Holiday Gift Guide For The Girly Girl

Hello, beautiful people! It is BLACK FRIDAY! If you are like me, it is your life’s mission to get everyone you know the PERFECT gift. If you are like me again, you also know that that can be crazy difficult because everyone’s answer to what they want for Christmas is “oh, nothing”. LIES. EVERYONE WANTS PRESENTS. LET ME GIVE THEM TO YOU DANGIT. In honor of feeling like you cannot find the right gift for your fav people, I am sharing with you my favorite gifts and stocking stuffers for the girliest girl in your life. If you are looking to snag that perfect gift for that perfect someone, look no further. I partnered with a bunch of AMAZING brands this holiday season to make your life a little easier. Let’s do this.


This is a sponsored post. I have received monetary compensation and products to provide honest reviews. All opinions are my own.

LUSH — Fresh, handmade cosmetics


Haven’t heard of LUSH? Well, let me fix that for you. Lush is a handmade cosmetics brand that offers bath bombs, body scrubs, bubble bath and more (does it get any better than that??). They are vegan and cruelty free, too, so there is a double bonus. Lush was kind enough to send me their Santasaurus Bubble Bar, Twilight Bath bomb, tinted chapstick, and shower gel to try for you. Guys. Their bath bombs are seriously like the most magical things you will ever use. They are, dare I say it, the bomb. They are notorious for having the prettiest bath bombs and they fit perfectly in stockings, hint hint.


Pur~lisse — beauty through Asian wisdom


Pur~lisse is an awesome company that preaches “beauty through Asian wisdom” and they have some killer products like a BB cream that offer full coverage + skin protection, this eye serum, and sheet masks that leave your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. If you are looking for the perfect skin care item to gift your favorite beauty junkie, these are DEFINITELY the products to snag this season!


Handmade Dinosaur Earrings


OH guys. Can you even?!?!? I died when I got these in the mail. A) I love dinosaurs with all my heart B) they are handmade and oh so adorable C) they are of stunning quality. Mindy makes these herself and I am beyond impressed. They are dainty, and made of solid silver so you KNOW you are getting an amazing piece of jewelry. Grab a pair during her Black Friday sale today for the dino lovers in your lives.

TMBR Watches


If these aren’t the classiest watches you have ever seen…you are totally lying. I love the rose gold metal and the wood face. This particular watch comes with a leather strap and is stunning on my wrist. I even wore it for Thanksgiving + Black Friday shopping!! They are an awesome company with a vision for sleek, minimalistic design. PLUS. Today only: 30% off EVERYTHING on their website. Who wouldn’t want one with that deal?!


Luxa Jewelry


This company makes the most beautiful jewelry. These little studs are the PERFECT gift to go with any style. I love the little jar they come in, too. SO CUTE. They come in a variety of colors and styles so one of them is sure to match your BFF. I personally am obsessed with how sparkly these are. The choker is also pretty if you are into that kind of thing but they have so many other options when it comes to this stone style. Want to shower your favorite friend with sparkles and rose gold? Look no further.


Well, guys. I hope you have a successful shopping day and that this list made your life a tiny bit easier! Tag me on instagram if you purchase any of these items! I can’t wait to see what you get! ALSO comment below with your FAVORITE Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale of the season so I can spend all my money, too. You know how it is. (Sorry, A. Girls gotta shop).


Thanks so much for stopping by,

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  1. karen | 25th Nov 16

    Uh…hello, girly girl right here! And – yes, LUSH. All about it. When I lived in Boston a mil years ago, I was obsessed with them from the get-go! And – “DONUT even talk to me” is calling my name! I’ll talk all of these goodies please! 😉

  2. Melissa | Suitcase + Heels | 25th Nov 16

    I adore those sparkly rose gold studs. Rose gold everything this year, amiright?

  3. Gail | 25th Nov 16

    I love Lush products and they make the best gift ideas. Love all your picks! Xx

  4. samantha | 25th Nov 16

    I was just talking about lush products today!! Love them!

  5. Rachel Christian | 25th Nov 16

    I love this stocking stuffer round-up! The little dino earrings are my favorite!

  6. adriana | 25th Nov 16

    Lush is the BEST! Always one of my go-tos! I love your picks!

  7. Sheila Arkee | 25th Nov 16

    You have some great picks – I LOVE Lush.

  8. Paige | 25th Nov 16

    This guide matches one of my best friends almost entirely! Thanks for the tips 🙂

  9. Angela Tolsma | 26th Nov 16

    Those dinosaur earrings are so adorable!! I totally need that shirt in my life! I hope you had fun black Friday shopping!!

  10. Paula | 26th Nov 16

    I wouldn’t call myself a “girly girl,” but I do like some of the gifts on this list. The “Donut Talk to Me Shirt” would be great for a foodie, baker, chef, etc. And LUSH has so many great products that could be used for a variety of people on your list. Even men could enjoy LUSH shaving products or shampoo.

