How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

Happy #fahsionwednesday! Today I’m covering something really important to me: dressing modestly in the summer, and how you can boost your body confidence and rock your modest clothing with pride this year. I am breaking down where I like to shop for my favorite modest trends, and how I modify current styles to fit my modest lifestyle. As a fashion blogger, it is really important to me to be able to bring you guys the latest trends, current styles and more and I never like to let my personal lifestyle stop me from doing that for you. I’ve pretty much got this down to a science now, so let’s dive into this.

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

I think sometimes when people see someone dressing modestly in this day in age, they assume a couple things: 1. She’s a prude. 2. She’s not a feminist. 3. She doesn’t care about the current trends or 4. She’s ashamed of her body. First of all – those things couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can rock modest modest clothing as be sexy. You can rock modest clothing and be a feminist. You can rock modest clothing AND STILL BE TRENDY. And most importantly – you can rock modest clothing WITHOUT being ashamed of your body. 

Dressing modestly can be empowering. It can mean you are PROUD of your body. And you DEFINITELY can still be trendy and weather-appropriate.

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

Where I shop to keep up with the current trends:

Downeast Basics

Downeast is amazing – it’s such an awesome store that honestly, I didn’t really get excited about until this spring. So, many of you know I lived in Rexburg, ID for 4 years while I went to college and they have quite a few stores there in that area (they are Utah-based) and I had gone in a few times but wasn’t ever really impressed. I always felt like they were dowdy, definitely not trendy, etc. Everything I HATED about modest clothing. I actually went shopping with Chelsie from Hey There, Chelsie when I was visiting her in April (check out my whole vlog from that trip here), and she told me I HAD to try them again because they had revamped their stores and their style and it’s worth another look through. SO. Long story short – I went in and I think I had to physically pick my jaw up off the floor. They have REALLY upped their style and I have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of clothing over the last few months and it has made shopping and dressing modestly much less of a headache without sacrificing style. This is probably my NUMBER ONE modest clothing store, atm. 

This dress is my favorite, shop the top I’m wearing in this post, and these pants are SO cute.


This is obvious. I am a Target junkie. I literally cannot control myself. The dollar section? Take my money. They, too, have really revamped their clothing and the “A New Day” line that they just started carrying makes all my dreams come true. It’s super modern and trendy, with nods to the 70s and 80s (which I love), and most of the pieces are able to be styled modestly so it’s so easy for me to find things to wear that make me feel beautiful and stylish. Plus, Target is typically very affordable for if you are on a budget, you will definitely be able to find some quality pieces at great prices. 

I love this top, these shorts and THIS dress, especially.

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!


Oh, Kohls. If you know me at all, you know that I have a passionate love affair with Kohls. Specifically – the LC Lauren Conrad line. If I could have dinner with any celebrity / also be bffs with them it would be Lauren Conrad. I LOVE her, I love her life, I love her career, I love who she is as a person and her clothing line really embodies everything that I love in fashion. It has muted colors (very blush-y), simple clean lines, pretty patterns and a very girlie feel. This line is also fairly modest, and it’s really easy for me to find something when I go into Kohls to grab that makes me feel really pretty. 

Shop my favorite shorts here, this adorable jumpsuit, and this super cute beach graphic tee.

Olive Ave

Olive Ave is another store from my college days that I’ve been really shopping at lately. It’s so trendy and cute and really affordable, too. They have gorgeous photography on their website, too, which for some reason makes me love it even more. I’m a huge fan of their modest dresses and jumpsuits – they are also really in style and trending in cut and color. The little family behind the store is SO precious, and they opened back in 2010 as “The Jean Girl” if you are from the area and are familiar. I am really happy to see this store succeed and see this sweet family flourish. I love stores I can shop from that I know benefits good people who really deserve happiness and success. 

This cactus tee is to die for, this top is summer perfection and I am so crushing on this black and white jumpsuit.

Called To Surf

I found this store when I was looking for one piece swimsuits (they have SUCH cute ones) and realized their entire clothing collection was gold. I am so impressed by the huge selection of styles and trends, there really is something for everyone here. They have the sweetest dress selections, and that is one of the biggest things for me. I can NEVER find dresses that are flattering and long enough. They are either a tea length (which is REALLY unflattering on my legs) or way too short. I haven’t ever had a problem with their dresses hitting perfectly where they are supposed to and the quality is awesome. 

