Lush Re-Opening Event + Product Haul

Happy Fri-yay! I am so glad it’s the weekend (and also almost the end of May, if you can believe it or not). A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the grand re-opening of Lush at the St. Louis Galleria Mall. They had a special pre-opening event for influencers and press and I made it on the guest list! There were other bloggers there that I was so glad to be able to meet, and the PR rep for this store is absolutely amazing. I’m going to go over the event a little bit and then talk about my insane Lush haul (aka some of my absolute FAVORITE products). Let’s dive into this.

Lush Re-Opening Event + Product Haul

lush reopening + product haul

Recap of the event:

This was SUCH an awesome press event. The entire store was open an hour early for us, so we were able to be there before the crazy crowd (and trust me…people were already lined up at the door an hour before). They had this gorgeous flower bar and we all got to take home a fresh bouquet of flowers aka I died and went to heaven. Lauren (the PR rep) let me know that I was welcome to bring a +1 and so I gladly brought along my baby sister. 

lush reopening + product haul

The week before the re-opening event, the team sent me a giant care package full of their newest products and tried and true favorites. I was expecting a little gift box but got a huuuuge box full of goodies. A+ work, there. 

lush reopening + product haul

The first thing they had us do was get with an employee to do a skin test and consultation. I was REALLY glad for thing because while I know what I love at Lush, I wanted to be introduced to some new products to fall in love with. 

lush reopening + product haul

I worked with their employee, North. She was AWESOME! She took amazing care of me and showed me products I absolutely fell in love with. All of the products I left with were brand new to me, and the face mask I took home is going to be my new favorite. They graciously gave me a little goodie bag full of the products from my consultation and sent me home with the Mother’s Day gift box!

lush reopening + product haul

Lush Haul:

HOLY SHOOT. I got SOOOOO many products I want to talk about. Ok. Let’s do this. Also, don’t worry: I’ve linked ALL of these products at the end of this post so you can check them out. I gotchu. 

Yuzu & Cocoa Shower Cream:

This shower cream is fantastic. If you looooove sweet scented shower creams, you will be obsessed with Yuzu & Cocoa. It has a blend of cocoa and citrus which sounds crazy but actually works. The featured ingredient is grapefruit, which does WONDERS for your skin. It leaves you soft and moisturized.

lush reopening + product haul

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Powder:

Ya’ll know that I am oily as HECK. I’ve talked about it before and you KNOW I am on a quest to find the perfect mattifying powder. When North introduced me to this powder, I was super wary because it looks pink. And I am pale. Somehow, even though it looks pink, it looks completely natural on my skin. It claims to even out ALL skin tones and work evenly. They also added jojoba oil to make sure it doesn’t dry out your skin. 

lush reopening + product haul

Jackie Oats Color Supplement:

This the lightest foundation shade (lolz see the above comment about how pale I am). It smells amazing. It has a blend of oat milk, aloe vera and honey keeps skin’s cool, while a creamy ivory color evens out skin tone. It states that it is a full coverage foundation, but I think it works more like a BB cream on me. I still felt like I needed to use concealer or mix with another foundation to get the coverage I usually feel comfortable with. It will be perfect for the summer when I use less foundation.

lush reopening + product haul

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter:

I AM OBSESSED. I am the QUEEN of hangnails and dry, cracked fingers. I would drink lotion if I could. I put a little bit on my fingers before giving myself an at-home manicure and my cuticles were soft and smelled like lemons. I will definitely be making this an all the time staple in my home.

lush reopening + product haul

WHOOSH Shower Jelly:

Shower jellies are so fun. They literally feel like jello. If you haven’t experienced it before, it is definitely different. This one is fantastic to wake you up in the morning. It has a mixture of fresh lemon, lime and grapefruit juices, revitalizing rosemary and balancing geranium. It wakes you up, gets you ready for the day. 

lush reopening + product haul

Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub:

This scrub is a cult classic is you know anything about Lush products. It is sworn by by TONS of beauty gurus all over the internet, and I’m joining the ranks. Not only does it leave your skin butter soft, but it also smells like the ocean. AKA AMAZE.

