How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Happy TUESDAY! I’m home from my #adultsatdisney trip and now I am snuggled up in my bed trying to recuperate from my flight home and am reliving my Disney vacation in my head. I had the BEST time with my mama and Erica from Coming Up Roses and all of the other amazing influencers I met this weekend. Disney is a magical place – but this weekend was even more magical because of the people involved. I am so blessed to have been able to experience these last few days and I am not gonna lie – I’m already planning my next Disney vacay (only this time I’m bringing my hubby because #starwars). This was a quick trip – 4 days start finish, or 3.5 days at the parks total. That would be TOTALLY daunting to some people but luckily – I am not some people. I am a planning QUEEN when it comes to vacations. SO. If you are taking a quick trip to the parks and want to know exactly how to get as much in as possible – read on!

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days


How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Overview of our schedule:

Day 1: Fly to Orlando, ride to the resort, dinner at Disney Springs

Day 2: Animal Kingdom from open to 3:00pm, Magic Kingdom from 4:00pm to close

Day 3: Epcot from open to 3:00pm, Hollywood Studios from 4:00pm to close

Day 4: Animal kingdom from open to 10:00am, ride to airport and fly home

It’s a packed schedule – seriously. HOWEVER. You CAN get everything you want to get in with a few helpful tips. 

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days


One: Stay at a resort on the property.

This is not necessarily a MUST-HAVE – however – it does make things a lot easier when it comes to transportation. Disney resorts have busses that run every 20 minutes, they’re central to the parks, some of the resorts have monorail transportation and you don’t have to pay any extra for these features. In addition to easy transposition, you get early fast pass action. You get the ability to choose your fast passes 60 days prior to your trip as opposed to 30 days prior. That means you can get first dibs on popular rides like Pandora Flight of Passage (for reference – those who didn’t have a fast pass for this ride were in line for upwards of 6 hours). The resorts are GORGEOUS – I’ve personally stayed at the Coronado Springs resort and the Grand Floridian resort and they are both fantastic.

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Two: Fast passes.

This is a non-negotiable. You have to have fast passes to make this work. Because you are doing 2 parks a day, you don’t have time to stand in 4 hour lines. You get 3 fast passes per park with your park ticket and you have the option to add more later. Choose your must have rides and get fast passes for them. If there is a ride you want to snag at the park you arrive at first thing in the morning, you have the opportunity to get in line before it gets super long and you can save your fast passes for other rides. We were able to do the Expedition Everest roller coast twice first thing Sunday morning because we got there right as the park opened.

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Three: Breakfast in the room, Lunch and Dinner reservations.

I can’t stress this enough or you WILL be hungry. You want to make sure you make these reservations WELL in advance so that you don’t have to wait in line for food. You want to be doing fun stuff like rides – without sacrificing the AMAZING food available at the parks. There are so many incredible restaurants in the parks (especially Epcot) so be sure to do your research and take full advantage of them!

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Four: GOOD walking shoes (we did almost 60,000 steps in 3 days).

My mama is going to be our real-life testimony on this. She needs a new pair of feet after all of the blisters she has now. Take it from her: bring good walking shoes (even if your sandals are super cute). There are SO many adorable sneaker options available that you don’t have an excuse. Break them in before you go and then prepare to still have sore feet (promise it’s worth it though).

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Five: Stay on schedule and decide which rides to do ahead of time. Plan your walking route

Ok this one is arguable one of the most important parts. We managed to get in every single ride we wanted to do this trip, mainly because we stuck to a regimented schedule. The night before, we planned out which rides we all really wanted to do. Then we created a path of least resistance – aka how to get from one ride to another in the least amount of time. It’s easiest to go through each section around the park in order. The new My Disney Experience app makes it easy to see which rides are where so you can do this. Plan your restaurants that way, too! It will make your life SO much less stressful. 

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days


How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

Basically, you don’t have to be a little kid to enjoy Disney. It’s for adults, too! Between the food, the rides and the resorts, there is something for everyone.

How To Do All Four Disney World Parks in 3 Days

I am so thankful to Erica for inviting my mama and I on this beautiful trip and for the memories we will have FOREVER.

Have you ever been to Disney World?? What is your favorite park? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Morgan Klein | 20th Feb 18

    Wow!! I can’t believe how much you did! This looks so fun and now I want to go so badly. I haven’t been in so long!

  2. Becky | 20th Feb 18

    1. Your blog is ADORABLE! 🙂 2. This gives me soooo much Disney inspo! I feel like it’s sooo hard to go as an adult and figure out what to do. Also, 3. You gave me so much picture inspo! 🙂 – Becky /

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      THANK YOU!! I am so glad you loved it! You can totally go and have JUST as much as an adult.

  3. Chelsie | 20th Feb 18

    Glad you two had so much fun! Dustin and I did Disney for one day last year and we had no idea what to prepare for, haha! Also, you are SO cute!

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      Thanks C!!!! It was SO much fun. 🙂 Time for a girls trip with the whole gang now!!!!

  4. Becky @ Disney in your Day | 20th Feb 18

    This makes me so excited to head down there in 2 days! Planning is key. We have 5 days and will hit all of the parks, some multiple times – oh, and run a 10k and a half marathon over the weekend!

