How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! One of the biggest trends of the season right now is the distressed sweater trend. I am OBSESSED with all things distressing and tassels and fringe this season because it feels kind of vintage and lived it. This particular sweater is another Kindred Shops favorite from Rustic Twine. It’s one of my favorite cozy sweaters and it’s SO warm which makes it perfect for fall and winter. This trend has been SWEEPING instagram fashion blogger feeds and I bet you could recall a time when you’ve passed one of them wearing a distressed sweater in a recent image. Adam thinks this particular sweater makes me look like I have bird wings but I’m choosing to take that as a compliment. 😉 To see my top style tips for getting the MOST out of this popular 2018 trend – keep on reading!


How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

Choose your perfect sweater.

This is the key to your outfit – obviously. So choose wisely. 😉 I went with a distressed sleeve look with tassels because they were fun and so different. Some other popular options I recommend are: ripped/torn wool sweaters that have some unraveling at the bottom, simple black sweater with ripped neckline OR a neutral / color block sweater with holes in the sleeves and bottom edge.

Those are so easy to style and can be dressed up or down depending on your pant and shoe situation. A lot of stores sell this trend really affordably: H&M, Forever 21, Kindred STL, Charlotte Russe. The sweaters range between $18-$44 at these shops. If you are looking for a higher end price point, some shops currently stocking this trend are: Nordstrom, Banana Republic, Free People and Anthropology. The sweaters there range between $80-$260 at these shops! I personally think that because this will probably be a fleeting trend – you can safely stick to the cheaper end of the spectrum with comfort.

Decide the vibe of your outfit.

This type of outfit can go several different directions. You can have a 90s grunge vibe, a street/city chic look, a classy winter outfit or an athleisure look. I prefer to stick with the city street look or the athelisure style personally. When styling outfits like this – I like to stick to trends that are easily wearable and super comfortable. I love a good pair of heels with jeans but lately, I’ve been totally opting more for comfort over magazine-worthy style. LUCKILY with an outfit like this – you can have both. 

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

Settle on a pair of jeans that rock.

This is another key part of this look: your denim decision. I always lean towards dark high rise denim over anything else, especially with sweater looks because they often times look SO amazing and chic when you do the classic half tuck. I would ditch your distressed holey jeans if you have holes in your sweater because you don’t want your pants to steal the spotlight of your sweater. IF you opt for the a sweater with fringe instead of holes – I’d say you could definitely do denim with minimal distressing. 

Accessorize your heart out.

Accessorizing is always the most fun part of putting at outfit together. The easiest way to accessorize a distressed sweater outfit is with a really good hat and an arm party. I am STILL learning the art of the arm party – but it’s so much fun to stack watches and bracelets and have that sparkly stack on your arm. It adds some texture and light to an outfit without distracting from the outfit as a whole. I’ve been really dipping into hats this fall and LOVE it. 

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend


How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

How To Style The Distressed Sweater Trend

I honestly can’t stop wearing ripped and fringe-y sweaters. I know some people JUST can’t get on board with the distressed trend but SO about it! It’s such an easy style to wear and I love the fact that it doesn’t only have to be casual – you can also dress it up (and it kind of makes me feel like a celebrity). 

Are you on board with this popular trend? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Delia Atenea | 7th Nov 18

    That is the cutest sweater ever!!! I want And btw that color looks amazing on you!

  2. Nataly | 7th Nov 18

    That sweater is so cute! Love how you styled it!

  3. Tara Fuller | 7th Nov 18

    i love the combo – so fun and edgy!

  4. Kileen | 7th Nov 18

    This is such a cute sweater babe and I love how you styled it!
    I love the shoes that you paired it with!

    cute & little

  5. Carolyn | 8th Nov 18

    Love how you styled it! I love the tassel look. Doesn’t look like bird wings to me 😉 Hehe men…

  6. Julia comil | 8th Nov 18

    Love this sweater!! Really pretty!!

  7. Vera | 11th Nov 18

    I love dustressed sweaters! I think this color looks so nice on you.

  8. Whitney | 12th Nov 18

    This sweater is so cute! I need to invest in more cozy options!

    xo, Whitney

  9. Laura | 12th Nov 18

    I love this distressed sweater!! The sleeves are just too cute.

    xo, Laura

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