Magnetic Lash FAIL!

Happy #beautymonday! Today, I am reviewing a hot new product for you that I’ve been looking at for weeks. I finally bit the bullet and just purchased a pair myself to test. The whole premise behind magnetic lashes is to be a false lash glue-free alternative to regular false lashes. They are marketing to those of you who are allergic to lash glue or just find normal falsies to be a pain in your butt. Because I’m allergic to latex, I thought that these would be AWESOME so that I would never accidentally put latex on my eyeball again (that is a nightmare that has happened more often than I’d like to admit). Check out my adventures with magnetic lashes below and find out just why I voted them a major FAIL.

Magnetic Lash FAIL!


Magnetic Lash FAIL!

Did you laugh watching this as much as I laughed filming it?! Lashes really are the icing to the cake when it comes to makeup looks. They can take a totally average look to a 10/10. It’s really rare now if I don’t wear false lashes on the daily because they even look amazing on no-makeup makeup days.

Magnetic Lash FAIL!

Do you wear false lashes? Have you tried magnetic lashes and made them work for you?! Share your secrets in the comments below so that I can try these babies out again and hopefully make them work for me!!

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  1. Carolyn | 30th Apr 18

    I’ve never heard of magnetic lashes before! So sorry they didn’t work for you!

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      It’s totally fine – I will stick to my regular false lashes for now!

  2. Deborah | 30th Apr 18

    I’ve been wondering about magnetic lashes but seeing your video now, I think I’ll pass. It seems like you have to have a very specific eye shape for it to work!

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      Apparently!! I feel like I have a pretty standard eye shape, too, so I’m bummed they didn’t work!

  3. Lily | 30th Apr 18

    I haven’t heard a single good review about magnetic lashes — I just can’t be bothered with that. LOL!

  4. Patricia G. | 30th Apr 18

    I’m so sorry these didn’t work out for you! I would have a hard time putting these on too! I think they need to redesign these, or at least have instructions on how best they want you to put these on!

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      I’ve been given some good tips on Instagram on how best to use these so I am going to test them out that way today and see if it helps.

  5. Celeste Godoy | 30th Apr 18

    I’ve been really curious about magnetic lashes but now I think I’ll stick to my extensions haha

  6. Tanvi Rastogi | 30th Apr 18

    You are brave to try these products. Thanks for the honest review though.


  7. Marcie | 30th Apr 18

    Haha! I’ve used false eyelashes just a few times for special occasion so I didn’t know these magnetic ones even existed! If you can’t figure them out, I probably won’t attempt 🙂

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      LOL. That’s funny. I just found them SO difficult to work with.

  8. Ashley Roberts | 30th Apr 18

    I’ve tried false lashes a couple of times but the most I can remember them staying on is about a day… They’re just not for me! Although I wish!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      Yeah. I take my false lashes off every night (you shouldn’t sleep in them anyways)!! I just will stick to my regular ones as opposed to these magnetic ones 🙂

  9. Stephanie | 30th Apr 18

    I’ll admit, I was hoping these would be awesome as well! I’m allergic to latex too, so I literally never use falsies because I’m terrified of the glue! Bummer that they just don’t really live up to the hype! But at least you got a chance to try them and find out for yourself. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      You are so welcome! I use the DUO latex-free lash glue if you are looking for a good one. It doesn’t irritate my eyes and lasts a long time!

  10. Kendra B. | 30th Apr 18

    I love your hair like that! Your bangs are super cute! So.. I’ve never used false eyelashes. They are always ill-fitting and honestly look ridiculous on me. lol I’ve seen reviews from people loving the magnetic eyelashes though. Thanks for your honest opinion! haha

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      Thanks Kendra! I LOVE my falsies – don’t get me wrong. But I think I will be sticking to my regular false lashes instead of the magnetic ones 🙂

  11. Chelsey | 30th Apr 18

    I want to use false lashes, but I’ve never tried it and my eyes would definitely be sensitive to the glue.. so I’m nervous and need to figure out what I should get first to try! Suggestions?

