Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

It’s FRIDAY. WOO HOO! Another week, come and gone. How can it already be part way through March? I feel like this year has FLOWN by! I’m so ready for summer though (I always am). Also, Adam and I’s first wedding anniversary in less than a month away. That is absolutely INSANE. We have some really awesome things in store for you surrounding that day and I am absolutely stoked to show you what we’ve been working on. BUT, that will have to wait. Today is exciting however, because my home tour continues! I am excited to show you our home tour: dining room + living room. They are MOSTLY done but I couldn’t wait. Let’s do this. 

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

This post is sponsored by Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

If you know me at all, you know that I love minimalistic furniture and home decor. My husband and I are very much into clean lines, light fabric + walls paired with dark wood, etc. Our dream home is a loft with exposed brick walls (one day).

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

We chose to bring some of that into our home with this dark wood table from Wayfair. It is sturdy, well made and beautiful. We LOVED it from the moment we saw it. Honestly, it is even better in person than it is online. Though it is only the two of us right now, we enjoy having six seats so that we can grow into our table and also have friends and family over for dinner. 

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

The table runner, placemats and wooden bowl are all courtesy of pier 1. I have been obsessed with table runners forever, so now that I finally have my own table to decorate the first thing I bought was obviously that. It is cream and gold, which matches the rest of our house (see the cream and gold pillows in the living room). The placemats are awesome because they match my actual kitchen (we have all cobalt blue kitchenaid accessories). This bowl is something that I think is super quirky. I love the rough and uneven edges. Eventually, I think I will move it to a coffee table should we get one. 

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

Our living room is where we spend the majority of our time together when we are both home. This St. Louis print is my favorite part of the room. As we grow and move around, we plan on getting one for every state we live in. I have been trying to decide if I want to do a gallery wall around the print, but haven’t decided on what pictures or types of frames yet. 

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

This couch is the matching set to our loveseat from my makeup room tour!  We were going to get a different couch but decided that one day when we get a home, we will probably want a matching couch set all in the living room. Our TV stand is from IKEA and took 6 tries to put together. I digress. 

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

We also really love those lamps. They are from Target! Don’t be alarmed by my skulls on the shelves..there is a story there! My first sugar skull came back from my dad when he went to Cabo on a business trip, my second one from our honeymoon is Playa Del Carmen and the third is also from my dad and Cabo! I plan on getting one every time I go to Mexico.

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

Our mantel currently houses our college diploma, some pretty flowers from my dear friend and three of my favorite wedding pictures. I have waited my whole adult life to have my own fireplace. I’m completely obsessed. 

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Well, I hope all you nosey people enjoyed getting a little inside look at my house today. 😉 It’s okay — don’t feel bad. I’m nosey, too! I love seeing home tours, if only to get design inspiration for my own home!

Home Tour: Dining Room + Living Room

Let me know in the comment below what you liked best about my little home and leave your best trick for decorating mantels. I just can’t decide what looks best!

Until Monday,

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  1. Kathiey | 10th Mar 17

    I love the lamps bookshelf combo. I may have to find those for my home:-)

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Mar 17

      Target, girlfriend. I linked to them so you can find them!!! SO cute!

  2. Jane Williamson | 10th Mar 17

    Your home looks absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for all the inspo! Love your blog.

  3. sher | 10th Mar 17

    Very simple yet beautiful. Nice post. My favorite thing was the wood bowl in the center of your table.

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Mar 17

      I love that bowl too! Our kitten loves to sleep in it! LOL

  4. Charlotte | 10th Mar 17

    What a beautiful space! I also LOVE your sugar skulls… I would love to start a fun collection like that from my travels 🙂

  5. Sarah Althouse | 10th Mar 17

    Taylor your hope is beautiful! And I’ve never met a tufted couch I didn’t like.

  6. Reeni | 10th Mar 17

    I love your couch and setup:) You did a wonderful job!!:)

  7. Alyssa from The Sparkly Life | 10th Mar 17

    oh my gosh–your home is SO cute! it’s also SO neat!!! do you have ANY clutter, girl?? 😉

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Mar 17

      LOL YEAH IT’S ALL BEHIND THE DOOR AND UNDER THE COUCH. ahaha! But for real…instagram life vs real life…

  8. Kelsie | 10th Mar 17

    So cute!

