Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

Happy #fashionwednesday! I hope you liked my 2017 Year In Review post from yesterday – it’s so much fun to see how you grow in 365 days. We had a lot happen in a year and it will be nice to have a little record of it one day. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we are turning a little less serious and talking about one of the most important parts of Christmas: CHRISTMAS PJS. Now – I know you’re thinking: Taylor, there are literally 5 days until Christmas. Where the heck am I going to find LAST MINUTE Christmas pajamas for my entire family? Well, I’m glad you asked because boy do I have a list for you. Let’s do this.

Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

If you don’t know anything about me….know this. I am the TRADITION QUEEN. It probably stems from some weird control-freak side of me where things all have to match and be coordinating. If I buy a book in a series, I have to buy the entire series. Same goes for movies. If I buy an eyeshadow palette that is part of a collection, I literally have to buy all of them. It’s the most bizarre quirk that I have.

Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

Along those same lines, if I start a tradition one year, it really bothers me when those traditions don’t continue. I LOVE TRADITIONS. I love having things to hold on to and make memories with. One of those said traditions, is matching Christmas Eve pjs. For YEARS, my sister and I wore matching pajamas as kids growing up, and that transitioned into coordinating pajamas as we got older. Once I was in college, my family kind of ended the pajama trend and did Smith Family Christmas tshirts. My mom and I designed them and we all wore them when we were opening presents. When we would go out to our annual Christmas Day matinee movie at the movie theater, we’d wear them there, too. It’s SUCH a fun little tradition – but more work than typical Christmas Eve pjs. 

This year, I thought I would help you start the easiest tradition in the book: Matching Christmas Pajamas – and where to get them in time for 2017 Christmas Day. 

Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

Let’s start off with the most obvious choice: Amazon. They have amazing 2 Day shipping with Amazon Prime and you can even speed it up even faster for a small fee and have it the very next day. You can get packages all the way up to Christmas Eve. About 75% of the pajamas I put in my cart were expected to arrive before Christmas if you ordered by December 22nd. That gives you THREE DAYS to choose family Pjs, and have everyone wear them on Christmas Eve.

If you want totally matching pajamas, I would go with these sets:

If you want coordinating, but not matching, I would go with these sets:

If you just want cute couple pjs, I would go with these sets:

If you want kids only matching pjs, check these ones out:

If you want women’s only pajamas, these are stinking adorable:

If you want men’s only pajamas, these are also super festive:

Second obvious choice, HEYYY TARGET (editor’s note: please read that as Tar-Jay). While they may not have awesome and impressive 2-day shipping, they do have a pick up in store option where you locate the item you want online and if it’s in stock in your local store, they’ll put it on hold for you and you can pick it up at a later date. Shop in your pjs the night before, pick up while you’re running errands the next day. Easy peasy.

You can mix and match all of these collections for men, women, couples, kids or whole family, so go crazy:


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

Third, maybe not-so-obvious choice: Kohl’s! I am a Kohl’s credit card holder so you know I’m pretty obsessed with them. I am a religious Kohl’s cash user and A & I have spent many a date night browsing through the Kohl’s aisles. Lame…maybe. But kind of fun none-the-less? Definitely. People like to underestimate this department store, but don’t discount it. They have the same in store pick up situation that Target also rocks. This is a FREE service, just like Target, and makes life basically the easiest.

If you want kids only matching pjs, check these ones out:

If you want women’s only pajamas, these are stinking adorable:

If you want men’s only pajamas, these are also super festive:


Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

So – if you are chronically late during the Christmas season and you feel like there’s no way you can get yourself together to do a cute Christmas tradition, I HOPE I CHANGED YOUR MIND. There is always time to get it together. I am LITERALLY obsessed with traditions. I have a zillion of them throughout the year but I have the most around this time of year. Matching/Coordinating Christmas pjs are one of those traditions. Even if you don’t have kids yet (I don’t!), it isn’t too late to start traditions with your little family. 

Where To Find The Best Last Minute Christmas PJs

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this post and what your most cherished Christmas tradition is! It makes my heart happy hearing about your traditions!

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  1. Lily | 20th Dec 17

    So many cute jammies! I was just telling my husband that we needed Christmas pj’s the other night too.

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Dec 17

      They are so fun and adorable for the whole fam!

  2. Shann Eva | 20th Dec 17

    So many great Jammies. I love having matching ones with the kids. Target is my favorite place to shop, so I need to check out these matching sets ASAP.

  3. Natalie | 20th Dec 17

    What a great list! I love those reindeer slippers.

