Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

Happy #beautymonday, everyone! I hope every had a wonderful weekend. Today is one of my favorite days in the WORLD….it’s my WEDDING anniversary! I’ve been married to my sweet and amazing husband Adam for two years and let me tell you – it’s THE BEST two years of my entire life. I am so lucky that Adam decided to put up with me forever and is so dang patient with me all the time. I have lots of posts coming that reflect on our last two years – but for now, you’ll have to wait until our anniversary photoshoot comes back from the photographer (they were vintage fairytale themed and gorgeous). Today, I am partnering up with Physicians Formula to bring you FIVE ways to revive dull skin this spring – because if you are anything like them, you live with this issue. Let’s dive into this.


Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

This post is sponsored by Physicians Formula. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

Number One: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

This is SO important because one of the reasons skin looks dull and less glow-y than it should be is because your dead skin cells are straight chilling on your face. Get rid of those suckers with a really good exfoliator like the Physicians Formula detox stick or No7 Only Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator. Both are amazing drugstore exfoliators that will remove dead skin, brighten new skin, promote cell turnover and gently cleanse. This is honestly the FIRST step you need to take to start your journey to brighter skin.

Number Two: Add a good serum to your skin care routine.

Serums are honestly usually forgotten and under appreciated. Even if you have oily skin, you should be using a serum in your skincare routine. This 24-Karat gold collagen serum is AMAZING for your skin and has about a million benefits, obviously one being brightening for your skin. If also delivers high cell turnover for more youthful looking skin and a good dose of brightening vitamin B3. I love how glow-y my skin looks when I use it – WITHOUT being oily. It just looks natural radiant which is all a girl can ask for, amiright?

Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

Number Three: Don’t forget the vitamin C!!

This is so important is for you want to ditch dull skin. I have fallen in love with this vitamin C facial oil. I used to be scared of facial oils because I have oily skin and then I realized the reason my skin was oily is because it was TOO dry and was overproducing. When I started adding more moisture and good serums and oils, my skin FINALLY started to right itself. I am not there all the way yet, but well on my way to balanced skin. This one has SPF 30, vitamin C, anti-aging properties and hydrating orange and sunflower. I won’t pretend to know what that means 100% but I do know I like the way my skin feels when I use it. 

Number Four: Even your lips need love.

When your lips are bight and hydrated, they hold product better. Yes – even your lips need some love!! I have become mildly obsessed with this organic wear lip treatment. It’s honestly one of my new favorite products. I know I have like a zillion lip balms. I love (as it turns out – I’m kind of a lip balm hoarder?????) but this one is FOR REAL. It’s so shiny – so it doubles as a gloss and since my makeup has been on more of the natural side lately, a glossy balm is the perfect top to my look. It lasts for quite a while and has Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, and Vitamin E. Aka even if you don’t hoard lip balm you need this one. Also it has a really cool twist off lid so you don’t accidentally wash it and lose the cap in the washing machine and ruin all your clothes. Not that I’ve done that. A friend did…

Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

Number Five: Invest in a good brightening facial spray.

It’s one of my all time favorite products and they are SO good for you. They smell amazing and feel so great on your skin. I keep a travel size with me for mid-day pick me ups and travel and a full size one of my vanity at all times. Aloe vera, gardenia, rose and thyme help to re-engergize and brighten skin for a more radiant glow!


Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

It’s so easy to forget about the basic needs of your skin when the weather changes but you’ll definitely notice a difference when you start paying attention to it. These are just a few simple steps that will help you take your routine from 0 to hero and boost that glow! The BEST part about the Physicians Formula products is that you can find them at Walmart so you don’t need to go out of your way to pick them up – just grab them on your way home at your next grocery store outing!

Five Ways To REVIVE Dull Skin This Spring

Do you have a skincare routine that helps you beat dull skin? Let me know which products are your favorite in the comments below!!

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  1. Carolyn | 9th Apr 18

    I’ve never tried this brand before but I agree with all of your tips! I’ve been following these steps myself and have started to notice a positive difference in my skin. And no, you can’t forget that vitamin c!