  5. Natalie | 20th Feb 18

    What a fun trip! I love Disney World! My family and I were there in June and we did all the parks in 4 days and HOLY COW was it fun, and we walked so much. I second the tip about having good walking shoes.

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      Yes! This is awesome. I lovelovelove Disney. SO much fun.

  6. Amanda | 20th Feb 18

    This totally makes me want to go back to Disney World (I went for the first time in October– I’m in SoCal so I grew up going to Disneyland). I totally agree about staying at a Disney resort– makes getting around SO easy. Yes, definitely make reservations. At Disneyland there are a ton of walk-up food options so I assumed Disney World was the same. Um no, pretty much anything that wasn’t popcorn, hot dogs and churros needed a reservation. Next time I go I will be so much more prepared. Glad you had an amazing time!!

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      Thanks Amanda! And Yes – the reservation thing is a life changer.

  7. Ann F. Snook-Moreau | 20th Feb 18

    OMG, I can’t even imagine doing this schedule . . . I’d be so cranky and tired haha. I totally agree about staying on property and I love Coronado Springs, too!

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      I thought we’d be more tired than we were. Adrenaline is a crazy thing. 😉

  8. Christina | 20th Feb 18

    I thought your title had to be a joke! FOUR parks in THREE days? Then I saw your itinerary… SO impressed!

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Feb 18

      No jokes here! It was REAL LIFE and a total blast!

  9. Kelsie | 20th Feb 18

    Love, love, love this so much! If you’re without kiddos you can really do work in the parks. Planning ahead is key!

  10. Rachel | 20th Feb 18

    Awesome tips! Love how excited you guys were about visiting. I always take it for granted being so close but this is a great reminder for me to get my butt over to Disney this weekend + get some use out of my pass! What was your favorite part?

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      I have only been 3 times – once when I was 10, 20 and now 23! I am always blown away by it. My favorite part was the new avatar ride Flight of Passage!!!

  11. Jenny | 20th Feb 18

    I have loved following around you and Erica’s Disney adventure this weekend. So exciting and it looks like y’all had a blast.

  12. Lisa Sharp | 20th Feb 18

    Really hoping to get back to Disney before long so I’ll have to save this in case it needs to be a quick trip!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      YES! I can’t wait for you to go! It’s AMAZING – especially as an adult!

  13. Kileen | 20th Feb 18

    Omg how fun!! This sounds like such a blast, I definitely want to try doing this someday! My family would love it.

    cute & little

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      They absolutely would. It was so much fun for us.

  14. Helen | 20th Feb 18

    Looks like you really had fun! I enjoyed reading your post. Your pictures are also amazing. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      I am so glad you thought so!!! We thought the pictures turned out fabulous too!!

  15. Bianca | 21st Feb 18

    I want to go back to Disneyland!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      Right?! I have actually only been to Disneyland once, but Disney World 3 times!

  16. Kristen | 21st Feb 18

    Looks like your trip was a lot of fun! Comfortable walking shoes are DEFINITELY a must! Also having a plan for what rides you want to go on is also a great idea 🙂

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      Yes! I am an organized planner so I have to have a schedule.

  17. Whitney | 21st Feb 18

    It looks like you had an amazing time! I’d love to get into vlogging but I’m so awkward on camera and wouldn’t know where to start! :\ I haven’t been to Disney World, but I went to Disney Land for the first time when I was 26 (I’m almost 32 now). I definitely want to go to Disney World one day!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      Yes you should definitely go!!! I love vlogging but it definitely takes some getting used to!!! I find it’s easier to start with vacations rather than jumping into vlogging real life, if that makes sense!

  18. Carolyn | 21st Feb 18

    Disney is soo fun! Looks like you enjoyed your time. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. Kristin | 21st Feb 18

    Phew, I’m tired just looking at your schedule! This looks like a lot of fun, and if you are short on time you HAVE to pack in as much as you can. I’m a big planner too, I’ll have to try some of your tips on our next trip!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Feb 18

      I hope it helps you get the most out of your trip!

  20. Deborah | 21st Feb 18

    These are great tips! I haven’t been to Disney World since I was 13 so the next time I plan a visit, I’ll definitely keep these tips in mind!

  21. Ellie | 27th Feb 18

    Yes!!! We fly out next Wednesday evening and fly home Sunday. With my job as a teacher, I can’t take a full-week off, so this our third “long-weekend” Disney trip. People always act so shocked when I say we’re going to do all four parks. But Disney isn’t like a beach vacation, you gotta work it. And most definitely, like you said, it’s all about The Plan.

    • Taylor Mobley | 27th Feb 18

      AMEN GIRL. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELAXATION. LOL. It’s literally about doing everything you can in the time you have!

  22. LoLa | 27th Feb 18

    Great plans! I once did three parks in one day as a farewell on the end of a trip….Magic Kingdom monorailed to EPCOT and a bus to Animal Kingdom. We each (two adults and a kiddo) got to pick a favorite ride in each park. And we had Photopass take our pic in each park so we would remember! I agree that adrenaline is the only way you stay upright. LOL

    • Taylor Mobley | 28th Feb 18

      Yes! LOL. Adrenaline is key! Your trip sounds so fun!!!!

  23. Stephanie Caligiuri | 6th Mar 18

    I haven’t been since I was a kid but totally want to go back soon! Looks so fun!

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