How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer

HAPPY #FASHIONWEDNESDAY!! So, a little back story to kick off today’s blog post. In high school (and most of college, honestly), I literally never ever wore leggings or t-shirts or sweatshirts or anything that you could consider “lounge-wear”.  I wore jeans and cute skirts and dresses and blouses and for a brief stint in 2009-2010, anything that had “Aeropostale” plastered across the front of it. #sorrynotsorry. I just didn’t see how anyone could go out of the house in ..GASP.. yoga pants. I was totally team #yogapantsarenotpants. I know..embarrassing, right? Especially because these days, I literally LIVE in my Zella leggings and if you want me to stop wearing them everywhere I go, you can pry them out of my cold, dead hands. It’s dramatic, but it’s true. HOWEVER – I still believe you should at least look put together even if you aren’t wearing denim (and I need a REALLY good reason to put actual jeans on) and that is where my absolute favorite trend of the hour comes in: Athleisure. Now, you can wear your yoga pants without threat of being mobbed by the fashion police because it’s a part of today’s fashion. #winwinwin. Keep reading to find out the best tips and tricks to rocking athleisure all year long. 

How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer

How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer

The sports-wear-meets-street-wear can be kind of tricky to pull off, so here are my tried and true DO’S AND DON’TS to looking like you just woke up like this.

DO: Rock your Adidas superstars with every outfit.

These are CLASSICS and they are so comfortable. Feel free to dress down something fancy with these sneakers, or wear them to glam up an otherwise drab gym look. I love pairing them with my overalls, denim mini skirt and oversized tshirt dresses. They are my go-to roadtrip shoes.

DON’T: Wear your *actual* gym shoes.

You want to LOOK like you just came from the gym and are supa fresh .. but not ACTUALLY. If you have old beat up sneakers that look better next to a treadmill or stationary bike than out to run errands at Target, leave those at home.

DO: Dress up your easy joggers with a chic leather or denim jacket.

This one of my favorite ways to style athleisure outfits. A loose easy tee and a rocking leather jacket and joggers! It’s SO comfortable, I’m layered so I never get too hot or too cold and I look totally put together. HALLELUJAH! 

DON’T: Confuse athleisure with event style. 

Most of you probably WON’T do this – but reserve this style for things like game night with a group of friends, casual Starbucks run for the fourth time that day (what? who does that…), mani-pedi or hair appointment, lunch out with your bestie, etc. Casual situations.

How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer

How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer

DO: Wear intentionally oversized pieces.

I have found that I love sizing up to a medium in sweatshirts, tees and bomber jackets. I feel more comfortable and have room to move around. They also aren’t so big that they look like I bought the wrong size on accident. Remember, this style is all about comfort!

DON’T: Wear ginormous sizes that truly don’t fit you.

Don’t but an extra large if you are a small. You will look like you have been swallowed by a fabric whale. Instead, opt for pieces that are intentionally oversize, so they still flatter you where they are supposed to. You don’t want to get lost in a sea of sweatshirt!

DO: Glam up your joggers with a cute pair of booties, or your leggings with a cute pair of knee high boots.

One of my favorite styles are my black Zella leggings, my knee high faux leather boots and a comfortable tee + denim jacket for fall. It’s SO versatile and easy to wear. I can almost guarantee you already have that outfit in your closet somewhere. You can also pop on a pair of black booties with your cute grey joggers with a white blouse for something casual and wearable (but still glam).  

DON’T: Wear sweatpants with your louboutins.

Or ya know, any fancy high heels that you’d wear to a gala. Be smart with your pairings. Are those your pizza-a-movie-and-face-mask pants? Probably not a good pair with the shoes you wore on your wedding day.

How To Rock Athleisure Style This Summer


I hope this style guide helped you figure out exactly what you need to do to completely ROCK this popular trend. It’s one of my very favorites and it’s so easy for everyone to style. 

Do you wear this trend? What is your favorite go-to athleisure outfit? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Cara Newhart | 8th Aug 18

    LOVE those pink shoes! They’re so fun and a perfect little pop of color!


  2. Kait Elizabeth | 8th Aug 18

    These lights pink tones are so pretty on you! Love the tee and shoe combo. Hugs, Kait

  3. Kileen | 8th Aug 18

    Loving this athleisure look babe! The color is so cute and love your sneakers!

    cute & little

  4. Deborah | 9th Aug 18

    These are great tips! I love the Athleisure look but it’s hard for me to recreate sometimes without me looking too casual or like I’m just straight up going to the gym! I love this look on you!

  5. Delia Atenea | 9th Aug 18

    Love these types! I totally agree with “do not wear your actual gym clothes”, that’s where it get’s a little tricky but your tips really help! I have that Adidas t-shirt too!

  6. Kimberly Burke | 9th Aug 18

    I just got this Adidas tank in the mail! Perfect timing to see this post! LOVE it!

  7. Megan Elliott | 13th Aug 18

    I love this! Athleisure is so cute when done the right way – and you totally nailed it!

  8. kelly Fordon | 21st Aug 18

    I have that tank in black and wear it all the time! Athleisure is such a key component to my work-from-home style!

    Birdie Shoots

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