How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

HAPPY #BEAUTYMONDAY! Today, I am currently en route to Greenwich, Connecticut to be the lead makeup artist for a community production of Shrek The Musical! I’ve got all my paint, prosthetics and brushes packed and ready to work. I’m so excited to have this opportunity and will be updating my social media accounts accordingly so be sure to follow along on my Instagram account specifically to watch my instastories for a day in the life of a working makeup artist. 🙂 

Because I’m leaving on a jet plane today, I thought it would be totally appropriate to let you guys in on my secret to keep my skin FRESH while hanging out a mile above the rest of the world. Let’s dive into this.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

As you all know, airplanes are a cesspool of disgusting germs, dehydrating air and weird smells. All that sits in the air and clogs pores, enters your skin and generally makes a mess of your face. Raise your hand if you ALWAYS get sick after flying on an airplane (*waves hand obnoxiously*). While I can’t strengthen your immune system for you, I can give you inside tips to keeping your skin clear and bright and ready for a smooth take off and an even smoother landing.

Prior to your flight:


Once your are in the airport, make a beeline to the nearest shop that sells water bottles. The NUMBER ONE thing to do while on a fight is to keep hydrated to combat against the incredibly drying air inside the airplane. I recommend a cucumber or coconut water if available because not only are they super hydrating, but they are rich in antioxidants and potassium.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

Skip the full-coverage foundation:

If you can, skip the makeup altogether. Pack a good moisturizer and under eye cream (easily accessible once in flight) and go au naturel for the duration of your flight. You will cut down on clogged pores and oily skin by a huge margin. If you absolutely MUST wear makeup during your flight, go for a hydrating BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

During your flight:

Pack a hydrating facial mist:

My personal favorites are Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray or Urban Decay’s Quick Fix! Both of them are intensely hydrating, have antioxidant properties and incorporate coconut water. Spray your face every half hour to fight redness and irritation.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

Prep with sunscreen:

Be sure to apply sunscreen once you get into your seat if you happen to grab a window seat. Sitting near the window means exposure to dangerous UV rays ESPECIALLY up that high in the sky. Put sunscreen on all your exposed skin and especially on your face. You should ALWAYS be wearing sunscreen anyways, but especially when you are that close to the sun.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

Catch some ZZZZ’s with a cute face mask:

While you may be tempted to read or chat with your neighbor, your skin with be in much better shape if you can rest a little bit before landing. Pack a silk face mask to avoid any sleep lines and to let your neighbors know not to disturb you (unless snacks are on the line – then always wake me up). **disclaimer: cute kitten not included.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

After landing:

Wash your face:

Head to a bathroom and wash your face ASAP! Refresh your skin with a brightening and toning face wash to get the YUCK from the flight off your face and get your ready for your post-flight activities. 

Don’t forget to moisturize:

Have I beaten this into you yet??? HYDRATE YOUR SKIN! I cannot express to you how drying airplane air is to your face. Pull out your tried and true moisturizer and slather your face in it. Don’t be afraid to do a little bit extra to make sure your skin is feeling good.

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

Drop off the extra baggage – eye baggage, that is!

You don’t need to be carrying another more than your suitcase to your destination, amiright? Keep a couple eye compresses to put on after the flight to de-puff your under eye skin. I love these, these and these. I will slap them on on my way to my hotel/home/wherever my final destination is. That way by the time I’m in my room freshening up for the evening, my skin is SO ready to look flawless.

eye mHow To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flightasks

There you have it friends – my tried and true method to making sure my skin doesn’t soak in any of that airport / airplane nastiness. It’s so easy to prep and make sure you take as many precautions as possible to keeping your skin healthy. It is our biggest organ after all!!

How To Keep Your Skin FRESH AF During A Flight

Do you prep your skin for flights? What do YOU do to keep your skin FRESH AF on airplanes? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lecy | A Simpler Grace | 19th Mar 18

    Flying always seems to dehydrate me, both internally and my skin. I need to try some of these products next time I travel. Thanks for the recommendations, Taylor!

  2. Ruth Ridley | 19th Mar 18

    I am getting ready to take a trip this coming weekend!! I need to purchase a few of these products!! Thank you for the tips!!

