My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY!  Today, I am BACK with my style guide posts. I had taken a break from doing consistent style posts simply because it has been like 10 degrees outside and WAY too cold for shoots. Luckily, it’s finally reached about 45 degrees so I braved the chilly spring air because I was WAY too excited about this outfit. I bought this sweater last week in preparation for my trip to Connecticut next week and I just picked up this bag at Michael Kors this weekend. I am OBSESSED with blush, red and florals for spring (groundbreaking, I know) – so this outfit is the perfect love child between all three of those things. Let’s dive into this.


My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

Conrad Swing Sweater – $24.99

This top is from Kohl’s – aka my absolutely favorite fav store ever – and is from the LC Lauren Conrad collection. If you are like me, you LOVE the cold-shoulder trend that has been sweeping the nation for approximately 2 years but don’t feel comfortable baring your shoulders for all to see (for modesty reasons but also #alwayscold). This top is the top FOR YOU. Is reminds me of the trendy cold shoulder situation that I love but covers my actual shoulder. 

My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

The bell-sleeve detailing with the little bows actually GIVES ME LIFE. I think it is SO CUTE and so trendy and it’s perfect for spring because the sweater is light enough that you aren’t going to be hot when it starts to get warmer, but it isn’t quite time for a short sleeved shirt. It’s like a little spring-time hug. Bonus points go to the fact that it’s SO AFFORDABLE.

Michael Kors Bristol Floral Appliqué Leather CrossBody – $328.00

My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

I am obsessed with this bag. I am not even kidding you. I LIVE FOR THIS BAG. I have this embarrassing love affair with floral bags and all things floral. Floral shoes….floral dresses….floral tops….#cantstopwontstop. This particular bag is buttery soft and has a great cross body strap. I love the clasp at the front. It SEEMS very well made (which is good to see because not every MK bag I’ve come across has lasting power) and at this price point, it better last me the next 40 years. I rarely spend money on “trendy” items, but I feel like florals will never go out of style.

My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top 

I also like how at the bottom of the bag, there are little feet so that the leather doesn’t get scratched on the bottom. That’s one of my problems with my Kate Spade bags (but don’t get me wrong: Kate Spade has my heart forever and always) – they don’t have little feet so after a while, the bottom is all scratched up just from setting it down in public places. I also love that the accent colors to the red is blush and gold. Any darker of a color would lean this bag more into the autumn or winter spectrum – but the blush and gold really pop and make it the BEST spring accent.

Here are some bags that are similar in style but a lot more affordable if you don’t want to spend almost $350 on a bag:

(FUN FACT: that last Steven Madden bag was a b-day gift to me from Erica from Coming Up Roses this year and it has been my go-to bag every day since my birthday basically. 10/10 would recommend)


My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

I hope you enjoyed this style post and if you have been missing them – do not worry, as the weather warms up, they will come back every week!! I have SO missed bringing you these posts but Lord knows I am a fair weather child and do not do well in the winter time. I hate shooting when it’s cold out. #sorrynotsorry

My Must-Have Bag Of The Season + My Favorite Bell-Sleeved Top

Let me know if you liked this outfit and if you would rock something like this in the spring time in the comments below!


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  1. Krysten | 14th Mar 18

    I’m a Kate Spade girl myself but this bag is awfully cute!

  2. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 14th Mar 18

    That bag!! All the heart eyes for it! It’s so cute! And that top!! Love it, too. 🙂

  3. Krystin | 14th Mar 18

    This bag is gorgeous, love the bright pop of colour, perfect for spring and love the sleeves on that top!

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Mar 18

      Thanks Krystin!!! It is SUCH a great pop of color.

  4. ShootingStarsMag | 14th Mar 18

    Cute bag! And I LOVE that sweater. I’m a big fan of Lauren Conrad’s clothes.

    • Taylor Mobley | 14th Mar 18

      I LOVE Lauren Conrad’s clothes. She has incredible style.

  5. Kristen Jones | 14th Mar 18

    This bag gives your outfit such a fun pop of color! Also obsessing over your top. I love the cut outs on the sleeves!

  6. Christina | 14th Mar 18

    +1 for little feet on bags! (and for florals lasting forever)

  7. Azanique | 14th Mar 18

    You top is so cute babe! I love that lip color, too 🙂

    -xo, Azanique |

  8. Kileen | 14th Mar 18

    Okay this is the cutest floral bag!! I love it, so perfect for Spring!!

    cute & little

  9. Natalie | 14th Mar 18

    Loving the details on both the bag and the top!

  10. Helen | 14th Mar 18

    That red bag is so cute! I want to have one! And your top is so beautiful. It really looks good on you!

  11. Carolyn | 15th Mar 18

    Cute top, cute bag, cute photos…cute everything! Definitely love the bold color of the bag too! And you look fabulous with that lip color.

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th Mar 18

      Bold lips with the bold bag is the best combo!

  12. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 15th Mar 18

    WELP that bag is ADORBS. Simply adorbs.

  13. Ruth Ridley | 15th Mar 18

    This bag is everything and your lip color matches perfectly!! I love all of this!!

  14. Lisa | 15th Mar 18

    Very cute. I just got a new Kate Spade, it’s black so just a classic bag. I’ve had my eye on some more spring-like ones.

  15. Stephanie | 15th Mar 18

    That bag is so stinkin’ cute! I love the vibrant color and the cute floral details! And you matched your lip color perfectly to it haha so of course I love that too!

  16. Rose Hu | 15th Mar 18

    That bag is beyond adorable! Excellent pictures too!

  17. Katie | 15th Mar 18

    It’s so cute and I love the pop of color!

  18. Lily | 15th Mar 18

    Obsessed with your top and that bag is just darling!

  19. sharon wu | 15th Mar 18

    that bell-sleeved top is just beautiful babe! you are rocking it! xo, sharon

  20. Whit | 15th Mar 18

    these are so pretty! I love the pop of color with your bag and lip!


  21. Kait Elizabeth | 15th Mar 18

    What a sweet little bag! Love the color. Hugs, Kait

  22. adriana | 15th Mar 18

    You look so cute! It definitely is trendy, but who doesn’t always love florals?! You’ll definitely wear it for years!! 🙂

  23. Iliana Garcia | 15th Mar 18

    This bag reminds me of a Zac Posen crossbody! I need and want it and those sleeves on your sweater are super adorable.

    Iliana |

  24. Nataly | 16th Mar 18

    That bag is so beautiful! I love the color for spring/summer!

  25. Megan Elliott | 19th Mar 18

    Love that bag!! But seriously that topppp – so fab!! I want bell sleeves on everything I wear. Lol

  26. Deborah | 23rd Mar 18

    Ahh I love this look and that bag is seriously the best! So cute and perfect for Spring!

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