline” and is a beautiful deep plum. It’s so rich in color and it’s STUNNING on the skin. 


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch


Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

Ok, so all in all, I love this collection. I knew I would, based on the fact that I’ve purchased the previous 5 Naked palettes, several Vice lipsticks and the 24/7 Glide-On eye pencils. The formulas are really similar if not identical to the other colors in other collections, which is nice. If you like one you already have, there’s a good chance you’ll like these, too.

Naked Heat Collection Review + Swatch

I will be using these a lot, and I plan on doing several tutorials with these products. If you have specific colors you want to see used, let me know in the comments below!! 

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Ashley Stephenson | 1st Aug 17

    These are pretty colors but I am more of a subtle and more natural color girl so I don’t know if I would use these too often. Maybe if I step out of my comfort zone!

  2. Nicole Stone | 1st Aug 17

    Do you have a video or how-to on wearing it? I’m not a makeup girl, especially with those colors, but I’d love to see it done on someone to get ideas!

    • Taylor Mobley | 1st Aug 17

      A video tutorial is being filmed today so it’s coming later this week!!!

  3. Krystin | 1st Aug 17

    Love the colours, so pretty for the summer! I love the neutral tones.


  4. kara | 1st Aug 17

    I seriously love their shadows and have had my eyes on this palette. Also their ‘stark naked’ lipstick is hands down my favorite nude lipstick so I will have to check out this collection!

  5. Kristen Jones | 1st Aug 17

    That palette is stunning! I can’t wait to see the look you create with it. The colors are perfect for the end of Summer into Fall!

  6. Nicole Green | 1st Aug 17

    I’ve been thinking about getting this palette so I really appreciated seeing the swatches, especially of the lipsticks! This looks like another winner from UD!

  7. Kimberly | 1st Aug 17

    I am so happy they came out with another Naked palette. I have the full collection again, as I got this during pre-sale, and I love it! Such amazing warm tones and perfect quality like all their other Naked palettes!

    xo, Kimberly

  8. ShootingStarsMag | 1st Aug 17

    Beautiful colors! I’m glad you really liked this palette.

  9. Sami | 1st Aug 17

    I love, love, love UD as well. I need this palette after seeing your swatches!

  10. Leslie@Peaches&Willow | 1st Aug 17

    I am swooning over this collection. It has all the most perfect colors for fall. It’s definitely on my wish list now!

  11. kali | 1st Aug 17

    i love these colors! great review!

  12. Sam @ The Haunted Housewife | 1st Aug 17

    I like the palette a lot! I’m nervous though because it looks really similar to a lot of the palettes I have. I’m going to need to pop in to a store and see it in person before I buy it though!

  13. Stephanie | 1st Aug 17

    Great review! I would love to get my hands on this palette. My collection could use a some reds, burgundies and burnt orange and those eyeliners are gorgeous.

  14. Mandy Baker | 1st Aug 17

    I’ve been eyeing this palette since it has came out. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to try it or not. I was nervous the colors were going to be out of my comfort zone. I tend to go very neutral with my eye color.

    • Taylor Mobley | 1st Aug 17

      Somehow, urban decay managed to create a bold palette that can still work with those who use neutral shades. They smoke out BEAUTIFULLY, so you can have such minimal color with a gorgeous finish!

  15. Jessy | 1st Aug 17

    The PERFECT collection just in time for fall!! Love Urban Decay!

    xo, Jessy |

  16. Kiara A Catanzaro | 1st Aug 17

    I definitely needed to check out this review because I have been dreaming about those eyeshadow colors for fall, and I’m definitely geeking out. LOVED reading your thoughts and impressions on these products. I might be adding this to my fall beauty wish list!

  17. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 1st Aug 17

    I actually have the shadow palette and it is hands-down my favorite recent beauty purchase! I love the Heat lipstick and the eyeliners – I’ll have to pick those up soon too!

  18. Lisa | 1st Aug 17

    Urban Decay lover here too! It was helpful to read your review and I know I am going to love this new palette and the lipstick in the Fuel color, perfect!

  19. Kait Around The Kingdom | 1st Aug 17

    I love the colors in this collection! They are absolutely beautiful!

  20. the sophia diaries | 1st Aug 17

    I’m kind of loving orange on my skintone right now, so I’m seriously debating purchasing this product, especially because I don’t have any naked palettes xD I’m going to past on their lip products tho haha

    • Taylor Mobley | 1st Aug 17

      omg you NEED to. If you are looking for an orange based palette, this is honestly the best one I’ve come across.

  21. Carly | 1st Aug 17

    These are really pretty colors! I’m more of a neutral type of girl, but I do like these shades!

  22. erin | 1st Aug 17

    I’m always a fan of the naked palettes. Love the deep bronze and coppery shades in this one! Can’t wait to try it out for myself 🙂

  23. Stefanie | 2nd Aug 17

    those colors are so pretty!!!I love everything from urban decay!!! I use my naked palette ever day

  24. Whitney | 2nd Aug 17

    Urban Decay is my favorite brand of eyeshadows!! I have a few of their Naked palettes. I definitely need this one!

  25. Kallie | But First, Coffee | 2nd Aug 17

    I’ve been just so in love with my Naked Heat palette lately! the colors are just so good

  26. Katy | 2nd Aug 17

    This looks like such a rich palette for the fall and winter months. Those yellow-based colors just scream pumpkin spiced lattes and crunching fall leaves. So pretty. – Katy

    • Taylor Mobley | 2nd Aug 17


  27. Neely Moldovan | 3rd Aug 17

    I haven’t tried mine out yet. I can’t wait to!

  28. Dawn | 14th Aug 17

    Nice review and swatches!

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