How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

Happy TUESDAY, friends! Today, we are going to be talking about something that TOTALLY changed my life…..*drumroll please*…..TRELLO! I have always been a pen-and-paper kind of girl – but Trello has totally changed my life organizationally. It’s so much easier for me to edit, change, add and update without having to grab my white out or run out of space in my to-do list. It’s been game-changer when it comes to visually seeing my calendar and my daily tasks. Check out exactly why Trello has become my absolute FAVORITE app below.

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

What Is Trello?

Trello is a work-flow system developed to help you manage your time better.  You have the option to create boards, lists within those boards, cards within those lists, fill out calendars, sync across all devices and more. Many large companies use Trello to track projects and activities. Multiple people can work on one board and you are automatically updated when things get done.

Trello starts with a basic layout: To-Do, Doing, Done. These are the “lists” within your basic board. You can adjust these as need, and I am going to show you how I layout my boards below.

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

How Do I Use Trello?

I use Trello for everything from my blogging content calendar, to my everyday to-do list, to my future blog ideas, to my intern to-dos. Literally my whole life is organized here. I have separate boards for EVERYTHING. It’s absolutely amazing. I can set reminders, keep my tasks in order and make sure that I have everything in an easily accessible place. The best part is I can sync up with my google calendar and google drive so that I can access everything ALL THE TIME no matter what device I’m using. #efficient. Another thing I LOVE about Trello is the ability to color code everything. This makes my month-at-a-glance look so much nicer because I can quickly scan to see what’s on my agenda. I separate it by: Pink (blog), Dark Blue (makeup artistry clients), Orange (personal), Light Blue (doctor appointments), and Teal (web design clients). I also use these colors when it comes to my payment log because it’s easy for me to see where the bulk of my money is coming from during the month. 

I personally have 3 different boards: my Taylor board, my Blonde & Ambitious Board, and my Blonde & Ambitious Intern Board. On my Taylor board I have my month-at-glance calendar and my lists for: upcoming appointments, daily to-do list, daily DONE list, usernames/passwords and my payment log. These are things I update every single day and need to have ready to go on my home screen. I have this board as my computer desktop background so it’s always there. I also have lists here for upcoming projects that I am working on for the next year that may not be directly related to Blonde & Ambitious. They aren’t big enough for their own board yet – as they’re just in the planning stages – but will eventually be moved. 

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

My Blonde & Ambitious board I have lists for: my current content calendar, my sponsored post calendar, my blog/youtube video master idea list, my companies-to-pitch list and I also have a content checklist for one of my year-long partnerships because I’m always referring to that so it’s nice to have it right there. This is great because it keeps all my relevant blog content organized by list and I’m able to check off when a post goes live, and when I have social posts scheduled. I also keep a list of PR lists I’m on with the contact so that when we move, I can easily change my address and keep relationship building with my favorite brands. The last list in this board is a “for when you need to remember your WHY” list. This is important because I keep all my screen shots of DMs, emails, comments and more from YOU. I refer to this list every so often when I’m feeling discouraged or frustrated with my job. 

My Blonde & Ambitious Intern board is super helpful because not only do I have access to it, but my intern Abby does, too! We are able to leave notes for each other and I can update her to-do list and daily tasks right away. It updates for her in real time, so there is never miscommunication. The lists on this board are: Abby’s to-dos, DONE, Comments For Abby & Questions for Taylor. She can drag her to-do’s into the done list once she’s completed them so that I’m able to keep up with her during the day. It’s SO helpful.



How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

I hope that this outline helps you guys really dive into taking control of your time and organization. I know how overwhelming it can be when it just seems like you can’t get it together. This has immensely helped me become more productive and organized and I am really thankful that I am able to see everything so visually on my computer screen.

BONUS: If you want to learn even more about Trello and how to use it for your life & business – check out Hey There, Chelsie’s post HERE! It’s full of more amazing tips to making this app work for you.

How Using Trello DOUBLED My Productivity

Do you use Trello? If not, what is your go-to organizational app?

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