How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

Raise your hand if you – on top of everything else you do – have time for acne and breakouts. *crickets* I didn’t think so. I’m going to guess literally NOBODY raised their hand, excited for zits. I have recently really been struggling with my skin. For a long, long time my skin was very clear, with minimal breakouts and  almost no scarring. It was awesome and didn’t really even have to clean my face very often. I just used a makeup wipe and that was it. However, starting in January of 2018, I began to have an alarming amount of acne pop up. It obviously hasn’t been as bad as many, many other people, but for me it was definitely more than usual and out of the ordinary. It stays close to my chin and cheeks, with a little around my eyebrows (which, as many dermatologists will tell you, it typically hormone related). AWESOME. I started implementing expensive skin care, acne creams, wearing less makeup. I have overall be pretty uncomfortable in my own skin, which, if I’m being 100% honest, is new for me, too. But I’ve been trying something new lately – and it’s actually freaking working. It’s been crazy how much of a difference I’ve seen in my skin when I went from treating the symptoms on the outside to treating the problem from the inside. Let’s dive into this.

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

Improving my diet.

I know people say this ALL THE TIME – but something as simple as changing your diet can really help your skin. I have been drinking an insane amount of water every day, and adding in more nutrient rich foods (aka – I’ve stopped eating so much Mac n cheese. It’s cool. You can cry for me). Obviously, this alone isn’t going to do the sole trick if you are like me and struggle with hormonal acne. But, my skin is healthier, more glowy, and all over has a better texture (so that is one less thing I have to worry about when layering on my blinding highlight). I have also noticed that my skin isn’t getting as dry as quickly, and surprisingly, I think it’s helping my makeup to last longer, too, because my oil production in my t-zone has been manageable as well.

Taking a good multivitamin.

You guys know I really love Ritual vitamins (you can check my review here), but honestly – any vitamins will do. Just get a multivitamin into your system. Some pros to this are:

  1. Improved Moods
  2. Higher Energy
  3. Anti-Aging
  4. Skin Perfecting

All of those sound pretty good to me but MOST importantly – skin perfecting. Things like vitamin C, biotin, zinc and vitamin A are incredibly important when it comes to keeping your skin clear, bright and healthy. #winnerwinner

Derma Drinkables.

So…what ARE derma drinkables and how did they actually change my skin? Let’s look a little deeper into the product.

They have actually identified the deeper problem here:

  • Face washes, creams, gels, regimens, lasers and masks can only cleanse the surface of the skin.

  • They are far too weak for the majority of acne sufferers. 

What you need to help cleanse and cure your skin are antioxidants to help strengthen your immune system. On their website, you can even view all of the medical studies that were conducted on this product and read exactly how it can help to fix your skin at the root of the cause. In addition to having access to their research, you can also read every single ingredient AND their function.

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

Alright. SO this all sounds pretty good, right? But how do you actually use these products?

This is what was so trippy for me when I was first testing them out. This is not a topical acne product like most things – you drink it (hence – reducing your acne from the inside out). Derma Drinkables have been tested on people with acne from emerging breaks to severe cystic acne, and has seen results in everything in between. Here are the timetables for several types of acne:

  • FOR MILD ACNE: 4 to 6 days
  • FOR MODERATE ACNE: 6 to 8 days
  • FOR SEVERE ACNE: 16 to 21 days

For each of these, you need to drink two bottles a day – one in the morning, one in the evening. 

I know this sounds really out of the norm for acne treatment – and I believe the proof is in the pudding – so I am including my own before and afters with this post. My before is from 6/4 and the after is from 6/10. It’s just under a week of use. I chose this time frame because I felt like I had pretty mild acne going on right now and that was what the timetable above recommended. I sat in the exact same spot, with the exact same lighting, with NO retouching so you can kind of make a decision to yourself. You can buy them HERE for $24 / 8 bottles.

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out


How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out


How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out


How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

I really hope that you guys that struggle with moderate to severe acne are able to test this product out and find out if it works for you. I know how big of a hit self esteem can take when your skin can’t get it together. And many times – like mine – it isn’t even anything you’re necessarily doing, it’s just hormonal. It can be very frustrating to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on skincare that just isn’t going to work because the problem is inside your body – not outside of it. 

How I Reduced My Acne From The Inside Out

Have you tested out this product yet? What have you found works best for you in controlling your acne? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Saeed Jatoi | 18th Jun 18

    Acne is very irritating some times. I am glad that you have reduced your acne.Yes changing diet and taking multi vitamin can help in healing acne by the way I wasn’t aware of that product but AFTER reading your post I have changed my mind and will try this once. Thanks for sharing..

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