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      Oh totally! You should definitely try Ardell or Eylure lashes. They are AWESOME. I use latex free DUO glue (it’s the brush bottle with the GREEN label) and it works AMAZING. The lashes are inexpensive and can be used several times 🙂

  12. Annette Dattilo | 30th Apr 18

    I have yet to try any type of false eyelashes. Perhaps someday. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • Taylor Mobley | 30th Apr 18

      Definitely go for the regular false lashes as opposed to the magnetic ones!!!

  13. Coral Allen | 30th Apr 18

    I was gonna try these the other day but decided not to because even in the container they just looked like they weren’t going to curve right on my eye… I loved this video because it just proved that I was probably right about that haha. When you said you just “slap on false lashes,” I got really excited because I didn’t know false lashes were a good option. Do you have any videos of you putting on false lashes or about which ones are your favorite? I’ll go look and see if you do, but if you don’t, that would make a GREAT video! I used to get false lashes professionally done, but it was so expensive to keep up with!

  14. Julia Comil | 30th Apr 18

    Never heard about this! Thanks for this review it is very useful!

  15. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 30th Apr 18

    So yeah, DEF a no for me since I’m incompetent in ALL fake lash categories – ha!

  16. Kileen | 30th Apr 18

    Haha love the vid!! I’ve seen these circulating around and were curious about them but I the reviews are not so great!|\Kileen
    cute & little

  17. Aishwaryaa | 1st May 18

    Excellent brave review. Keep it up.

  18. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 1st May 18

    I haven’t laughed so hard in so long! LOL, I haven’t heard of anyone having luck with these magnetic lashes being easier than regular lashes. Thank you for this funny video!

  19. Summer @ Coffee With Summer | 1st May 18

    Such a bummer!! I was wondering about these but deep down felt they probably wouldn’t work or would just come off easily lol!

  20. Megan Elliott | 1st May 18

    Lol! Loved the video haha I was cracking up! Thankfully I have really long lashes naturally – fake ones always seem like such a pain!! Thanks for the laugh babe 🙂

  21. Taylor | 1st May 18

    I haven’t seen any good reviews for magnetic lashes… I want to try them though!

  22. Stephanie | 1st May 18

    I tried these too! I got the “accent” ones thinking they would be easier… I still couldn’t get them to work! I promptly returned them!

  23. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 1st May 18

    Lol the idea of a magnetic lash is intriguing, but I can see how it would be disastrous! I wish it worked better!

  24. Shaily | 1st May 18

    Lol! Awesome video! I’ve tried wearing false lashes once and I wasn’t very comfortable with the latex. I haven’t tried the magnetic ones though. But they look like a complete failure. Thanks for sharing the review.

  25. KatWalkSF | 1st May 18

    LOL this is too good. I’ve been wondering about them!

  26. Suzanne | 2nd May 18

    I’ve heard of these before but now I really would like to try them!

  27. Denise Kokinis | 3rd May 18

    I have not heard one good thing about them either! I used them myself and I thought the struggle just to get them on was sooo real! Definitely in the same boat!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  28. Iris Elee | 3rd May 18

    I have always wanted to try these and have heard such awful things about them! After seeing what you had to say, I think it’s going to be a no for me!

    Iris Elee

  29. Nicole | 4th May 18

    I have tried a similar brand and they were hard to put on and so time consuming! I seriously could have worked out for an hour and felt more accomplished!

  30. Delia | 4th May 18

    Oh my gosh that’s so sad! I’ve never really tried them but I really was hoping they would work!!! Your makeup still looks gorgeous though!

  31. sharon wu | 4th May 18

    ahhh fake eyelashes of any sort is too complicated for me so i resort to and stick with mascara. LOL couldn’t be bothered to even try anymore! sorry that these didn’t work for you but i feel your pain girl!

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