Master Bedroom Makeover with Chanel

Oh man guys. I have been SO STOKED about this blog post for, like, weeks. I’ve been getting it ready to share with you and yes, it is another guest post! Meet Chanel. She is the face behind Life with Henry + Evie. She is so cute and sweet and her home…? INCREDIBLE. Just wait. I squealed out loud when she sent over this post. I’ve been dying to get some home decor posts up for you all, but it is so hard when I live in an apartment the size of a shoe box (ya feel me?). Anyways. Read on to see Chanel’s bedroom makeover and start pinning to those dream boards.

Hi! My name is Chanel and I blog over at Life with Henry + Evie. My husband and I live in the suburbs of Atlanta and love the city except for the hot summers. We were married in 2011 and had our first born in 2012. Henry is our wild four-year old who keeps us on our toes. In 2015, we welcomed a baby girl, Evelyn, who brings such sweetness to our family and balances us out. We have a dog who thinks he’s a cat and two cats who want to be dogs. My dream is to pack up our family and head to the PNW where I can wear leggings and flannels all day long. I like coffee with my cream, could eat tacos for breakfast, my hair is 90% dry shampoo and there are currently 163 books on my Amazon wish list. So there’s that.
I am so excited to share our master bedroom makeover with everyone today! We’ve have been working on this redesign since April and it’s finally come together after a few long months. I’m so lucky to have a husband who let me take the reigns on this one and was so open to all of my (sometimes) crazy suggestions. I had always envisioned a romantic and contemporary space where I could decompress and escape after a long day of kid wrangling and I am so happy that I have it now. 
You know the feeling you get when you walk into a hotel room? The one that screams “vacation” because there isn’t laundry piled up or legos on the floor. That is the feeling I wanted to evoke when we walked into our room. I wanted to create a space that was calming, clean and clutter free. I chose white linens and accents to brighten the room since ours doesn’t get much light. The lamps from Kenroy Home give the room that touch of glamor and I love how sleek they are.
A mirror was added above the bed to make the room appear bigger, the walls were given a fresh color, new blinds were installed and my grandmother made the window treatments and matching bed pillow. We kept our same bedding which we had purchased last year and it fit in perfectly. There is just something about white bedding that pulls me in. The picture on my husband’s nightstand table was taken about 20 minutes prior to us getting engaged and will always be my favorite because that was the real start of our life journey together. 
As far as accents for the night stands, I chose beautiful marble coasters, a candle and a diffuser for each side. The wood grain accents give just the right hint of warmth and really pop against the white end table. My husband and I are also diehard ceiling fan addicts and the original one in the room dated back to 1985 and were definitely in need of an upgrade. I chose this gorgeous brushed steel fan from Emerson Fans. The design is sleek and contemporary and despite being powerful it is also extremely quiet. The color mimics the silver accents throughout the room and ties everything together. 
This little reading nook may be my favorite part of the room. I’m not sure if I will ever have time to read here, but it’s nice to dream.
Here is a full vendor list featuring the amazing companies I worked with who helped give this bedroom new life.
  1. Rug – c/o RugsUSA
  2. Lamps – c/o Kenroy Home
  3. Ceiling Fan – c/o Emerson Fans
  4. Air Purifier – c/o Dyson
  5. Framed Photograph – c/o Minted 
  6. iPad Holder – c/o Wood Butcher Designs 
  7. Headboard – Overstock
  8. Side Tables – Wayfair
  9. Hexagon Marble Coasters – Geometrikos Design
  10. Fear Less Sign – Sugarboo & Co. 
  11. Mirror – Home Goods
  12. Chair/Blanket/End Table – Ikea
  13. Flour Pouf & White Pillow – Target 
  14. Bedding – Ralph Lauren Home
  15. Fabric for Window Treatments – Joann’s 


WOW. Amiright? Chanel’s bedroom is gorgeous. The epitome of every bedroom dream I have ever had. I mean, this bedroom is GOALS. Thank you SO much, Chanel, for sharing that with us!!! 

Don’t forget to stop by her site to show her some extra love!

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  1. melanie | 26th Aug 16

    Your bedroom is gorgeous. I really wish I could have white linens but I have 3 dogs and 2 cats that would destroy that pretty quick, I like the reading nook the best. I need a reading nook now but in a different color. LOL

    • Taylor Mobley | 26th Aug 16

      LOL! We have a cat too — I totally get that!

  2. The Golden Girl Diary | 26th Aug 16

    I am OBSESSED with your room! I love all the different patterns. I’m all for all-white bedding, it just makes bed so much more comfy!

    xo, Amanda |

  3. jackie | 26th Aug 16

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room! Now can you come do mine! haha! xoxo

  4. Michelle | 26th Aug 16

    I love your style!! Especially the black and white.

  5. Chanel | 26th Aug 16

    Thanks so much for the feature girl!! xoxoxo

  6. Jess | 26th Aug 16

    What a beautiful room! I love how light And bright it is!

  7. Jaime | 26th Aug 16

    Wow!! That bedroom is beautiful!!!! I love a mostly white bedroom. Thanks for the inspiration!!! xo

  8. Kari | 26th Aug 16

    Beautiful room choices! It looks so calming!
    http://www.sweetteasweetie. com

  9. Rachel Lynn | 26th Aug 16

    Her bedroom looks STUNNING! My bedroom is the one thing I’ve had full control over designing and decorating. While I’m right there with your “living in a shoebox of an apartment”, I still love to look at other people’s designs. Gives me some inspiration for the future!