lush reopening + product haul

Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Scrub:

I tried this for the first time at the Lush re-opening. There are several masks I love, this this one really caught my attention. It is cool, refreshing, and brightening. It has gentle exfoliation but doesn’t scratch your skin at ALL. completely fantastic and it is self-preserving! There are  loads of ground aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe and moisturize.

lush reopening + product haul

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser:

This facial cleanser is my new favorite. It is perfect for taking my makeup off at the end of the day without irritating my skin. My eyes are extremely sensitive so most makeup removers really bother my delicate eye area. This doesn’t at all, and there is no need for an extra moisturizer because it is built right in. It is 20% rose water, which soothes and reduces redness, making Ultrabland gentle enough for everyone’s skin.

lush reopening + product haul

Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer:

Just in case you DO need a little extra moisture, this is the lotion for your face. If you have OILY skin (aka ME) then you REALLY need this. It has toning witch hazel, which is a miracle worker for oily skin. This moisturizer contains balancing lavender absolute and grape seed oil to soften and help make things right with your skin. Because if your skin is oily, that means it isn’t getting enough moisture in other areas. So drink more water and put vanishing cream on your face: doctor’s orders.

lush reopening + product haul

Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser:

This is the very first Lush products I ever tried. It is STILL one of my go-tos. I use it as a gentle exfoliator a few times a week. It is a little to harsh for me to use every day, but when I use it 2x weekly, my skin GLOWS. Its rhassoul mud base deeply cleanses to help prevent breakouts, while vitamin-rich cold pressed organic avocado oil nourishes skin to leave it soft and lightly hydrated. Hello, angel!

lush reopening + product haul


So, as you can SEE: this event was beyond fun and this company really takes care of their customers and influencers. I couldn’t believe the amount of wonderful products I received (and my sister!) and the kindness of their employees. Shopping at this store will ABSOLUTELY be in my future and if you are in the St. Louis area, this NEEDS to be in your future, too. 


lush reopening + product haul

On top of everything else, the fact that they are all about sustainability and cruelty free products. I always try my best to use products that are good for the environment, good for my skin and kind to animals. 

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 15th May 17

    I have tried, like, ONE Lush product in my lifetime.
    Clearly someone needs to go on a shopping spree.
    (THIS GIRL).

    Coming Up Roses

  2. Nicole | 15th May 17

    Oh I LOVE Lush! I love their bath salts and I just recently finished their lavendar sleep night time cream which was amazing! Love, Love, Love, Lush!

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th May 17

      I love their sleep night time cream! I use it every night!!!

  3. Kerry Mason | 15th May 17

    I love Lush, looks like there are some amazing new products, must try some of them xx

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th May 17

      You’ll love ALL of them! I’ve never used a product I didn’t become obsessed with!

  4. Katherine | 15th May 17

    Omg I love Lush and I love how you laid out this blog post! Super clear, pretty pictures, and I like how you broke down what each product is used for. I’ve been loving their massage bars lately, especially the ones in lavender. And their facial sprays are bomb.

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th May 17

      I LOVE their facial sprays — they are SO amazing. Thanks for your sweet words!!

  5. Jasmine | 15th May 17

    I was just there on Saturday and I had to buy a few bath bombs as a treat for myself for mamas day. We’re planning to take the boys there because they’re obsessed with bath bombs. lol

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th May 17

      Bath bombs are amazing. I’m obsessed too LOL.

  6. Helene | 15th May 17

    I used to work at Lush in Florida and I am still so obsessed with their products! Luckily there is one right near me in Boston, so I can always stock up!

    xo, Helene

    • Taylor Mobley | 15th May 17

      Yes!! I’m so jealous you worked there. I wouldn’t be able to control myself. LOL

  7. dixya @food, pleasure, and health | 15th May 17

    i have heard so much about Lush products but never tried one..we have one nearby and im going to make a trip to the store.

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      Be sure to come back and tell me which products you got!!! 😀

  8. Krysta | 15th May 17

    I’ve never purchased anything from Lush so this is perfect for me! I always walk by the store and smell such amazing bath products but don’t know where to start!

