Halloween Tutorial Series: Slit Throat Zombie

Happy…..SATURDAY? I know what you’re thinking. “Taylor has literally never posted on a Saturday since the dawn of Blonde & Ambitious” and that’s totally true. BUT. You guys wanted extra tutorials, so here I am, at 7:26am in the morning putting finishing touches on this blog post, because I love you guys and want to give you all of the tutorials. SO. Here is my slit throat zombie. It’s bloody and gross and awesome. For those of you who want to be something extra spooky, today’s your day. Let’s do it.

Halloween Tutorial Series: Slit Throat Zombie

Well fam — did it spook ya? I hope so. This one is probably one of my absolute favorites this year, mainly because look at those cheekbones — those definitely aren’t real but they’re awesome. Who doesn’t want a chiseled jawline? Even if it means you have to be undead to get it, amiright? 

Halloween Tutorial Series: Slit Throat Zombie

I had a lot of fun filming this tutorial because for me, the bloodier the tutorial the better. #halloweenforever 

Halloween Tutorial Series: Slit Throat Zombie

I hope you liked this tutorial (if you’re a gore lover like me) and thought it was fun to watch! I hope you learned something new today, and try to recreate this look. PLEASE tag me in it @blondeandambitiousblog if you do recreate it go I can go look at it and show you some love.

Halloween Tutorial Series: Slit Throat Zombie

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, monsters! Only one more Halloween tutorial to go (check back on Monday) and it’s going to be the best one yet! 

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  1. Amber | 28th Oct 17


  2. Kim | 29th Oct 17

    Very gruesome!!! How did you get your eyes to be clouded like that??? LOVE The Walking Dead

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