Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

Happy #beautymonday! Back at it again with another Halloween tutorial — this makes #5, if you’ve been keeping track. And it makes #1 of tutorials that use fake blood. I’m super pleased with how this turned out — I have never done a clown before so I was nervous about filming my first time on camera! I actually kept creeping myself out when I walked past my mirrors in my house. I jumped a few times and screamed once. Whoops. Watch the tutorial on how to turn into a creepy killer clown below and let me know what you think! 

Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

I almost wish I was working at a haunted house this year because this look would be PERFECT for popping out and scaring people. It would also work fabulously in a corn maze. My hubs and I double dated with my parents last Friday at a haunted corn maze + zombie paintball shoot. It was SO MUCH fun. I love this time of year! We have plans to go to one of the best haunted houses (supposedly) in the United States next week — I’ll keep you updated on how that goes.

Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

I am also on day 78 of my #100daysofmakeup challenge – so I’m inching close to the end of the road (BOO). Here are last weeks looks in case you aren’t following me on twitter (HERE) or if you haven’t liked my fb page yet (HERE). 


Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

We are also in the midst of finalizing our Halloween costumes for this year — and it’s going to be a good one! Have you figured out your Halloween costumes for this year yet?! It’s always one of my absolute favorite things to do in October!

Halloween Tutorial Series: Creepy Killer Clown

Did you like today’s look? What haunted look has been your favorite?? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Joy | 9th Oct 17

    Taylor this is my favorite one yet!! I honestly might steal this one for Halloween this year! Loving all of the looks so far though!!


    • Taylor Mobley | 9th Oct 17

      Thanks Joy!!! I am SO glad you liked it. If you do end up using it — tag me in it so I can see your recreation! LOVE!

  2. Alexa | 9th Oct 17

    this is a creepy one! definitely would be great for working at a haunted house or something. I love watching your tutorials!

  3. Natalie | 9th Oct 17

    Oh man, so creepy! Your Halloween makeup tutorials are amazing girl!

  4. ShootingStarsMag | 9th Oct 17

    Oh wow, definitely creepy! Great job though.

  5. Lily | 9th Oct 17

    This totally gave me the creeps!! You did so good!

  6. Rachel @ The Confused Millennial | 9th Oct 17

    YOU ARE SO GOOD! So far this and the voodoo doll have been my favorite! SO COOL!

  7. Lecy | A Simpler Grace | 9th Oct 17

    I love your Halloween makeup looks! This one is so fun!

  8. Summer @ Coffee With Summer | 9th Oct 17

    Taylor!!! This is amazing. Mind-blowing! Seriously, you’re rocking it!

  9. lauren | 9th Oct 17

    Wow! This is super impressive! I took like 5 minutes trying to find out where your lips went. Such a cool costume idea.

  10. Jenny | 9th Oct 17

    You’re so talented lady! I can barely even do regular makeup let alone this hahaha.

  11. Kelsie | 9th Oct 17

    This is both amazing and terrifying. I am truly scared (and super impressed) 🙂

  12. Valerie | 9th Oct 17

    Honestly, this one is TERRIFYING. Great work – but also, I never want to see it in real life! 🙂

  13. Whitney | 9th Oct 17

    Oooh! Wow! This is definitely creepy!

  14. Alix Maza | 10th Oct 17

    Clowns scare the poo out of me and this look is totally terrifying!

  15. Ali A | 10th Oct 17

    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN. That is terrifying — you’re so talented! You need to do makeup for TV/movies!

  16. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 10th Oct 17

    I am terrified of clowns, but holy cow is this cool! You did such an amazing job!

  17. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 11th Oct 17

    Once again, you are SLAAAAYING the Halloween game. I’m obsessed. I hate clowns, but I’m obsessed with this.

    Coming Up Roses

  18. Alexis | 11th Oct 17

    This is killer (no pun intended)! Your Halloween looks have been amazing!

  19. Chelsie | 20th Oct 17

    You are the creepiest, most talented, little clown out there!

  20. HALLOWEEN TUTORIAL SERIES: GLAM CLOWN | Blonde & Ambitious Blog | 15th Oct 18

    […] one gore makeup tutorial a week during October, today’s GLAM look is a glam clown! I did a creepy killer clown last year and it was one of my favorite looks. I thought I’d mix it up (because clown makeup is […]

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