How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

Happy FRI-YAY! I hope you had the best, best week. Today, I wanted to share something that is near and dear to my heart: overcoming your fears and putting yourself out there. I know there are so many things in my life that scare me. Every time I publish a blog post, it’s scary! I want to bring you all the best content I can and I never want to disappoint my readers. Every time I do makeup for a client, it’s scary. I am putting myself and my talents out there for everyone to critique and share their opinion (and people do not have any problem sharing their opinions online, trust me). These are some of the ways I’ve learned (and continue to tweak and perfect for myself) that can help with the fear of putting yourself out there. Not just in blogging or influencer marketing – but in any situation you may be put in that requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and really get noticed by those around you. Let’s jump into this.

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

Pinpoint what your ACTUAL fear is.

Because, chances are, it isn’t even as scary as you think it is. Are you scared of public speaking? Putting your blog content on your facebook page? Reaching out to potential clients? Not killing it at a job interview? There are so many fears that we as adults face on the daily but sometimes those fears aren’t actually what we’re scared of at all. Maybe we aren’t scared of speaking in public – but being rejected by the public for what we are speaking about. Maybe we aren’t scared of reaching out to potential clients, maybe we are scared that what we have to offer isn’t valuable. Maybe we aren’t actually scared of failing at a job interview, but we are scared of not being able to provide for our family. Find the root of your fear so that you can address that head on.

Take it slow (baby steps encouraged).

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is your confidence. Chances are, it’s going to be a process for you to completely get over your fear and really, truly put yourself out there. But it’s ok. That’s NORMAL. and OKAY. It’s healthy to take things slowly and go at your own pace. If you are doing something to move forward and challenge yourself everyday – no matter how small the task – you are STILL moving forward. Try to ignore the pace that everyone else is going and focus on you. You will get there. You will being amazing. 

Be real with yourself and those you are trying to reach.

I think this is a big one for putting yourself out there. You have to be real. You have to be authentic. You have to be YOU. This rings true whether you are trying to make it as an influencer, build a client base for your business, make new friends in a new town or get hired for your dream job. People can typically really tell when you aren’t being honest and not being yourself and it’s a big turn off. I know I want to be friends with people who are authentically themselves. Why would you want to try to be something your not? This leads directly into our next point….

Find a BOMB support crew.

The only way to find your #squad is to be YOU, 100%. It’s so worth it. I have the world’s most amazing friends – and they truly know the real me. They are the BEST support system anyone could ever have. I think this may honestly be the biggest and most important step. Without people building you up, being your sounding board and celebrating your wins – it’s hard to feel all of that by yourself. Even if it’s just one other person – that can be enough. Find people that fill your cup – not people that empty it. People that you feel rejuvenated after spending time with them, not drained. People that are JUST as excited for your wins as your are. THOSE are the ones you want in your life.

Learn the difference between fear and actual gut intuition.

I think this is one that honestly just takes practice. I’m STILL learning this. I don’t always get it right either. A good rule of thumb I have learned, however, is this: 

Intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.


Fear is a collection of sensations and perceptions that tell us that something is not going to be a good time.

Intuition often has a neutral feeling attached to it. It usually isn’t positive OR negative. It will often help you to feel if you are on the right track with your decisions. Fear, on the other hand, is very attached to emotions. Those emotions can be excited, nervous, scared, anxious. Most often, they are negative emotions. 

Why is it important to learn the difference between these? Because FEAR tells you all the reasons you CANNOT do something and is not constructive at ALL. Intuition helps you determine whether or not a situation or activity will help move your forward in your aspirations or take you farther away. 

Work on minimizing your fears DAILY.

I mentioned this just a little bit above but I want to go into this more because this is KEY. The only way to make something a habit is to do it every single day. If you work on minimizing the fears that are taking control of your life a little bit every day, eventually they won’t anymore. You will overcome them. Some things that you can do on the DAILY are:

  1. Remind yourself of 5 strengths you have EVERY MORNING.
  2. Remember to take deep breaths and learn how to lower your heart rate.
  3. Send out positive vibes and stop talking negatively about yourself.
  4. Try to turn every obstacle into an asset and a learning experience.
  5. Be kind to yourself even when you slip up.

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There


How To Overcome Your Fears and Put Yourself Out There

I know it can be hard to overcome your fears and take control of your future. I struggle a lot with anxiety, especially over the last six-seven months, and so I’ve been really trying to take these steps into account so that I can be better at not letting that get the best of me and my life. So I totally get it. I understand where you’re coming from and I hope that this helps you.

Do you struggle with letting fear dictate your actions? What have you done to move past it and put yourself out there? Let me know in the comments below! 

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