How To Plan For Your First NYFW

Happy FRI-YAY! I am currently en route to yet another state this week (if you’ve been keeping count — in the last week and a half, I’ve been to: New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and now Texas). I’m on my way to STYLECON DALLAS! I’m so excited — and can’t wait to meet everyone who is going. Shoot me an email if you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet up! Today, however, I’m recapping my NYFW, giving you my inside tips to rocking it your first time and showcasing my literal RIDE OR DIE shoes that lasted through sunshine, rain and the lower east side. Let’s do this.


How To Plan For Your First NYFW

This post is sponsored by Restricted Footwear. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

How To Plan For Your First NYFW

I’m not going to lie. I was SO nervous to go to NY for Fashion Week. I had built it up to be something so amazing in my head, I was sure that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. HOWEVER. I was totally nervous for NOTHING because I had the time of my life and honestly (even though I missed my kitties and hubby) did not want it to be over. New York has my heart forever and always, so a little piece of me gets left behind every time I have to board a plane back to another city. 

Here are my top 8 tips for killing it at your first NYFW (so you don’t get stressed and overwhelmed):

Tip 1: Throw your itinerary out the window.

Honestly. If you are like me, you are a freak planner. I had every thing planned down to the literal minute because I’m psycho like that. Sorry not sorry. I like having an organized schedule, knowing when I will be places, scheduling in time to eat and things to see. NYFW was out to get my type A personality. It is SUPER disorganized. We were still getting invites to shows up until the day before they happened. Loosely decide what shows you want to prioritize, but keep your schedule open to throw in any last minute events you want to attend. It will be a crazy, sleep deprived week but it’s better if you can let go of the must-plan-everything part of yourself. 

How To Plan For Your First NYFW


Even if you think you can’t go. Even if you don’t love the designs. Even if it is on the opposite end of the city. RSVP to everything. We ended up being able to fit in things we didn’t think we were going to, and now we will be on the list for next year. It’s better to RSVP and then cancel if you need to than not to RSVP at all. In hindsight, I would have RSVP’d for more so that I could be on the invite list for next year. 

Tip 3: Go with friends. 

I can’t stress this one enough. I went with Erica from Coming Up Roses and couldn’t have picked a better companion. She is one of my best friends in the WORLD. We had an absolute blast navigating the city, running all over the place, watching the shows…looking back, I would have been so lonely and nervous doing this all by myself. I’m endlessly grateful we decided to do it together!

How To Plan For Your First NYFW


Tip 4: Hire a photographer for at least one day.

I was lucky enough to be best friends with my photographer Erin (see her work HERE and then hire her immediately) and she decided to come along for the ride for 3/5 days in NY. I am SO THANKFUL she did because I am thrilled with the pictures we were able to get. I love how she was able to capture the city and my love for the big apple, I got some adorable outfits shots (coming soon) and enough instagrammable images to last me a life time. Plus, she never got annoyed when I wanted my picture taken 40 times on random streets. 

Tip 5: Don’t go broke buying a million new outfits.

Yes — stock up on some new things, but don’t spend an entire paycheck trying to do it. I shopped smart during Labor Day weekend (fun fact: it’s the weekend RIGHT BEFORE NYFW), and was able to score almost everything I wore on sale. I’m totally convinced that it isn’t even about being fashionable — it’s just an excuse to wear your most outrageous clothes hiding in the back of your closet. We saw some questionable “fashion” in the runway audiences…

How To Plan For Your First NYFW


One day, I forgot mine and was fairly certain that was going to be the end of my existence. Yes, you can pop into a starbucks and grab a bottle of water but they can run $4 a bottle in the city, and trust me: you are going to go through a LOT. I packed two in my bag and refilled them when I could. I was so thankful to have them traversing through the city and I never made that mistake again.

Tip 7: Bring a LARGE bag.

I’m not kidding. I bought a brand new Kate Spade tote with me because I knew I would need to bring a lot of stuff with me during the day. To give you an idea: I had an iPad, two water bottles, snacks, extra shoes, wallet, keys, sunglasses (several pairs), an extra change of clothing (sometimes more than one), a bag of jewelry, a small makeup bag and a mirror. If I wasn’t fashion-conscious and also trying not to get mugged, I would have brought a backpack. Don’t underestimate the size of the bag you’ll need.