    • Taylor Mobley | 9th Apr 18

      Thanks Carolyn! You should totally try the brand and let me know what you think!

  2. Stephanie | 9th Apr 18

    Physician’s Formula is always surprising me with the quality of their products at drugstore prices. I want to try that 24-karat serum so badly now! Thanks for sharing. And a very happy anniversary to you! I can’t wait to see the photos!

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Apr 18

      ME TOO!!!!! You need the serum for sure. And thank you so much – I can’t wait to share them!

  3. Kallie | 9th Apr 18

    I’ve been using Vitamin C for the last 5 months and it makes SUCH a difference. Total holy grail

  4. Deborah Hunter Kells | 9th Apr 18

    The Vit C serum I think is great – but it looks like you have everything covered. Good bye dull skin!

  5. Kenzi || Life of a Sister | 9th Apr 18

    Vitamin C is so important! I have that in my Serum and love how it’s changed my skin this transition into Spring. I hope that this routine helps brighten up my skin too, I need to get a new exfoliater.

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Apr 18

      It totally will help brighten your skin for sure.

  6. Lecy | A Simpler Grace | 9th Apr 18

    I’ve never heard of any of these brands before, but I love trying new skincare products. I need to work on brightening my skin for the warmer seasons.

  7. Nailil | 9th Apr 18

    These are great ways to bring back some glow. I have been struggling this winter and need to revamp my skincare routine.
    Xx, Nailil

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Apr 18

      I always struggle to revamp my skin care too!

  8. Kileen | 9th Apr 18

    I’ve heard nothing but awesome reviews about these! Will definitely need to pick it up and try sometime!

    cute & little

  9. Suzanne | 10th Apr 18

    Yes! Any serum with vitamin c is a winner in reviving dull skin! I love the brightening serum from Ole Henriksen. Amazing stuff!

  10. Bernice | 10th Apr 18

    Omg yes! I swear by regular face masks, serums, and vitamin c sprays every day no matter what season it is.

    • Taylor Mobley | 10th Apr 18

      Especially when I travel! For some reason – airplane air makes me break out and look even MORE dull than I already am!

  11. Helen | 10th Apr 18

    I love Physician’s Formula! These are great for a spring glow!

  12. sharon wu | 10th Apr 18

    need to try physicians formula this spring for sure! i have heard many great things about them but haven’t had the chance to try yet. thanks for sharing your experience!

  13. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 10th Apr 18

    You’re just the cutest fish in the C. The Vitamin C, that is. GET IT?!

  14. Deborah | 10th Apr 18

    Great tips- especially about making sure your lips are moisturized! I feel like i”m so bad at keeping my lips moisturized!

  15. the eye traveler | 10th Apr 18

    these products look super cool! I def need a little boost of glow for my skin this spring!

  16. Jess | 10th Apr 18

    All of these products look so great! Skincare is something I have been focusing on a lot lately, so this is really helpful as we transition out of the cold weather and want to feel refreshed!

  17. Nicole | 10th Apr 18

    What great advice! I’ve always been afraid of using serums on my face as I do have oily prone skin, so this does make sense! Gotta try this stuff ASAP!

  18. KatWalkSF | 11th Apr 18

    So glad I read this! Need these products in my life!

  19. Denise Kokinis | 11th Apr 18

    Skincare is something I have been so much more vigilant on, especially since I have been getting older. I totally recommend a facial oil and just recently started using one!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  20. Nicole Flint | 12th Apr 18

    I’ve never tried this brand before but I love incorporating vitamin C in my skincare routine!

  21. Megan Elliott | 12th Apr 18

    Awww! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the skin tips – perfect timing for coming out of winter! 🙂

  22. Jess | 13th Apr 18

    Yes to this entire spring “cleaning” of your skin. Im here for it!

  23. Christina | 14th Apr 18

    This is so great, especially coming out of winter.

  24. Jenn Hanft | 15th Apr 18

    Thanks for sharing this! I definitely need to add some spunk to my skin routine especially after the cold winter!

    With love, Jenn

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