Jafra Cosmetics Brand Review + Swatches

Hey, hey, hey party people! It is #BEAUTYMONDAY and that means another makeup related post to start off the week. YAY. Today, I am going to review an upcoming brand, Jafra Cosmetics. They have an extensive line of skincare, makeup and fragrance options and they were gracious enough to send me a huge box of products to test and try out for you!! Let’s jump right into it.

Jafra Cosmetics Brand Review + Swatches

This post is sponsored by Jafra Cosmetics. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

jafra cosmetics

Makeup Setting Spray — $20.00

This makeup setting spray came out a little patchy — meaning it didn’t spray very evenly across my face. It dried okay, but I did worry it would ruin my foundation. After a few pumps, it came out okay. I felt like it worked just fine, but didn’t necessary make my makeup stay on anymore than my NYX setting spray ($8). I don’t think it was in the same playing field as my Urban Decay all nighter spray ($31). 

jafra cosmetics

Royal Jelly Luxury Lipstick (Rose Nouveau + Coral Chic) — $15.00

These lipsticks were pretty awesome, I have to admit. They are not matte, and are very hydrating. Usually at the end of the day, my lips are peeling a little bit from whatever lipstick I was wearing that day, but they really didn’t with the luxury lipstick. I personally am OBSESSED with coral chic. It is the PERFECT pop of bright and bold color. The staying power was nice, and it didn’t come off patchy during the day. It kind of faded nicely until I reapplied.

jafra cosmetics

jafra cosmetics

jafra cosmetics

Always Color Stay-On Lipstick (Iconic Red + Kiss Me Coral) — $14.00

Not only were these color rich and incredibly pigmented, but the packaging is BOMB. I love how little the tube is because it makes it super easy to apply, even on smaller lips. I had no trouble getting into the corner of my mouth which is ALWAYS a struggle for me. I wasn’t as impressed with kiss me coral but the iconic red is a very classically beautiful red.

jafra cosmetics

jafra cosmetics

jafra cosmetics

Makeup Primer — $18.00

This makeup primer was pretty good, but I don’t think it will push my TooFaced Pure Primer out of it’s #1 spot. It is good, don’t get me wrong, but it didn’t blow me away. I still saw a little bit of wear in my t-zone that I don’t usually get with my other primer. 

jafra cosmetics

Long Wear Creme Blush (Cashmere Peony + Cashmere Mauve) — $15.00

THIS STUFF IS THE SHIZ. NO LIE. OK, I love love love cream blushes. They are my favorite because I feel they have incredible lasting power and typically wonderful color pay off. I don’t currently have a cream blush in my arsenal so I was stoked to get these. The peony color looked perfect for spring and was just light enough to add a little bit of life in my cheeks.

jafra cosmetics

jafra cosmetics

Cream Eyeliner (Black) — $11.00

I am not really a gel eyeliner fan so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this. The pigmentation is awesome. It is really dark and matte once it dries down. My only complaint is that it takes a little bit of time to dry, unlike my almost instantaneously drying liquid liner. But, admirably, the color pay off was MUCH better than my liquid liner and the sharp wing was amazing.

jafra cosmetics

Eyeshadow Perfecting Primer (Anti-Yellow) — $12.00

This was kind of cool, but not necessarily something I personally need. If you have a lot of yellow pigmentation on your lids, this will be really helpful for you. I don’t really have yellow pigmentation, so I didn’t really personally see any difference. I will be interested to try this on someone who does have this issue thought. To be continued!

jafra cosmetics

Curl Luxe Mascara — $13.00

This mascara is great at curling your lashes but it doesn’t really add anymore length or volume to my lashes. I know that wasn’t the point, but I never typically reach for curling mascara because  I prefer volume and length. If you already have gorgeous long and thick lashes, and are looking to skip a lash curler, this is THE mascara for you, and at a great price!

jafra cosmetics

Weightless Volume Mascara — $15.00

I really liked this mascara! The volume is impressive at only $15. I love the wand, and it is super black. I don’t know if it will take the place of my Better Than Sex mascara. I will, however, use it in conjunction with it. Because I’m a crazy person and use like four different mascaras at one time.

jafra cosmetics

WELL. There you have it. An extensive review and swatch list of a ton of the Jafra cosmetics!! Overall, this is a really nice makeup brand. The color pay off and the consistency of the products are creamy and pigmented. I would rate this at a solid 7.5/10 overall. If we are comparing this specifically to other products in the same price range (mid-ranged), it would rank pretty high. I would put it in the same level as physician’s formula (probably a little higher, even). 

Let me know what you thought of this review, and which products you want to try! 

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  1. elizabeth allcock | 17th Apr 17

    The makeup looks great! I love the colour of those lipsticks!

  2. Lacee | 17th Apr 17

    The blush is what caught my eye. I need to try these colors out!

  3. Lauren | 17th Apr 17

    I can’t wait to try the lipstick now! I’ve been debating trying this brand before but now I have to!

  4. Steph Gregerson | 17th Apr 17

    I love those lipstick colors! I’ve never heard of this brand so I’ll have to check them out. Also, I’m not sure if you’ve tried any Beautycounter products, but I’d be happy to send you some samples 🙂

  5. Rachel | 17th Apr 17

    Those lip colors are perfect for Summer! Love the coral shade! XORach | http://www.rkcsouthern.com

  6. Oh to Be a Muse | 17th Apr 17

    Thanks for introducing me to the Jafra brand. The cream eyeliners look lovely.

  7. Nellwyn | 17th Apr 17

    I have long lashes but they’re really straight so I’d really like to try that curling mascara. I also like the sound of those lipsticks, hydrating formulas are always a big plus for me.

  8. Brittan | 17th Apr 17

    What a great post! I love makeup but I have never heard of Jafra cosmetics. I’ll be doing some research on them and I like the way the lipstick sounds as well. Thank you for opening my eyes up to this brand.

  9. Silvia | 17th Apr 17

    So many fun lipstick shades! They look great and sounds like something I totally need to try!

  10. Megin Shearer | 17th Apr 17

    Okay those lipstick swatches are so bomb. And a cream blush?? One of each please.

  11. cara | 17th Apr 17

    Thanks for the intro to a new makeup brand to me! That coral chic lip color is soo gorgeous! Perfect for spring!

  12. Mary | 17th Apr 17

    love al the colors, so perfectly for Spring!

  13. Krysten | 17th Apr 17

    Oooh just in time for me to invest in some new lipsticks!

  14. Caroline | 17th Apr 17

    I love those lipstick colors. So very pretty!

  15. Jewels | 17th Apr 17

    This was really helpful! I’ve been looking to switch my make up products

  16. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 19th Apr 17

    That iconic red shade looks RIGHT up my alley – so beautiful!!!
    Coming Up Roses

  17. courtney | 20th Apr 17

    I always love learning about new brands and I’ve never heard of Jafra! The luxury lipsticks sound amazing and I like their packaging!

    La Belle Sirene

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