How To Plan For Your First NYFW


Tip 8: Ditch the heels. 

Don’t even try. I think I walked almost 100,000 steps by the end of the week and even in flats, I was dying. Wear comfortable shoes (you can still find cute flats) and stop worrying about being your most stylish high-heeled self. Bring them for photoshoots, and then put them in your bag. Your feet can thank me later. Even in flats, I still ended up with blisters and aching feet. I can only imagine what my toes would have felt like if I had worn any type of heel (even short ones). I opted to wear my favorite Restricted Footwear gold + black flats for a good portion of my trip. They’re gorgeous, wrap around my heel so my shoes didn’t pop off my feet, and are SO comfortable. They’ve quickly become a wardrobe staple. They come in multiple colors, so be sure to shop them here.

ALSO: I’ve scored a coupon code for 25% off any regular priced styles at Restricted Footwear! (ends 09/30/17):



How To Plan For Your First NYFW

I had the best time this year at NYFW and I am already planning for next year. I can’t wait to see how my site grows and changes in the next year, and what a difference that will make in the shows I’m able to go to! I hope these tips helped you decide to take the plunge and go to New York during one of the most exciting times of the year. 

How To Plan For Your First NYFW

Let me know in the comment below if you plan on checking these adorable shoes out ASAP. I promise you need them — you can thank me later. 

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  1. Sam | 22nd Sep 17

    Those shoes are like jewelry for your feet! Love them!

  2. Krystin | 22nd Sep 17

    These tips were amazing! I’m going next season so I’m definitely bookmarking this! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Jennifer | 22nd Sep 17

    Love all of these tips and those shoes are adorable!!

  4. Holly | 22nd Sep 17

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been dying to go to NYFW, but have been SO intimidated! So nice that you had a blogger friend to meet up with, which must have made it a lot more fun! xx

  5. Mikki Donaldson | 22nd Sep 17

    I couldn’t imagine being in NY on a normal day let alone during Fashion Week. You ladies are brave!

  6. Tori | 22nd Sep 17

    Looks like you guys had an awesome trip!! I’m so jealous of everyone who went to NYFW!


  7. Tonya | 22nd Sep 17

    Ditch the heels is such a great tip! I love your candor and humor!
    Tonya @

  8. Adaleta | 23rd Sep 17

    What great tips! I really love NYFW this season!

  9. Jessy | 23rd Sep 17

    Looks like a blast! And those shoes are the cutest! Have a great time in Dallas!

    xo, Jessy |

  10. Melissa | 23rd Sep 17

    It is so nice that you could go with some friends. I would have had major anxiety trying to navigate by myself. Love the flats! What was your favorite part of new York fashion week?

  11. Sharon | 24th Sep 17

    Love those shoes! I am not much of a heels person since I’m so tall. So these are perfect for me!

  12. Amanda | 24th Sep 17

    I went to NYFW last September and has a blast! I hope to make it back next year!

  13. Felicia | 24th Sep 17

    I plan on going next year! I can’t wait! I was going this year, but I got a new job. So it had to wait which is okay cause I love my job haha

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  14. Meghan | 24th Sep 17

    I have never been to NYFW. I would love to go one day. Totally bookmarking this post for reference in the future

  15. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 24th Sep 17

    HEY GIRL HEYYYYYY you KNOW we’re gonna kill it again next year, too…and maybe February?!!?!?

    Coming Up Roses

  16. Brittany Daoud | 25th Sep 17

    I loooved this post! Next year my #1 goal is to attend NYFW so I am reading literally everything I can get my paws on with tips and tricks! Thanks so much for sharing! xo, Brittany

  17. Karin Rambo | 25th Sep 17

    I’ve always been so intrigued by NYFW. It looks like a lot of fun, but I think I would be really nervous to go as well!

    Karin |

  18. Alexis | 26th Sep 17

    So jealous you are besties with your photographer because she does an AMAZING job! NYFW looked so fun and I loved living it through you. I would absolutely love to go someday!

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