My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

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HAPPY FRI-YAY! Today, I’m sharing my current top ten favorite lip products!! I love each of these products for different reasons – whether they are a sheer lipgloss, a solid chapstick or a matte lipstick. In addition to sharing all my favs (+ which colors I DIE FOR), I’m also swatching the entire brand new Urban Decay Hi-Fi lipgloss collection! Keep reading to check out these products and prepare to click *add to cart* on every single one. 馃槈 Let’s do this.

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

*in no particular order – I love ALL of these products and I use them for different purposes*

Number One: Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in “Clair”

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

This gloss is one of my favorites because it is SO dang sparkly. I used to be obsessed with the Urban Decay Stardust Lipgloss in Space Cowboy and then they discontinued it (story of my life). Luckily, Clair is SO close to the same sparkle – just a tad more pink. It does feel tingly when you put it on because it has lip plumping properties. I love that it isn’t sticky at all and I only have to reapply every few hours. It’s also gorgeous by itself – no lipstick base needed!

Number Two: Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Backtalk, Fuel, Conspiracy and also every color ever.

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

From top to bottom: Fuel, Conspiracy, Backtalk. This is one of my favorite cream lipstick formulas. It’s SO smooth and there are so many finishes: matte, creamy, metallic, sheer. I rarely have to reapply it and it comes in dozens and dozens of colors. Basically, if I need a tube lipstick, I run here first always. Backtalk is a pinky nude that is universally flattering, Conspiracy was my gateway drug to metallic lipsticks (so stunning) and Fuel is the best orange-toned nude which makes it perfect for fall.

Number Three: Herpecin L Chapstick***

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

I used to use regular chapstick and then a few months ago I introduced Herpecin L into my routine because of a nasty cold sore that showed up during the winter (don’t they always?). I’ve actually been hooked ever since!! I don’t leave home without it in my bag and I love how it heals AND prevents cold sores from happens, naturally softens lips and prevents sunburn. It’s the do-it-all chapstick. It’s gentle enough to use every day (with or without a cold sore) and is unscented so it isn’t overwhelming. It’s the underrated jewel of my lip product drawer – AND you can find it here at your local Walmart so #winning

Number Four: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Caramello” and “Beso”***

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

I love this liquid lipstick! It’s my favorite formula. They also have 36 colors so there are plenty to choose from. I feel like this formula isn’t drying like a lot of liquid lipsticks. Caramello is my perfect nude. It isn’t too warm and is the perfect base for tons of pretty lip toppers. Beso is my true red! It has blue undertones so it makes my teeth look SO WHITE.

Number Five: NYX Butter Gloss in “Creme Br没l茅e”***


My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip ProductsI literally just discovered this and I don’t know how I lived without it?????? 1. It smells like actually heaven and every time I put it on I have to like INHALE it because it smells so good. 2. It’s so slick and not sticky AT ALL. It’s a beautiful wash of color that is perfect by itself or as a lip topper. I plan on keeping this in my purse at all times, every day, forever. I can’t sing it’s praises enough.

Number Six: Milk Cosmetics Lipstick in “Name Drop”

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

This color is a stunning orange red. It’s SO bright. The formula of this lipstick is THE MOST pigmented lip stick I’ve ever worn. It’s SUPER soft so you shouldn’t press too hard or you will break the stick. I only need one swipe for lasting, all day color. 

Number Seven: Dior Addict Lipglow in “Coral” and “Pink

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

If you are looking for a chapstick/lipstick combo for a light wash of color that changes to your perfect lip color based on PH – this is it. My science-loving heart is obsessed with this stuff. I have coral and pink and I keep them in my purse when I just want a chapstick feel but a tinted balm look. They smell amazing and the color lasts for hours. Fun fact: I wore the shade “pink” on my wedding day!

Number Eight: Glossier Lipgloss

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

This is the shiniest lipgloss I’ve EVER used. When I want a true “wet” lip look, this is the gloss I reach for. It’s SUPER hydrating so a lot of the time I will just layer a good chapstick and this gloss for a no-lipstick shine on my no-makeup days.

Number Nine: Nudestix Gel Lip Crayon in “Tay Tay”***

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

The fact that this lipgloss has my name isn’t the ONLY reason I’m obsessed with it. It’s a beautiful peach color that is available in their signature gel formula. It’s a creamy lip crayon, that gives medium coverage color and lasts for hours. I layer this peachy color with my butter gloss in creme br没l茅e for the PERFECT peachy lip.

Number Ten: Urban Decay Hi-Fi Lipgloss in FireBall, Midnight Cowgirl, Backtalk and Snitch.

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

I JUST got this in the mail the other day but I’m not going to lie – it already has inched itself up the line. There are SO many colors available – which is amazing – and it’s such a glossy, comfortable formula. It isn’t thick or sticky and it’s super pigmented. No need for a base lipstick (although I do recommend a lip pencil to stop feathering around the edges)! It isn’t available for purchase just yet at Sephora or Ulta but you CAN buy it on the Urban Decay website. These three shades are gorgeous but honestly – I love almost ALL of them!

***Products with 3 stars next to them are staples in my travel bag. That’s how you KNOW they’re good!


My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

Whether you prefer full on matte lipstick, pigmented lipgloss or plain ol’ chapstick – there’s something for everyone in this list. I hope you enjoyed the swatches and found something you loved!

My Top 10 FAVORITE Lip Products

Do you use any of these products in your every day makeup routine? Which ones are YOUR favorites?? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. lydia | 23rd Mar 18

    I don’t ever wear lipstick, but I am loving all of these! I definitely need to try out that chapstick because my lips get so bad! Thanks for sharing all of these.

    xo, lydia

  2. Kileen | 23rd Mar 18

    That chapstick sounds amazing, will definitely have to pick it up next time! & love the NYX butter gloss, so moisturizing and I love the colors!

    cute & little

  3. Rose Hu | 24th Mar 18

    I need to try the NYX Butter Gloss! I have 2 NYX Soft Matte Cremes in red tones, which are amazing.

  4. Nataly | 25th Mar 18

    I love those new Urban Decay Glosses! They are soooo good!

  5. Azanique | 25th Mar 18

    I love all the NYX Butter Creme colors! I can’t wait to try the UD new colors 馃檪

    -xo, Azanique |

  6. Lulle | 26th Mar 18

    I really like the UD Vice lipsticks too, I need to try their new glosses! And I love that lip balm too, it’s the perfect way for me to wear a high SPF on my lips.

  7. Celeste Godoy | 26th Mar 18

    Love these picks and fabulous shades! I definitely need to add some more to my collection!

  8. adriana | 27th Mar 18

    These colors are all so perfect! I can definitely see why they’re your favorites!

  9. Stephanie | 28th Mar 18

    I feel like lip products are the one cosmetic product I have the MOST of, but know the least about/never use hah! I’m such a basics person – lip balm and sometimes a nude lippy. But these colors are all so fun that I think I need to start playing around with them more often!

  10. the eye traveler | 28th Mar 18

    oh whoa! thanks for doing this! it’s always hard to shop makeup online because how hard it is to tell the color. this is really helpful!

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