3 Reasons You Need Marble In Your Home.

Happy Fri-YAY, pretty people! We made it. This week was full of long days at work and missing out on the sunshine outside (boo). Today’s post is all about the latest trend in home decor: white marble. I love all marble….but I am especially fond of white marble. It is clean and unperfect (and makes a gorgeous backdrop for pictures). So let’s jump into this. CaseApp offered to let me review some of their products and when I saw background as an option, I leapt at the chance. White marble SCORE.

This post has been sponsored by CaseApp. I have been compensated for writing and reviewing the products shown in this post. All opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone. 

3 Reasons Marble Should Be A Staple In Your Home.

Reason #1: It is incredibly beautiful.

FullSizeRender 102

White marble is breath-taking. A) I love the color white. B) It is so clean and bright. I hate dim rooms and anything white instantly brightens a space. Whether the marble is faux or real, it can still stand out and be incredibly stunning. That is why I chose to do white marble for my custom laptop skin and custom iPhone case. I love the way it looks against my gold iPhone and silver macbook. All of a sudden my bedspread looks a lot more chic with my laptop sitting on top of it. I’ve gotten endless compliments on my phone case and it isn’t hard to see why.

Reason #2: It’s trending and it’s okay to want to be a part of that.

FullSizeRender 99

White marble covers your instagram feeds and is in practically every other pinterest post. You see it on those tumblr girls pages and it covers the countertops of celebrities. Who wouldn’t want to take part in this trend!? When my laptop skin and phone case came in the mail…instantly ran some errands so I could carry my phone case around. And yes. It does make me feel really cool. So there. In my opinion, trends are most often trends for a reason.  

Reason #3: At the same time, it is completely classic.

FullSizeRender 101

Luckily for this trend, I don’t see it going out of style any time soon. Because of the simplicity, it is here to stay. It has been around for a long time and just because it is trending right now, doesn’t mean it is akin to the plaid couches and pea green countertops of the 1970’s. Trust me, if you are looking for a way to add a light and classic air to your home, white marble is it. Even if it is a just a few pieces. A pretty side table decoration, coasters or a lamp can add that classic contemporary feel that every home longs for.


FullSizeRender 100

CaseApp is the bomb and they are allowing me to not only give you all a 20% off discount when you use the code BLONDEAMBITIOUS20, but also host a giveaway for one free custom iPhone case to one of my readers (news flash: THAT’S YOU!). Want to know how to win? Follow these easy steps to enter:

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I will announce the winner Saturday at 9pm MST. If you win, you will get the case style of your choice! The cases are sturdy and very well made. You will love it! Good luck to all!

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  1. Summer Telban | 12th Aug 16

    I love marble. It’s such a trend with bloggers!

  2. Hales | 12th Aug 16

    Dying over these marble cases! So cute!

    Xo, Hales | http://www.sincerelyhales.com

  3. Kristin Cook | 12th Aug 16

    These are so pretty! I’ve never seen a case life that!

  4. Esther | 12th Aug 16

    Marble everything please! So pretty!


  5. Heidi | 12th Aug 16


  6. celi | 12th Aug 16

    that looks soo cool…think I need more marble in my life ;)!!

  7. Rachel Lynn | 12th Aug 16

    Marble is trending so much right now and I love it! At first, I was a little skeptical, but it’s so classic and chic. I’m all about it! I went with the light pink marble, but the white marble looks just as amazing!

  8. Ali Lang | 12th Aug 16

    Done! Alimarielang@gmail.com

    I am loving that marble! So chic and simple! Totally tomeless!

  9. Roy Miller | 12th Aug 16

    These a very unusual but there are kind of neat too! I have never seen one before.

  10. Neely Moldovan | 12th Aug 16

    I 100% bought a marble slab to take blog photos on…

  11. Irene | 12th Aug 16

    This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  12. candy | 12th Aug 16

    I was expecting bathroom and kitchen counter tops. You really do love marble and have done it to everything. Love the look.

    • Taylor Mobley | 12th Aug 16

      Not quite yet! As soon as we build our own house ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Angela Tolsma | 12th Aug 16

    I love marble, one day marble counter tops!

  14. Anna | 12th Aug 16

    Love marble! Want it on my Mac too.

  15. Emily | 13th Aug 16

    I love marble! The phone and computer cases are my favorite.

  16. Nicole | 13th Aug 16

    I love that mac cover! I just purchased one and now I feel like I need this extra protection in my life.


  17. Olivia Di Pede | 13th Aug 16

    In love with marble anything! Great post xo

    xo Olivia | http://www.oliviadipede.com

  18. Dannie | 13th Aug 16

    Marble is my absolute favorite. I love it as a backdrop for photos, just everywhere. It’s so amazing. This giveaway is great, too!


  19. Kabrina Budwell | 13th Aug 16

    What a beautiful case! I have always wanted marble counter tops! Maybe this will convince my husband!

  20. themodestfoxpr | 13th Aug 16

    Marble is the best! I have that case as well! So cute and it is a relaxing combination of colors.

  21. courtney | 13th Aug 16

    I LOVE marble, it is just so sleek and clean. It makes anything look more expensive and more put together.

    La Belle Sirene

  22. chloe | boxwood avenue | 13th Aug 16

    Marble really is so beautiful! I have a cell phone case from Jcrew and I adore it!

  23. Elizabeth hugen | 13th Aug 16

    Love marble! And love these cases! So so pretty <3



  24. Anna nuttall | 14th Aug 16

    I love marble and I love to have it as a laptop cover. xx

  25. Sam @ A Happy Home In Holland | 14th Aug 16

    I love marble – so classy!

  26. IE | 14th Aug 16

    My dream is a kitchen with marble counters!

  27. Yulissa | 14th Aug 16

    I love how marble looks. I want something marble at home.

  28. Kari | 15th Aug 16

    I love marble. It’s so simple & elegant!

  29. Jeanelly | 15th Aug 16

    Yes! Marble is life! My fireplace has a marble facade and it’s basically where I do all my flatlays.

  30. Falon | 16th Aug 16

    I love marble! It makes the best backdrop. You can’t go wrong with white!

  31. Lize | 30th Aug 16

    First of all, I’m drooling over your blog’s template. It’s so damn cute and fresh. lol.
    Yh, white marble seems to be the trend now and it’s really pretty so why not?
    Thanks for sharing with us and stopping by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Taylor Mobley | 31st Aug 16

      Thanks Lize!!! I am so glad you like it!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

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