Modest New Years Eve Dresses To Ring In 2018

Happy #fashionwednesday – on Thursday. I wanted to do something TOTALLY different today…but I’m currently in bed (and have been of the last two days) with the flu. Wah, wah, wah….my mom and sister both had it this past weekend (on Christmas, poor things), my dad had it last week and I think my husband is due to get hit with it next. So instead of going out to shoot this post, I decided to round up my favorite modest New Years Eve dresses for you instead, from the comfort of my four-blanket-high fortress. SO – girls who are looking for something just a TINY bit more modest but STILL want to look incredible on NYE, this is for you. Read on to get the best Modest New Years Eve Dresses To Ring In 2018!


Modest New Years Eve Dresses To Ring In 2018

For my glitter girls:

These dresses are SO SPARKLY THAT YOU’LL PRACTICALLY LOOKING LIKE A GLOWING DISCO BALL. And exactly where I plan on snagging mine from this year. I love glitter – especially during New Years so you can bet that I am going to be dressed to the nines with glitter on my feet, body and eyes ringing in 2018.

For my Audrey-Hepburn-esque girls:

If you are my sister – you love Audrey Hepburn and all the class she embodies. Don these dresses with a single strand of pearls, a rocking red lip and nude heels to steal the show with the grace and poise of Audrey. You’ll be getting that kiss under the mistletoe in no time. 😉

For my Great Gatsby girls:

If you prefer to think of simpler times and dress as Daisy as you can, these dresses are for you! I love how classic this style is, while giving you all the glitz and glamour you could possible want. If I wasn’t already dressed head to toe in glitter, I would be browsing the 1920’s section on this guide.

For my velvet girls:

If you want to be glam as all get out, but without the annoyance that comes with shedding glitter everywhere you walk during NYE – check out these beautiful velvet dresses! They have classic silhouettes and are so soft you’ll basically never want to take them off.

For my trendy girls:

If you prefer the latest styles but still want to cover up a little bit, these dresses will totally rock your world!!! You don’t have to sacrifice style and current trends to be modest – it just requires seeking out styles that suit your needs. I did all the leg work for you, so all YOU have to do is click “add to cart”.


Modest New Years Eve Dresses To Ring In 2018

Hopefully my “Modest New Years Eve Dresses To Ring In 2018” guide helps you choose the BEST dress to say hello to the new year. All of these stores also have a “pick up in store” option, so you don’t have to wait for them to be shipped to you – you just have to pick them up! Easy peasy. 

Let me know if you LOVED these dresses and which one you want to don for NYE in the comments below!

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Deborah | 28th Dec 17

    Some really lovely choices!

  2. Robin | 28th Dec 17

    Oh nooo, I’m so sorry you guys are sick over the holidays! Looks like you had some fun rounding up these outfits, though – super cute!

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Dec 17

      Thanks Robin! Unfortunately it’s just that time of year, right?!

  3. Brigette Collins | 28th Dec 17

    There are so many amazing dresses here! I personally love the white knee length Gatsby style dress!

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Dec 17

      that is one of my all time favorites – I own one SO similar and love it.

  4. Kimmie | 28th Dec 17

    Cute picks! Loving all the sequin and velvet dresses you rounded up!

  5. Marette Flora | 28th Dec 17

    I am all about more modest dresses so I love your picks. I tend to go for sparkly options on NYE.

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Dec 17

      Marette – Thanks so much!! I love sparkle too!

  6. Krystin | 28th Dec 17

    These dresses are gorgeous, I love longer but fitted ones, so classic!

  7. Kristen | 28th Dec 17

    I am LOVING the velvet dress options 🙂 What a cute NYE look!

  8. Kyla Matton Osborne | 28th Dec 17

    Nice selection! I love that little red number with the v-neck 🙂

  9. Kiara | 28th Dec 17

    Love these dress picks for NYE! I always want an excuse to dress up, but I’m definitely not the types that wants to wear a dress when it has been so cold recently.

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Dec 17

      Yes I totally get that. I love my faux fur jacket to toss over my dresses when it gets cold!

  10. Alex | 28th Dec 17

    I LOVE all of these options so much! I have no clue what to wear this year because I feel like it’s going to be FREEZING! Last year I was in Florida, so it was super warm and I could wear anything!

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Dec 17

      that’s so nice! I am always torn between wanting it to be cold because its December and wanting it to be warm so it’s easier to dress! LOL

  11. Beth | 28th Dec 17

    I love the velvet dresses! There’s a trend that isn’t going away!

    Beth ||

  12. Carley | 28th Dec 17

    Those Great Gatsby dresses are gorgeous! I absolutely love them! I think you hit the nail on the head for us modest girls. Mad props.

  13. adriana | 28th Dec 17

    These are all such cute dresses! I love them, great options!

    • Taylor Mobley | 29th Dec 17

      Thanks Adriana!! I am so glad you liked them!

  14. Jenny | 28th Dec 17

    I’m definitely a sequin girl but will be rocking a metallic pleated midi and velvet tank this year.

  15. Christina | 28th Dec 17

    I am a glitter girl myself so I’ll definitely be sporting some glitter!

  16. Kileen | 29th Dec 17

    These are all so gorgeous but I would have to say my favorites are the Great Gatsby inspired dresses and the velvet dresses!

    cute & little

    • Taylor Mobley | 29th Dec 17

      Yes me too girl!!!! The great Gatsby dresses are stunning.

  17. Thomas Falkenstedt | 29th Dec 17

    Aww poor thing! Hope you’re already better, but at least you were in better luck than your mom and sister. Hopefully your hubby never caught it! You truly rounded up something for every type of woman here, although in my opinion they’re still glamorous! 🙂
    Thomas xx

    • Taylor Mobley | 29th Dec 17

      Thanks Thomas – I think they’re all glamorous too!! I am hoping today is the last day of this nasty bug. UGH. The changing weather has got me. So far hubby is safe LOL.

  18. Jessica | 29th Dec 17

    I prefer a modest dress for NYE to ring in the new year in a classy and elegant l style! xo, Jessica

  19. Erica @ Coming UP Roses | 29th Dec 17

    So you’re coming to celebrate NYE at my house, right? SUCH CUTE PICKS GF

    • Taylor Mobley | 29th Dec 17

      Yep Adam and I are already on a flight. Is the guest room ready for us?

  20. Mary Powers | 29th Dec 17

    Love these dresses! I’m all about being more modest! No need to show everything you got lol. Hope you feel better!! My whole fam got it too 🙁

    – Mary

  21. Amanda | 29th Dec 17

    Your dress picks are beautiful! I’m at that age now where I want a bit more modest styles. I h ope you’re feeling better today– rest up and get those fluids!

  22. Courtney Andrews | 29th Dec 17

    I love all these picks! All of these dresses are so pretty and glam without showing too much skin. I’m especially loving the sequins and velvet options!

  23. kara | 29th Dec 17

    These are all so pretty! I’m not sure what my plans are yet but if I need a nice, stylish dress I’ll come back to this list!

  24. Lynn Woods | 29th Dec 17

    These are great choices! I still need to find a dress!

  25. Crystal // Dreams, etc. | 29th Dec 17

    I love all the choices in the Great Gatsby list! I don’t think I’ll need a dress to ring in the New Year — right now I’m planning a movie night with my niece and nephew and that’s the perfect plan for me! But these dresses make me want to find something a little more glamorous to do!

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