July Empties Video

Happy #beautymonday!! I am doing something new today – an EMPTIES video. It was requested by a few of you, and it sounded like fun….soooo…here I am! I am reviewing all of the products I have recently emptied — aka used ALL of the product. I find that I almost NEVER use a product to completion because I’m trying all kinds of new products all the time. So the fact that I actually used these start to finish means I LOVE LOVE LOVED them. Let’s dive into this. 



July Empties Video

ALSO SOMETHING EXCITING THIS WAY COMES…Starting TODAY (make sure you visit my Instagram tonight at 10:00pm CST) I will be participating in the 100 Days of Makeup Challenge. From today all the way up until HALLOWEEN, I will be posting a new makeup look on my Insta + FB page. I’m SO excited to stretch my skills. My creative juices have been a-flowing and I have a HUUGE list of looks I want to create + brands that I’m working with + giveaways COMIN’ FOR YA. If you have any specific looks or ideas you want me to try out..comment below or shoot me an email at hello@blondeandambitiousblog.com. 


July Empties Video

I hope that you loveloveloved this video. If you DID, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know if you liked this video, and if you want to see me do more of these in the future! Also make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already (you get access a day early to my videos) — there’s always more where this came from. 

July Empties Video

Did you like these products? Tried any yourself? Comment below your favorite and what YOU have emptied recently. What do I need to try out ASAP? 

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  1. Jessica Collazo | 24th Jul 17

    Nice products you had there. I will check out your instagram for that makeup challenge.

  2. dixya @food, pleasure, and health | 24th Jul 17

    thank you for all these recs.

  3. Tanvi Rastogi | 24th Jul 17

    I love empties video. Thanks for all the recommendations.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  4. Jenny | 24th Jul 17

    I’m all about watching a good empties video. I’m so nosy so I love to see what people are using.

  5. Melissa | 24th Jul 17

    I’m so sad about that BB cream because it sounds absolutely perfect for me to use! Do you know if it’s non-comedogenic? A lot of foundations make me break out! Thanks!

  6. Beth | 24th Jul 17

    So excited about your 100 day challenge! Can’t wait to see your different looks!!

    Beth || http://www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  7. Kallie | But First, Coffee | 25th Jul 17

    I’m so obsessed with my shape tape it’s not even funny! Such a great concealer

  8. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 25th Jul 17

    I love seeing so many Benefit products – I absolutely love their concealer! And also love that Tartiest Matte Lip Paint!

  9. Emely Roman | 25th Jul 17

    Oh what a cute video and blog! Good luck on the make up challenge!

  10. Southern & Style | 25th Jul 17

    Empties videos are my absolute favorite YouTube videos to watch, you just know a product so much more if you’ve used up the entire thing!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  11. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 26th Jul 17

    I just finished the same concealer for the third time – but I NEEEEEED this foundation you talk about. It sounds AMAZING.

    Coming Up Roses

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