My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! Today is a mash up of two posts today – I’ve got my FAVORITE summer dress with some awesome styling tips and my May 2018 goals!! This dress completely stole my heart and I’ve been OBSESSED with it – it has florals, stripes, flare sleeves. Basically everything I love in fashion. & I know I haven’t done monthly goals in a LOOOONG time but I’m trying to be better at holding myself accountable – and I absolutely love reading other people’s goals so why not? I’m a few days late but better late than not at all. Let’s dive into this.


My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

The PERFECT Floral Dress

You’d have to be totally mad not to be in love with this dress, amiright? This is the BEST dress for all occasions. It’s perfect for weekend wear, daytime wear and date night! It dresses up perfectly with these golden heeled sandals and blush handbag, but also dresses down with my favorite pink Tommy Hilfiger sneakers and a white jean jacket. 

Because it can be layered with several types of jackets (white jean jacket, denim jean jacket, chambray top, pink leather jacket), it’s fabulous for this unpredictable spring weather. It’s getting pretty warm now, so I won’t really need a jacket but sometimes it gets cold in restaurants, movie theaters, etc. so I still like to look cute with layers, just in case.


My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

THESE Golden Sandals

I am not kidding – I have worn the HECK out of these shoes. They were one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They are SO comfortable, SO beautiful and they match almost everything. They have a thick heel, so they aren’t hard to walk in and the metallic shine is just enough to add a pop of shimmer to any outfit. 

I really believe that with a good pair of shoes – a girl can take over the world. 😉 These are my take over the world shoes.


My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

This Blushing Beauty of A Bag

This is one of favorite gifts from my hubby. It’s the PERFECT blush bag for spring and summer. Right now millennial pink and blush are my two favorite shades and I’ve been wearing variations of both. This bag is the perfect size to hold a wallet, sunnies, a makeup bag and phone. I can also toss a few other things in there if I need to. It isn’t heavy and it’s a Kate Spade, so obviously I adore it.


My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

My May 2018 GOALS!

These are my 8 goals for the month – so here’s hoping I can keep it together and complete them all!

  1. Write in my kindness journal every night.
  2. Eat healthier and make healthier food choices when going out.
  3. Workout 3x a week.
  4. Clean out and organize my makeup room
  5. Plan for Amanda’s trip out to St. Louis in the beginning of June!
  6. Read ONE good book for fun
  7. Schedule blog posts at least 2 weeks in advance
  8. Update my tax spreadsheet with current and future sponsored posts


My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

I hope you enjoyed this monthly goal recap and summer outfit post! I love goals and I’m really trying to hold myself accountable so if you guys know about them – I feel like I’m so much more likely to do so. MAKE SURE I ACTUALLY WORK OUT BECAUSE I SWEAR I KEEP MAKING THIS A GOAL AND I NEVER DO IT.

My Favorite Summer Dress + May 2018 GOALS

Did you love this outfit as much as I did? Let me know in the comments below!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. kiara | 9th May 18

    This dress is GORGEOUS on you and is perfect for the season! Also love all of your photos–they are all beautiful! I’ve been wearing all the dresses recently now that it’s nice outside and I am loving it!

  2. Lily | 9th May 18

    This dress is just beautiful, Taylor! It was made for you. Loving how you styled it too!

    • Taylor Mobley | 9th May 18

      You are SO SWEET. I am OBSESSED with this dress, too!

  3. Helen | 9th May 18

    Your dress is TOO cute! Love the goals you’ve set for May!

  4. Seppy | 9th May 18

    I love reading blogposts about goals and I share mine too because it is a great way to stay accountable haha Good luck with your goals! In terms of working out, do you have a plan for what you’re going to do? If you a specific plan maybe that’ll help stay on track? Like, if you know that you’ll go jogging one day, and gym 2 days…then it’ll be easier? Just a suggestion!

    Seppy |

    • Taylor Mobley | 9th May 18

      I plan on cycling once a week and walking 3+ miles MWF!! I hope it helps me stay on track!

  5. Julia Comil | 9th May 18

    I love your dress! It is so stylish!!

  6. Kileen | 10th May 18

    This is such a cute dress girl! I love the color and the print!

    cute & little

  7. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 10th May 18

    I love that dress, it’s so pretty! I love the background color and the print. You styled it perfectly!

  8. Deborah | 10th May 18

    Oh that dress is an absolute dream! Very perfect for the summer and the ruffles are on-trend!

  9. kelly Fordon | 10th May 18

    What a fun and feminine dress, love the heeled sandals you paired with it!

    Birdie Shoots

  10. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 10th May 18


  11. adriana | 10th May 18

    This dress is soo pretty! I love it, super versatile for spring and summer too!

  12. Whitney | 14th May 18

    This whole look is perfect for Spring! Love that dress!

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