  3. Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine | 19th Mar 18

    Defiantly so important to stay hydrated (always over looked!)

  4. lydia | 19th Mar 18

    Thanks for sharing all of these tips! I always feel so gross after a flight, so I am definitely going to be using all of these tips! Anything to stay hydrated.

    xo, lydia

  5. Cait | 19th Mar 18

    ive heard so many great things like this! esp after i fly! thanks for the recommendations!

  6. Megan Elliott | 19th Mar 18

    These are such great tips! Love the hydrating mist idea – my skin always gets so dehydrated while traveling!

  7. Gita | 19th Mar 18

    What a great idea. My skin is always so dry after long flights

  8. Lily | 19th Mar 18

    Hydrating mists are LIFE! Also gotta love a good eye mask.

  9. The Stylin Educator | 19th Mar 18

    These are great tips! Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Helen | 19th Mar 18

    These are great tips! I agree, totally have to stay hydrated!

  11. Helen | 19th Mar 18

    Such a great idea. These products looks amazing! I will have to try them all soon. Thanks for sharing this to us

  12. Azanique | 19th Mar 18

    I definitely need to try those eye patches! I have the worst bags.

    -xo, Azanique |

  13. Kileen | 20th Mar 18

    These are awesome tips babe! Love the idea on bringing a facial mist! Great advice!

    cute & little

  14. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 20th Mar 18

    V needed since I’ve been flying so much lately and will be even more NEXT MONTH AHH

  15. KatWalkSF | 20th Mar 18

    So many great tips! Going to keep these in mind for my next trip!

  16. Monica | 20th Mar 18

    I always look like a monster when I get off flights. lol I’ll have to try these for my next trip!

  17. Annette Dattilo | 20th Mar 18

    So much great information. I don’t travel much so I really was unaware flying is so damaging to our skin, Thanks for sharing.

  18. Courtney | 20th Mar 18

    I need to remember this because I ALREADY have super dry skin and I can remember those long International flights leaving my skin feeling like it was gasping for air. I’m hoping that Brad and I (after we get debt free) will be able to travel more and I’ll keep this in mind!

  19. Suzanne | 20th Mar 18

    These are all great products to keep your skin hydrated while up in the air! xo

  20. adriana | 20th Mar 18

    Love this! I shamelessly use eye masks during long flights – whenever I go to Europe I use one and fall asleep LOL! And Greenwich CT – that’s literally 20 minutes from me girl! Enjoy it!

  21. the eye traveler | 20th Mar 18

    I swear nothing works until the moment you walk out of the airplane lol JK, sprays and masks are big helpers!

  22. Nicole | 20th Mar 18

    Well ya learn something new every day! I have never done any of this before or after a flight, I better get myself on board, (lol) for my next trip this summer!

  23. Keating | Mainely Keating | 20th Mar 18

    So many great tips!! I love Mario Badescu products so much. They’ve been so great for my skin.

  24. Nataly | 21st Mar 18

    Great tips babe! I am going to be referring to this when I go on my next trip!

  25. Delia | 21st Mar 18

    SKin care during a flight is such a big think right now! I love seeing everyone’s airplane skin care routines! I just got the Mario Badescu spray water so I’m excited to try it!

  26. Stephanie | 21st Mar 18

    Love these tips for travel skincare! I don’t fly very often, and when I do it’s usually just a 2 hour flight to FL, so I don’t prep all that much. But for the future, this will be really helpful to remember! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Whit | 21st Mar 18

    the title of this totally made me laugh! LOVE IT! the struggle on planes is real!

  28. Aliya | 22nd Mar 18

    So many great tips. We re going on a trip soon so I will be sure to reference your post! Thanks for sharing.

  29. Kyla | 25th Mar 18

    Giiirrrrllll as a flight attendant, I know all about the struggle of the bad skin flight drama! I’m glad you put water as your. number one recommendation because it would be mine too!

  30. Sami | The Classic Brunette | 26th Mar 18

    I always keep moisturizer in my carryon! My skin gets so dry during flights!

    The Classic Brunette

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