How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

Happy #fashionwednesday, fam! I have been waiting been SO EXCITED to post today’s #ootd because it’s one of my GO-TO looks for summer lately. It’s so comfortable, it’s easy to wear and it’s definitely on #TRENDALERT this season. It seems like everyone and their mother are rocking some kind of jumpsuit this summer, so why not jump on the bandwagon, amiright? This particular jumpsuit is a steal from the LOFT (it’s linked down below, don’t you worry) and it is one of the few that doesn’t ride up my crotch, which is a win for me and long torso girls everywhere. Anyways, let’s dive into this.

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

Choose your KILLER striped jumpsuit – like this one from LOFT.

First step obviously is to choose a jumpsuit that makes you feel like a queen. I have been looking for the PERFECT jumpsuit for literally months. Erica from Coming Up Roses is who originally turned me on to jumpsuits and she has styled SO MANY cute ones on her blog but for some reason I’ve been scared to try them myself until recently. I have a longer torso and longer legs so jumpsuits tend to stretch weirdly up my crotch. SORRY TMI BUT IT’S REALLY TRUE. They are never comfortable, they always look bizarre on my butt, it’s just a bad situation. UNTIL THIS JUMPSUIT. This LOFT jumpsuit is the perfect size. It’s mid calf, so it’s breezy and cool, and it isn’t too stretched on my torso so I don’t look disproportionate. If you relate to any of the typical jumpsuit issues – this one is for you. For reference, I am wearing a size small!! I liked the extra small but it was too tight you know where. It’s just the best. Ok. Moving on.

Then you need a denim jacket that SLAYS – like my all-time favorite from American Eagle.

This jacket has been talked about like a million times on my blog (to name a few – here, here, here, here and here). It’s the same jacket I keep recycling in millions of outfits because it has lasted the past 8 years I think and looks brand new. Why would I bother getting a new one when this one works SO incredibly well and fits me like a glove?????? I don’t love American Eagle jeans as a general rule – but I do love this jacket. I bought it when I worked at AE back in 2011 and 2012 (holy cow that was so long ago), and I’m not joking when I say it looks brand new. Any jean jacket will do for this look – so go crazy and find one you absolutely LOVEEEE.

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

A wide-brim hat to keep your face shielded from the harsh UV rays of the sun (check out this one from Soft Surroundings).

I had no idea I loved wide brim hats until Soft Surroundings sent me some to wear this summer. Now I am 100% obsessed and I literally cannot imagine summer without them???!?!?!? They are so fun and definitely add a sophistication to your outfit that you just don’t get without it. This particular hat is really darling because it has little cross hatch detailing on the brim and the brim is really wide and totally flat. I have tons of floppy hats, so this switches it up nicely and gives nice contrast to the flowy jumpsuit.

Next, a pair of killer metallic slides – you can get these at Soft Surroundings, too!

THESE ARE MY NEW FAV OMG. I love these so much because they are literally just so neutral and comfortable. Now – these are definitely a little pricier than my typical shoe. There are tons of dupes available if you don’t wanna drop $100 on pair of flats. Check out this one ($50), this one ($25) and this one ($13) if you wanna spend a little less but get the same effect. If you are looking to splurge a little this summer, though, these are an amazing choice. I love how comfy they are (no blisters at ALL), they stay on my feet instead of slipping like other similar pairs and they feel like they are made of quality material. I have no doubt these will last me several seasons. And because they are a classic style and color, I am not worried about them going out of style!

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

A clutch to add a POP of bright color to this outfit (like this one from Ampersand As Apostrophe – it’s actually part of a larger set!).

This clutch is fabulous mostly because it’s part of a really big tote I own and love. This brand is new on my radar and definitely expensive. The toe alone is $450 and I don’t think you can buy the clutch separately. I love the quality of the leather, the style of the bag and it will definitely last a long time because it is a quality piece. The color is so vibrant and beautiful. It’s been my go-to back since March when I snapped it up while shopping in Greenwich, CT. If you want a few dupes to this clutch – you can grab this one ($40), this one ($75) or this one ($115)!

AND LAST but not least – a fun statement necklace to tie the whole thing together, like this super cute palm tree one from Downeast Basics!

This is SUCH a good piece to have on hand during the summertime. I have been pretty decently obsessed with all things palm trees and pineapples this year, so that makes sense. It’s a gold piece that has a thin chain and a fun statement dangle. Downeast is one store that I’ve been REALLY excited about lately because they have almost totally revamped their style and it’s got this bohemian, boutique style that I just LOVE. Stay tuned later this week and next week to see some more pieces I am styling from them – but this necklace has definitely slid it’s way right into my favorite jewelry collection. Plus it’s only $15 so – win win win.


How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

I love this outfit in case you couldn’t tell – it’s so flattering and ultra comfortable for the summer time. If you are looking for something easy, breezy and classic for this season, this is IT. Look no further and run – don’t walk – to your nearest loft to #treatyoself. 

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Summer

Let me know in the comments below if you LOVE this outfit just as much as I do – and if you have jumped on the jumpsuit (pun totally intended) band wagon this year. Where do you like to shop for jumpsuits? Throw that in the comments, too!

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  1. Nicole | Glamorously You | 23rd May 18

    Love it! I just bought a denim jacket so I’ll definitely be pairing it with a romper 🙂

  2. Amanda | 23rd May 18

    Love this! I’m always looking for new ways to put a nice outfit together and yours is stunning!!

  3. Laura | 23rd May 18

    That hair, hat, Sunnis and outfit are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  4. Lily | 23rd May 18

    Could you be any cuter!? Love this wide brim hat and those slides — love the metallic!

  5. Annette Dattilo | 23rd May 18

    Such a cute jumpsuit…and the stripes just make it oh so more of a classic. Love the gold slides too. xo

  6. Julia Comil | 23rd May 18

    I love this jumpsuit and your tips!

  7. Jasmine | 23rd May 18

    I feel like I’m too short to style a jumpsuit lol.

  8. Holly | 23rd May 18

    I love how you styled the jumpsuit. It is so cute!

  9. Gita | 23rd May 18

    I am most definitely ON that jumpsuit bandwagon 🙂

  10. Kileen | 24th May 18

    Love these tips and this is such a cute jumpsuit! Love the stripes.

    cute & little

  11. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 24th May 18

    OH HEY GIRL HEY! I see that shoutout! Also I distinctly remember our conversation about how you couldn’t find a jumpsuit and I’m so glad you found this one because DAYUM GIRL it looks fire on you

  12. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 24th May 18

    I love how you styled this jumpsuit! The pop of color in that clutch and those metallic slides are great additions!

  13. Alexis | 24th May 18

    I’m loving this look! I’ve been so obsessed with jumpsuits but I haven’t wanted to buy any maternity ones because I feel like I’d be wearing a tent. I can’t wait to get one this fall and wear to a wedding!

  14. Deborah | 24th May 18

    I love jumpsuits – they’re comfy, breezy, and easy to wear!

  15. Tara Fuller | 25th May 18

    so cute! i’m definitely a jumpsuit girl – they’re so easy!

  16. adriana | 25th May 18

    This is soo cute! Such a fun look and I seriously LOVE your bangs!

  17. Steph | 5th Jun 18

    Such a cute jumpsuit! Love the stripes!

    xo, Steph |

  18. Whitney | 5th Jun 18

    Great tips! LOVE this striped jumpsuit!

  19. Denise Kokinis | 6th Jun 18

    Oh I am just loving how you styled this cute striped jumpsuit with the denim jacket! This jacket is so cute and I love it paired with this wide-brimmed hat! Adorable!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

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