Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Happy Thursday! Today I wanted to showcase the fabulous events from last week’s Greetabl Friendsgiving shoot! I had the BEST time hanging out with other local St. Louis bloggers — it’s always amazing to meet other incredible women in this industry and make new friends. #communityovercompetition — ALWAYS. 🙂 Take a peek at our Greetabl Friendsgiving below!

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

What is a greetabl?

Greetabl’s are adorable little boxes you can send your friends in lieu of a card. You select the type of box you want, and a little gift to go inside it. It could be confetti, chocolate, gummy bears, tea bags, etc. There are plenty of options!

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

In the center of the box is a little message from you to your besties, and there are sections for you to choose cute pictures to insert into the greetabl as well! It’s like cards got upgraded. 

Who were the vendors?

Event Coordination: @greetabl

Venue: @willowstl

Floral Design: @lesbouqetsflorals

Calligraphy: @emma.vonderhaar

Plates and Chargers: @renownrentals

Table Desserts: @nourishathome

Cocktails and Bar Cart Desserts: @feedme_withamanda

Hair & Makeup: @blondeandambitiousblog

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

These were AMAZING vendors. The food was incredible, the tablescape was gorgeous and the calligraphy was so beautiful. I WISH I could do hand lettering half as well as she does. STUNNING.

I had never been inside the Willow and I was so impressed with how bright and airy it is. The space is so open and it would be PERFECT for a wedding reception. 

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Who were the influencers?

Amanda Wilens: @feedme_withamanda

Me, myself & I: @blondeandambitiousblog

Gwen Ginger: @gwen_ginger

Elena Marroquin: @cheetahtalkymas

Mary Powers: @missmarypowers

Tracy Coble: @tracycoble

Meghan Layne: @meghan.layne

I am so happy to have met these ladies — I can already feel the friendships forming. 😉 

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Why should YOU send a greetabl this year?

Everyone should TOTALLY send a greetabl this year. I plan on send them to all my sweet friends around the holidays. They’re perfect in lieu of silly gifts or cards. They are so customizable and personal to each of your friends and family, and they can make someone feel SO special. 

Treat your sweet friends to a special gift with greetabl!!

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

I am so excited for Thanksgiving and kicking off the season with these wonderful ladies for Friendsgiving was the perfect way to start the season. I am SO thankful for all my friends and family — I am one lucky lady. This time of year gives me all the warm fuzzys.

Greetabl Friendsgiving Styled Shoot

Are you planning on throwing a friendsgiving this year? Let me know your plans in the comments below!!


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  1. Jae (@gorjaeous) | 16th Nov 17

    How cute are the flowers as wall decoration + photo background?! My husband and I always go away into the mountains on Thanksgiving weekend (a tradition we started last year), so no friendsgiving for us this year. 🙂

  2. Nikki Vergakes | 16th Nov 17

    This is adorable!! We do a friends giving every year.

  3. Kristen Jones | 16th Nov 17

    LOVE the tablescape! It’s so beautiful. Also, I love Greetabl! My sister sent me a box for my birthday last month and I’m obsessed now. I can’t wait to send out my first one!

  4. Ashley Stephenson | 16th Nov 17

    Wow what a beautiful set up! I love all the flowers on the wall!!

  5. Jenny | 16th Nov 17

    This looks like so much fun! I love all the decor.

  6. Brooke | 16th Nov 17

    Omg this is so adorable! I’ve never seen a friends gathering so well designed and planned out haha. Love the colour scheme and theme. Also greetabl looks awesome I’ll definitely have to check it out! Xo

  7. Marci Smith | 16th Nov 17

    This is awesome! I wish I had found out about it in time to do it for Friendsgiving Saturday

  8. Christina | 16th Nov 17

    This looks like so much fun! I love how it all turned out.

  9. The full mode | 17th Nov 17

    This is so awesome, the decoration is beautiful, I really like ! Kisses

  10. Joscelyn | 17th Nov 17

    What a fun event! It’s always nice to meet other bloggers in your area!

  11. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 17th Nov 17

    Wow those boxes are so cute! And love that you were able to attend such a fun event!

  12. Alex | 17th Nov 17

    What a gorgeous table – so, so pretty and it all goes together so well!

  13. Nadia | 17th Nov 17

    This looks like such a beautiful event & the setting couldn’t be more cozy, airy and perfect <3 I have just discovered your blog through a FB thread girl & I will definitely make sure to follow your blog on socials and pop in to catch up with new posts. Eeekk! Always so exciting to discover amazing bloggers 🙂
    xox Nadia

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