  9. Logan | 10th Mar 17

    Love your home and light colored walls! So pretty!

  10. Erica @ Coming up Roses | 10th Mar 17

    I AM IN LOVE. Also in lovelovelove with your wedding photos over the mantel space, and I LOVE what you’re doing with the painted skulls!!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Mar 17

      THANKS E!!!!! I love my little sugar skulls! I want a hundred. LOL

  11. Rachel Ritlop | 10th Mar 17

    I loveee your kitchen table!!! It’s soooo cute!! Also love the skulls!

  12. Michelle | 10th Mar 17

    Your house is lovely, you’ve done a great job

  13. Alix Maza | 10th Mar 17

    Your living area is so cute! Love those skulls.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlifeblog.com

  14. Kathleen | 10th Mar 17

    Your house looks so lovely and those sugar skulls look awesome!

  15. alexandra @ my urban family | 10th Mar 17

    I love all your little details! The wedding photos and the sugar skulls are adorable!

  16. Rebecca Hicks | 10th Mar 17

    I love how simple and elegant your dining and living rooms look! That table is SO pretty, and I love your couch. Looks so welcoming and cozy <3

  17. Isabelle | 10th Mar 17

    Love love love the wedding photos over the fireplace! What a perfect look. Great inspiration 🙂

  18. LizZ Holla | 11th Mar 17

    I really adore the minimalism and simplicity of your decor aesthetic. You seem to focus on key quality pieces and great accents!

  19. Jewels | 11th Mar 17

    I love the minimalist look of your home! My favorite piece is the dining room table!

  20. Kate | 11th Mar 17

    The wedding pictures are gorgeous! Home tours get me every time!

  21. Lianne | 11th Mar 17

    I love a home tour! Your living room and dining room look great and I love your dining table!
    Lianne | Makes, Bakes and Decor

  22. Jasmine Hewitt | 11th Mar 17

    I like your setup! very chic

  23. Mistle | 11th Mar 17

    Love how everything is very simply and neat. I love how you have some great accessories to pull everything.

  24. Dominique | 11th Mar 17

    You have a beautiful home! I loved those pillows and ALL the furniture. I miss having nice stuff. My boys ruin everything! Lol

  25. Krysten | 11th Mar 17

    I love your livingroom. I want my livingroom to look very similar to that, but I have a toddler, so I can’t put up a lot of things.

  26. Bev | 11th Mar 17

    I love your home. It looks so cozy and welcoming. I love that wooden bowl. I have been on the hunt for a new bowl for our dining room table. May have to snag this one up.

  27. Anna Baun | 11th Mar 17

    The space looks amazing! I love the neutral details! XO

    Anna || A Lily Love Affair

  28. Brittany Putman | 12th Mar 17

    I love the grey fluffy pillows! They look so cozy.

  29. Krysten | 12th Mar 17

    I love your skulls, I have one from my honeymoon!

  30. Missy Burson | 12th Mar 17

    I love Pier I pillows!! If I wait for them to go on sale they are actually cheaper than Target & Walmart.

  31. adriana | 13th Mar 17

    Your house is so clean and pretty!! I love your mantle, I think you did a great job with it!

  32. Rachel | 13th Mar 17

    I love the calming neutral palette of your living room space! So crisp and fresh!

  33. Alexis | 13th Mar 17

    Your home looks so bright and cozy! I love how neutral everything is.

  34. Choice Furniture Superstore | 4th Apr 17

    It’s simply beautiful. I liked painted skull. You have done a wonderful job 🙂

  35. Furntastic | 27th May 17

    Your home looks beautiful. Great work done by you. I liked the lamps.

  36. Megan | 29th Jun 17

    I must be super nosey because the first thing I clicked on was home décor and had to take a pick at what your place looked like, its my favorite part of reading blogs. It’s also 75% of my Instagram feed is home décor and houses! Love your blog and so glad that I found it

    • Taylor Mobley | 29th Jun 17

      I am so glad you found it too!! It’s TOTALLY cool to be nosey. I’m the exact same way. LOL!! I’m working on getting more home decor posts up so make sure you come back and check it out soon. 🙂

  37. The Furnshop | 22nd Sep 17

    Nice post. Everything looks gorgeous.

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