  10. chloe | boxwood avenue | 26th Aug 16

    The mirror addition is so great! It definitely makes the space seem larger!

  11. Ryan | A Polished Palate | 26th Aug 16

    Beautiful room! Nice work!

  12. Candy Waltrip | 26th Aug 16

    I saw this on Instagram and just had to see the rest of the room. What a beautiful make over. I wish I could see the before photos ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Mrs. AOK | 26th Aug 16

    Oh my goodness Chanel’s room is beautiful!! I live in the PNW and all those things: leggings, flannels, coffee, and Amazon fit perfectly here.
    I don’t think I’d love the summer there (because I’ve done Texas and South Carolina summers) but I wouldn’t mind living there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Falon | 26th Aug 16

    What a gorgeous room! I love the mirror!

  15. Terri Steffes | 26th Aug 16

    That’s a gorgeous room. I love the colors and the pop of black. nicely done.

  16. Amber Nelson | 26th Aug 16

    That looks like a really comfortable room to be in. Wow, can you come over and do my room?

  17. Kiwi | 27th Aug 16

    Love the entire concept of the room. I love the minimalist and simplistic chicness of the room decor. Very nice.

  18. Patricia @ Grab a Plate | 27th Aug 16

    Love this look from top to bottom! I can image how relaxed and comforted being in this room would make you feel!

  19. Roxanne | 27th Aug 16

    Such a bright and gorgeous space! I would love to just lounge in there if my master looked this nice!

  20. Kim | 27th Aug 16

    That bedroom looks like an upscale hotel…nothing but luxury…love it

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Aug 16

      Thanks Kim!!! I LOVE that upscale hotel feel!

  21. Louise Bishop | 27th Aug 16

    I love the black and whites! That’s totally in right now and I’m glad because it’s always my first choice for color schemes!

  22. Wendy Tomlinson | 27th Aug 16

    What a lovely look, very elegant and peaceful.

  23. karen | 27th Aug 16

    LOVE your makeover and want to duplicate it in my house! My master bedroom is kinda tiny, so I might have to think about how to “make it work” on a smaller scale! Gorgeous!

  24. Cristina | 27th Aug 16

    Oh, my god! It looks so amazing! I’d wish I had such a bedroom!
    Why did you choose to overlay the rugs?

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Aug 16

      I think Chanel did that because it adds texture and dimension to the room! But that is a great question!

  25. Rachel Langer | 27th Aug 16

    I really like the wall color! I want to just jump in that bed and take a nap. Such an inviting space.

  26. Stacey | 27th Aug 16

    Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful! I love the soothing colors and the bold pattern of the rug. It all fits together perfectly.

  27. Yvonne Sowell | 28th Aug 16

    That is one classy bedroom. I wish I had the chance to redo our bedroom. We just moved in, but we are still unsure if we would be moving again within this year, so my husband vetoed any “large” redecorating. I’m already getting away with drapes and rugs as it is though.

  28. Sara | 28th Aug 16

    What a stunning bedroom! You did a great job!

  29. Rebecca Bryant | 28th Aug 16

    Wow what a gorgeous room. I lvoe the black adn white theme going on here.

  30. Toni | 28th Aug 16

    More than anything, I admire her courage to have white linens with two small children in her bedroom! ๐Ÿ™‚ The style is simple and elegant all at the same time.

  31. Kelsie | 28th Aug 16

    This looks amazing!! I love how bright and airy it is. It definitely has the “hotel room” feel!

  32. Hannah Stein | 29th Aug 16

    Love this!! My favorites aspects are definitely the rug and the wall color. In love!

  33. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 29th Aug 16

    Taylor…this is INSANELY gorgeous!!! Holy macarole. I lovelovelove that mirror above your bed…SO beautiful.

    Coming Up Roses

  34. Jessica (Swanky Recipes) | 29th Aug 16

    OMGosh, what a stunning and beautiful bedroom makeover! I’m in total need of a re-do and I just love what you have done! Bookmarking this page for future inspiration!

  35. Rachel at The Everyday Mom Life | 29th Aug 16

    It looks really pretty. My kids would destroy all that white though. Maybe in a few years when they are out of the destructive stage.

  36. Kristie | 29th Aug 16

    What a gorgeous space! It really does feel like vacation, it’s so well designed– clean & elegant.


  37. Ali Lang | 29th Aug 16

    What a pretty space!!

  38. Whitney S. | 30th Aug 16

    I love your space! I love seeing how people decorate their rooms and houses. I love the look of all white, but I have two dogs, and they shed like crazy lol ๐Ÿ™

  39. Reesa Lewandowski | 31st Aug 16

    I am loving your new room. We need a lift for our bedroom badly!

    • Taylor Mobley | 31st Aug 16

      Its a great way to change up a space ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Dominique | 31st Aug 16

    WOW!!! So gorgeous! I absolutely love everything, especially the colour!

  41. Jill Conyers | 4th Sep 16

    The redesign turned out beautifully. I love the little details and decorative accents.

  42. arin | 6th Sep 16

    what a gorgeous room! Those nightstands, and headboard — swoon! Definitely gave me some ideas for my new space! xx

  43. Sheena Tatum | 17th Sep 16

    What a gorgeous bedroom! I wouldn’t mind having my bedroom mad over to look like that! haha

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