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      Hopefully you use this next time you go in!!!

  9. Dominique | 15th May 17

    I love lush products!! Especially if you have sensitive skin, they are awesome. Also, it’s almost impossible to walk past their shop without walking in… the delicious smell just drags you in 🙂

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      RIGHT? I can never do it — I have to go in!

  10. ShootingStarsMag | 15th May 17

    Sounds like a really fun event! Thanks for sharing. I could really use that cuticle butter! I pinned your last image.

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      The cuticle butter is fab. Thanks for pinning!

  11. Rachel Ritlop | 15th May 17

    These all sound AWESOME! I haven’t tried a single one yet either! Thanks!

  12. Emily Lunstroth | 15th May 17

    I have always been so intrigued by lush but have never gotten anything! These body products looks great for post fake tanning exfoliation!

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      Yes — I just got a spray tan last week and need to exfoliate for some uneven patchiness!

  13. Jenny | 15th May 17

    I love LUSH products. I need to get some more bath bombs soon.

  14. Krysten | 15th May 17

    LOVE Lush! I just wish the stores by me weren’t always so CROWDED!

  15. Lauren | 15th May 17

    Ah this seems like such a cute event! I’ve only been to my store once, but need to go check out these products now. You explain them all so well, and I could definitely use some that are helpful and smell great too 🙂


    Lauren //

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      Thanks girlfriend! They are great for your skin, too!

  16. Beth | 15th May 17

    Wow, great photos! I would love to try these products at what seemed to be a great event!!

    Beth ||

  17. Iliana | 16th May 17

    Omgosh omgosh!! This calls for a shopping spree at Lush. I’m totally pinning this entire post and it will be my to buy list. Thank you so much for the picks I cannot wait to try them 🙂

    Iliana |

  18. Emily | 16th May 17

    Thank you, you have successfully made me want every single item in this post. What an awesome experience, and so fun that you took your sister! And what a haul! That’s awesome! All the shower creams and jellies and scrubs are calling my name. These each sound so luxurious, and now nice to have North to help walk you through it all!

    • Taylor Mobley | 16th May 17

      LOL. I’m so glad!!! I love the jellies..they are amazing. What is your favorite Lush product??

  19. jessica | 16th May 17

    interesting products…there’s a lush less than a block from my place and i’ve never walked in the door. might have to check it out soon (:

  20. Stephanie | 16th May 17

    Oh man – you got some great goodies here! I’ve been a LUSH-aholic since high school and I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon. Whenever my boyfriend and I pass by it in the mall, he has to drag me away so I don’t spend my entire bank account on bath bombs and bubble bars ahha! I gotta try some of these because there are a few I’ve never tested before!

    Stephanie //

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th May 17

      LOL. I would spend all my money on bath bombs too! You will love all of these!

  21. Amanda U. | 16th May 17

    Lush is seriously my FAVORITE, the body scrub you got is in my top 5 favorite products. I could spend hourrrrs in Lush!

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th May 17

      ME TOO girlfriend. What are your top 5 products??? I need to try them all!

  22. Courtney Andrews | 16th May 17

    This looks like such a fun event! I already see several things I want to try 🙂

  23. Bryanna | 17th May 17

    What a freakin cool event! There’s not a close Lush location to me, so when I can get my hands on it I go all out too. Everything in your “easy guide to lush skincare” was what I was going to comment about. I’m a bit of a skincare person when it comes to their products. That ocean salt in particular looks absolutely amazing! I have to get my hands on it.

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

    • Taylor Mobley | 17th May 17

      Thanks girlfriend!!! The Ocean Salt is AMAZING.It does WONDERS for my skin. and smells amazing which is a bonus.

  24. Lacey | 24th May 17

    Lush is my absolute fave! The bath bombs and face masks are my fave… and of course ocean salt! That’s a must have!



  25. Dominique | 31st May 17

    I really love Lush! I got an Easter bath bomb so loaded with glitter, my bathwater was so beautiful!

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