  11. Brittany | 26th Nov 16

    Such great ideas for the girly girl! You have some great products you are suggesting! I love the watch and the other jewelry!

  12. Roxanne | 26th Nov 16

    I have heard of Lux but totally forgot about them! My kids will love the bath bombs! I also want to check out the Lexa jewelry! So unique!

  13. Jean | 26th Nov 16

    Ahhhh! I actually want everything on your list! 😍 I love lush and really should shop there more often. And those cute dinosaur earrings! I’m after a new watch too and that one was gorge! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. Rachel Lavern | 26th Nov 16

    I really like a couple of your ideas. Now to figure out who I know who is a girly-girl.

  15. Allison | 26th Nov 16

    OMG all those bath bombs and those dino earrings? OBSESSED.
    Allison from

  16. JanD | 26th Nov 16

    Now Lush pretty much got my attention the minute I passed by their shop in one of the cities in the UK – I used to love to just go in just so that when I exited, I would smell like divine and lush. The bathbombs are a winner. I also loved their clay soap which melts too fast but I loved to scrub my skin with the soap.
    I totally love those tiny dinosaur earrings. That’s so cool!

    • Taylor Mobley | 26th Nov 16

      Lush is SUCH a winner. They have amazing products!

  17. colleen wool | 26th Nov 16

    This is a great guide! i really like the watches.

  18. Reesa Lewandowski | 26th Nov 16

    I LOVE those dino earrings! But, really I need to look into Luxa because I love stones like that!

  19. Laurie | 26th Nov 16

    Very cute ideas. Any girl is bound to find something they like in your post. My favorite black Friday deals are basically whatever my daughters are asking for that year. It’s always nice to find something we need on sale.

  20. Kristie | 26th Nov 16

    My best friend is a girly girl so this guide helps so much!

  21. Megan McCoig | 26th Nov 16

    Great picks! Anything from Lush I love getting as a present! I really love this gift guide it’s helped me so much!

  22. Diedre | 26th Nov 16

    I’ve never heard of Lush. I’m a girly girl so I feel like I’m behind! Great list..and I love that t-shirt! Your blog is beautiful!

    • Taylor Mobley | 26th Nov 16

      Thank you SO much. 🙂 Lush is really amazing. Vegan, cruelty free AND smells awesome?! Win, win, win!!

  23. Stephanie Cragg | 26th Nov 16

    My sister is a girly girl and she raves about LUSH all the time! – I am not so much of a girly girl, but can I please join the club for a bit so I can buy some Luxa Jewelry?? 🙂 SO CUTE!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 26th Nov 16

      Uh YES. We welcome you with open arms. 😉 I know — the Luxa jewelry is STUNNING.

  24. Cynthia Spillane | 26th Nov 16

    I absolutely love those dino earrings! I may have to gift them… to myself. HA. I love the little jar the luxa jewelry studs come in.

  25. Agnes | 26th Nov 16

    These are great picks! i really love the bracelet and earrings, so cute.

  26. Lindsey | 26th Nov 16

    Such a great list of ideas!

  27. Tanya | 26th Nov 16

    I absolutely adore Lush products — so luxurious and I always feel good about using them! The earrings and the watch are gorgeous staples — and that shirt. Totally me! Love your post, girl! xo

  28. Amber Myers | 26th Nov 16

    Great list! I love that Donut shirt. So fun!

  29. Foodie Finds Home | 26th Nov 16

    Those earrings. I need them. They are adorable, dainty, and just my style.

  30. Anna nuttall | 27th Nov 16

    I love the look of those earrings and lush bath thingy. Very nice pick xx

  31. Internationalcaty | 27th Nov 16

    I have never heard of Lush products. I must give it a try and these are all great gifts.

  32. Sylvia @ Happiness is homemade | 27th Nov 16

    I love all things Lush and this watch is absolutely gorgeous!

  33. Krista Williams | 27th Nov 16

    so glad you spotlighted lush, babe – i sometimes forget about them with all the good makeup brands out there! I am going to check this out for my besties 🙂

    Happy Sunday lady!

  34. Leslie | 27th Nov 16

    I’m not that girlie girl and I like several of these pieces. Good job!

  35. Jimmy and Tina | 27th Nov 16

    Super cute stocking stuffer idea’s, so many good idea’s and I would actually love them all!

  36. Suzanne Spiegoski | 27th Nov 16

    Um yes to ALL of the LUSH products please! I’m a bath junkie during the winter time 🙂

  37. andrea | 27th Nov 16

    Love this gift guide. The T-Rex earrings are awesome:)

  38. Theresa | 27th Nov 16

    I wish I could shop for myself around the holiday season! It’s all about the children until the tax refund comes… Then I get to celebrate a late Christmas. 🙂

  39. Aireona- Nightborn Travel | 27th Nov 16

    I’m not a girly girl. Nonetheless, I appreciate the lovely list that you have come up with.