  4. Kristin | 20th Dec 17

    Ohhhh! The grey rugby is my favorite!

  5. Kimmie | 20th Dec 17

    Matching family PJs are just the cutest. Loving your NOEL graphic sweatshirt!
    xo Kimmie

  6. cara | 20th Dec 17

    So many cute options! I stocked up on our christmas pj’s last night at Target and they had so many cute styles to choose from!

  7. Kristen Jones | 20th Dec 17

    These are all such cute jammies!! I still need to get a pair–maybe I can convince the hubby to do a matching set!!

  8. Nikki Gwin | 20th Dec 17

    Thanks for the tips. I’ve been wanting some new pjs. Will be ordering me some I think.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ gwingal

  9. Carley | 20th Dec 17

    We’ve never done matching pj’s before but out of the blue, my 9 year old asked for them this year. I was able to grab some from Target really last minute and I love how cute they are.

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Dec 17

      How sweet is that?!?! I love when kids want to be a part of it!

  10. Alix Maza | 20th Dec 17

    What cute options! Christmas PJs are always first on my shopping list lol.

  11. Jenny | 20th Dec 17

    Oh my gosh, the ones that include an option for the dog too are the cutest thing.

    • Taylor Mobley | 20th Dec 17

      I know. Now if only my cats would wear pjs ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Cameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial | 20th Dec 17

    My middle sister is OBSESSED with us all wearing matching onesies every year, so def showing her this to see if we can get cute pjs instead haha!

  13. Alicia | 21st Dec 17

    I love Christmas jammies! I may or may not have bought like every pair of Hanna Andersson long johns for my little guy…I don’t think I could convince my husband to get us all matching ones (I personally love the Burt’s Bees ones if I could choose) so I typically stick to some basic J.Crew jammies & my UGG socks!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Dec 17

      Right? How precious is that? I love a good pair of comfy socks too!

  14. Kileen | 21st Dec 17

    These are all so cute!! I’ve been on the lookout for some Christmas pjs for myself, these are great!!

    cute & little

  15. Erica @ Coming Up Roses | 21st Dec 17

    Can we plan for a Christmas PJ party together next year????

  16. kallie | 21st Dec 17

    Totally needed this post 3 days ago hah! Finding good pajamas is hard! Especially last minute!

  17. Lauren | 21st Dec 17

    Christmas PJs are my fav! Love getting new ones each year ๐Ÿ™‚


    Lauren | http://www.mylifeaslaurr.com

  18. Stephanie Caligiuri | 21st Dec 17

    These are all so cute! I have these slippers too & love them!

    xo, Steph

  19. Azanique | 21st Dec 17

    I love the stripped family set! These are all adorable options.

    -xo, Azanique | http://www.lotsofsass.com

  20. Amanda | 21st Dec 17

    CUTE post… and now I want some Christmas PJs! I love that Target has the pick-up in store option, it has been SO useful!

    • Taylor Mobley | 21st Dec 17

      Thanks Amanda!! I know I do all my Target shopping online and then go pick it up!

  21. lauren | 21st Dec 17

    Ah! You read my mind. I’ve been looking for family pjs but worried they won’t come in time. So many cute options!

  22. Stephanie | 21st Dec 17

    This year I got my fiancรฉ a pair of pajama pants that match my pajama set for Christmas morning and I’m so excited about it! He’s spending the night at my parents’ house so that we can wake up and wear our pj’s together in the AM and it’ll be so cute for pictures too haha. I love that you had the matching pajamas tradition and now the t-shirts. So fun!

  23. Amanda Rinehart | 21st Dec 17

    We always do Christmas pajamas too!! Also… Halloween pajamas. All the pajamas! lol

  24. Lavenda | 22nd Dec 17

    Thanks for linking up these great options babe!!

  25. Rachael Thomas | 22nd Dec 17

    All of these holiday pajamas are so fun! I’ve never done matching pjs for the family, and now I want to! I may have to buy some today, if not, def next year!

  26. Kasey | Running in Heels | 23rd Dec 17

    How cute! Those joggers look amazingly comfortable!

  27. Gita | 24th Dec 17

    So cute! Its a bit late now but I might just have to use this for next year’s xmas card gift

  28. Tania Cascilla | 26th Dec 17

    Omg how cute are all of these sets, Iโ€™m especially loving the elf jammies

  29. Nataly | 26th Dec 17

    These are some great pj picks! I love all the matching ones too!

  30. Rachel | 26th Dec 17

    Those red and white pj bottoms you’re wearing are so cute!

    xo Rachel – To Hell in a Handbag

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