This swimsuit just got added-to-cart, this dress is so sweet, and I am in love with this easy breezy top.

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

How I modify current trends to fit my modest lifestyle:

It isn’t always easy, and sometimes I do get frustrated when I’m out shopping and I can’t find a dress the right length, or when the shorts are ALL TOO SHORT or a jumpsuit comes down to low on my chest. It can be so stressful, trust me, I know. But I feel really passionate about staying true to myself and so I make it work. Finding clothing that already check all my boxes is ideal, but sometimes I have to get creative.

  1. Add a jacket or cardigan!
  2. Add an extra stitch or two.
  3. Let a hem out or get real friendly with a local seamstress.

My biggest struggle usually is I like to keep my shoulders covered, so tank tops and halters and stuff are out for me. Luckily, chambray tops are totally in, and jean jackets never ever go out of style. I will throw one of those over top and call it a day. Sometimes though, the front of a top or a dress goes way too low. If it’s a wrap dress, I usually throw in a little invisible stitch right where it needs to close so my girls stay hidden and it’s perfect. If it’s not a wrap dress, a lace cami or tank underneath usually looks really classy and pretty without adding too many extra layers. If something is too short, occasionally you can let out a hem to make it a little bit longer. I can’t do this myself, so I’ve gone to seamstresses for things like this before. There are almost always ways to make something work if you look hard enough. 


How To Rock Modest Clothing In The Summer + Where To SHOP!

I really hope this post helps you find modest clothing a little bit easier. I know how hard it can be to stay modest in this world today, and whatever your reason for dressing this way, I hope that you leave today feeling less discouraged about finding the perfect clothing to make you feel GORGEOUS in whatever you decide to wear. My goal is always that you find ways to make yourself more confident, always.

Where do you like to shop for your summer clothes?? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Nailil | 30th May 18

    This outfit is very pretty. I love the yellow top and some modest it is.

    ps. would love for you to link up your post to my new link up party, here:

    Xx, Nailil

  2. Lauryn Hock | 30th May 18

    You look so cute! I think it can be so hard to make a modest outfit look chic, but you pull it off!

  3. Taylor Aube | 30th May 18

    That is such a cute top and I love your bag!

  4. Kileen | 31st May 18

    Love this outfit girl, your top is so cute!!

    cute & little

  5. Christina Beauchamp | 31st May 18

    Wearing any style that suits our personality and comfort is important. Yes, it can be hard to pull off a modest outfit and look trendy but you did a good job!

  6. Stephanie | 31st May 18

    I wish I had someone like you around when I was younger. My family was very conservative and I dressed a lot more “modestly” (I think I still dress pretty modestly – but in comparison, it was a lot more at the time) and I was such a fashionista that it frustrated me when I couldn’t find anything that worked for me that was cute AND modest. I love these styles even now! You’re such a cutie in that yellow!

    • Taylor Mobley | 31st May 18

      I LOVE your style. You definitely rock some amazing looks – and I would say you are definitely still pretty modest which is awesome!

  7. Deborah | 31st May 18

    Wow, I’ve never known there was a stigma around dressing conservatively, I would have thought more of the opposite.
    I love this look, the shorts are really cute!

  8. Sharon Wu | 1st Jun 18

    kohls has some pretty amazing stuff surprisingly! i found a couple cute pieces last summer and plan to stock up on more this summer too ๐Ÿ˜‰ you look beautiful darling – love the mustard yellow on ya xx

  9. theeyetraveler | 1st Jun 18

    I’m obsessed with this look! the yellow color and comfy material are seriously lovely. I gotta check out kohls!

  10. Nataly | 4th Jun 18

    I love this look. Those shorts are too cute! I love the length!

  11. KatWalkSF | 4th Jun 18

    So many great tips! You don’t hear this enough!

  12. Megan Elliott | 5th Jun 18

    These pieces are amazing, and I totally agree that you can be modest yet trendy! You pull it off perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Alexis | 5th Jun 18

    Obsessed with your purse! The older I get the more modest I try to dress, especially in the summer. I just can’t handle short shorts. The shorts you have on are super adorable!

  14. Deddeh Howard | 7th Jun 18

    That bag and shoes is so cute!! Iโ€™m loving all these summer colors.

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