  40. Lulle | 27th Nov 16

    Pur-Lisse is a brand I’d really love to try. I hope someone around me reads your post, lol!

  41. Debbie-Jean Lemonte | 27th Nov 16

    I love this. I have Purlisse and it is best thing invented since the iPhone. (Exaggeration) But I am in love with it.

  42. Erlene Amat | 27th Nov 16

    My girls LOVE Lush and we visit every time we are in Vegas. I know they would like the jewelry on your list too.

  43. Jennifer (JenuineMom) | 28th Nov 16

    Ooh, I like that LUSH bath bomb with the stars! And the Santasaurus bubble bar. Heck, I like everything at LUSH, who am I kidding! This is a great list of ideas! Thank you!

  44. jasmin vega | 28th Nov 16

    Loving all your picks…Lush is definitely at the top of my list!

  45. Jeanine | 28th Nov 16

    So many great choices! I love LUSH and usually get my girls little bombs and such from there. Cant wait to get my shopping started!

  46. Tabitha Shakespeare | 28th Nov 16

    I’m actually obsessed with all of these! I love that they are different from all of the other hundreds of gift guides going on right now! Awesome picks!

  47. Louise Bishop | 28th Nov 16

    I love the SunSparrow shirts! MY sister is a big girly girl so this list actually jostled some ideas for me!

  48. Heather | 28th Nov 16

    I love the Lush products and I need that santa dinosaur!!! These are great picks! Those studs are so pretty and I love the packaging inside the little jar!

  49. Leslie Hernandez | 28th Nov 16

    Wow beautiful items, I love Lush products and who doesn’t love jewelry. I got my self some Lush products this past weekend can’t wait to use them. I also ordered some stud earrings from Charming Charlie not sure if you’ve heard of it they have really cute accessories and other things as well.

  50. bianca nunez | 29th Nov 16

    these are the best!! ideas thanks for sharing! I would love to get anything off this list!

  51. Pam | 30th Nov 16

    I’m not even sure which of these items I love the most!! I do want to try our Lush sometime in the future because I’ve heard so many great things about them! And those dinosaur earrings are absolutely precious. Our little boy is expected to arrive in February and I feel like those dinosaur earrings would be perfect for a boy mom!

  52. Amanda | 1st Dec 16

    OMG what a wonderful list! I’m a nerdy girlie girl lol and I would love any item in this post! Especially those dinosaur earrings – soooo cute!! ^^

  53. Rebecca Kelsey Sampson | 2nd Dec 16

    I love your photography style! Most Black Friday posts are just full of just text posts so I appreciate all this effort.

  54. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 2nd Dec 16

    HOW FRIGGIN CUTE. If you wanna send these all my way, I’m game. LOL!

    Coming Up Roses

    • Taylor Mobley | 2nd Dec 16

      Ok perfect. Secret Santa gift exchange feat. Erica and Taylor.

  55. krystal | 3rd Dec 16

    Those dinosaur earrings are going to be on my holiday wish list! Those are just darling and totally my style.

  56. Tawni | 10th Nov 17

    OOOH I love all of these!

  57. Vivian Bishop | 10th Nov 17

    These are great products, I’ve been having a hard time figuring out gifts so this is super helpful!

  58. Elizabeth Johnson | 10th Nov 17

    Love these picks! Those earrings and bracelet are so cute. I love dainty jewelry. So timeless.

  59. Helen Little | 10th Nov 17

    What a gorgeous gift guide! I really love Luxa Jewelry. The jar is so cute! Would love to receive this or any of these gifts.

  60. Marci Smith | 10th Nov 17

    This guide is perfect for my niece! Absolutely love bathbombs.

  61. courtney | 10th Nov 17

    Oh my gosh those little dinosaur earrings are so adorable!

  62. Southern & Style | 10th Nov 17

    Okay, I’m totally obsessed with LUSH and this post just made me want to go to the store and bring all the things home, totally for gifts, of course 😉

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  63. adriana | 10th Nov 17

    These are SUCH cute finds! I love all of these picks, definitely perfect for the girlie girl!

  64. Karin Rambo | 10th Nov 17

    Lush bath bombs are one of my favorite gifts to give! Especially when they come out with all of the fun holiday selections!

  65. Amanda Kruse | 11th Nov 17

    My sister would love the bath bombs! That stone necklace and earring set is so pretty!

    Amanda ||

  66. Alix Maza | 11th Nov 17

    These all look amazing! Love the jewelry options.

  67. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 12th Nov 17

    Confession: I’ve never tried a Lush bath bomb. HELP ME.

  68. Jenny | 12th Nov 17

    Love it all! LUSH is my favorite thing ever.

  69. Victoria | 13th Nov 17

    I love, love, LOVE lush! I’ve dropped probably a billion hints to my boyfriend that I would love some bath bombs for Christmas, lol! Great post 🙂

  70. Trisha | 13th Nov 17

    Those Luxa Jewelry earrings are so pretty! And I love the packaging!

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