How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

Happy #FASHIONWEDNESDAY! It’s MAY (can you even?) and spring is in full force here in Missouri. It’s been consistently 70+ and sunny, and I can almost taste summer. I can’t wait until it’s officially pool season. But, until it gets a little warmer, I’m going to hang on to my favorite spring styles. Pattern mixing is one of those trends that a lot of people are scared to try because when it’s done wrong, it’s usually done REALLY wrong. And you definitely do NOT want to be walking around looking like a fool, amiright? This outfit is like a pattern fiesta because I’ve got floral earrings, a striped top and leopard print shoes. I consider myself kind of a pattern mixing queen. So – I’ve put together a guide to make sure you pattern mix like a champion and look AMAZING to finish out spring this year. Let’s dive into this.


How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

One: Choose one pattern to steal the show, and one pattern to accent

This is one of the easiest ways to mix prints. I like doing a pattern on my top/bottoms and then a pattern on my shoes or my bag. The shoes and bag are always smaller and less loud than a top or bottom so it’s easy for your actual outfit to be the star.

Two: Match a large pattern with a small pattern.

For example: a large wide-striped coat with small floral or polka dot pants or skirt. 

Three: Stick to 1-3 colors.

Too often, the downfall of a pattern mixed outfit is the color scheme. You don’t want the colors to be SO overwhelming that the actual patterns get lost. Try sticking to a theme like red, yellow and white or navy, cerulean and grey.

How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

Four: Pick small prints with large scale neutrals.

Think: white pants with a floral top and polka dot shoes. The largest piece of fabric should be your neutral. In the winter time, you can pair a floral top, polka dot pants and a neutral coat.

Five: Invert colors to match up different patterns.

One of my favorite ways to mix patterns is almost not mixing a pattern at all. It’s mixing colors. Try pairing a black and white plaid top with a white and black plaid bottom – you’d be surprised how amazing that mix can look!

Six: Go ahead and treat stripes and leopard print like the neutrals they are.

Ok. So. Stripes in my mind are actually neutrals. My favorite stripes are light blue and white and they look fabulous with so many other patterns. In this outfit, for example, I have mixed small stripes and leopard print flats. It works because both of these patterns are “neutral”. 

Seven: Break the patterns up with a neutral in the middle.

This can even just be a giant belt or a chambray top tied around your waist – basically anything to break up the two patterns. This can also be seen in the outfit shown in this post. I have stripes on top, white jeans and then patterned shoes. 

How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

Eight: Keep your outfit neutral, and your accessories patterned.

I love pairing a neutral dress with a patterned headscarf and patterned shoes. The patterns aren’t on top of each other, so this is a great way to ease into pattern mixing.

Nine: Match one neutral pattern with a brightly colored pattern.

This is another great way to easy into pattern mixing. Try going with a neutral colored pattern like black and white stripes, or tan/blush polka dots with something like colorful florals. You won’t notice the neutral pattern quite as much because all eyes will be on your florals! 


How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

These rules will TOTALLY help you pattern mix for spring – without overwhelming you. When in doubt, refer to this list to make sure what you’re pairing actually goes well together.  I actually have my list printed and put in my closet so I can easily check it out when I need a little extra fashion help.

How To Pattern Mix Like A Fashion Blogger

Do you like to pattern mix? What are your favorite patterns to pair together? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Rose | 2nd May 18

    Love the leopard print flats! Iโ€™m so happy that leopard print is popular again; I can wear my favorite jacket without feeling awkward. Though itโ€™s already like 80 degrees here so I guess not.๐Ÿ˜†

    Rose |

  2. Beth | 2nd May 18

    I’ve always been afraid to mix patterns. I just go with one pattern and everything solid, because I’m fashion challenged. Thanks for these tips that explain the right way to do it.

  3. Kristen Jones | 2nd May 18

    I’m obsessed with your outfit! I mix leopard print with basically everything haha!

  4. Lauren | 2nd May 18

    I too believe animal print is a neutral, they’re so easy to wear!


  5. Kileen | 3rd May 18

    Love this outfit girl! I love pattern mixing, and these flats are too cute!

    cute & little

  6. KatWalkSF | 3rd May 18

    This is the perfect example! Love your blogger style!

  7. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 3rd May 18

    These are really great tips! I love the idea of mixing neutral and bright patterns.

  8. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 3rd May 18

    I was definitely with you when you shot this. Casual.

  9. Helen | 3rd May 18

    This is such a nice post to read. Love all the tips. Thanks for sharing this to us.

  10. Courtney | 3rd May 18

    LOVE this post! I have always struggled with pairing patterns and never know if I’m doing it right or not. Thanks for all your tips. They are super helpful and easy to understand!

  11. Deborah | 3rd May 18

    Great tips! I definitely tend to stick to similar color schemes when I pattern mix!

  12. Lauryn Hock | 3rd May 18

    These tips are so helpful! Pattern mixing can be challenging.

  13. Julia Comil | 3rd May 18

    I love your outfit!! Love pattern mixing!! Great shoes!!

  14. Suzanne | 3rd May 18

    I love mixing prints too! It’s so fun to play up on. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo, Suzanne

  15. Amanda | 3rd May 18

    I NEVER mix patterns. Always too timid! But then I did at the advice of my photographer a few weeks ago- loved how it turned out!

  16. Megan Elliott | 4th May 18

    I love this mixing!! The leopard flats really stand out. So cute!

  17. Nicole Flint | 7th May 18

    I have always looked at animal print as a neutral LOL. I love this look!

  18. Stephanie Caligiuri | 8th May 18

    Love pattern mixing! Great tips!!

    xo, Steph |

  19. Kristin | 9th May 18

    I love all of these tips, I’m totally saving this post! And great idea to pair the subtle stripes with leopard, very cute!

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