My Favorite Holiday Charity + 3rd Day of Blogmas

WOW GUYS. IT’S TUESDAY AND I HAVE A NEW POST UP. Do you know I haven’t had a Tuesday post since before June of this year?! Ya’ll know I’m a very regular Mon-Wed-Fri girl but in the spirit of Blogmas — I’m here this Tuesday to bring you something very special and dear to my heart. Today’s post is all about my favorite holiday charity: Operation Underground Railroad. (although they need your help all year round — not just in December). 

holiday charity


About the Charity:

This organization is doing some AMAZING things. They rescue women and girls who are sold into sex slavery rings all around the world. Their mission? 

“To the women and children who we pray for daily, we say: 
Your long night is coming to an end. 
Hold on. We are on our way.

And to those captors and perpetrators, even you monsters who dare offend God’s precious children, we declare to you: Be afraid. We are coming for you.”

holiday charity

If that doesn’t make you bawl your eyes out — I don’t know what will. My husband and I saw their documentary earlier this year at a local theater and we couldn’t believe it. We hope to get more involved any way we can once we graduate this year. 

They go through a six step process to rescue the women and children in the sex rings:

  1. Assess the feasibility of rescue.
  2. Research the location.
  3. Design a strategy.
  4. Take action.
  5. Recover the children.
  6. Arrest, try, and convict the perpetrators.

They make sure that the perpetrators who stole the innocence of these precious lives are locked away for good. They are trying to break the cycle and help these survivors make the most out of the rest of their lives.

holiday charity


We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization 
that relies one hundred percent on 
donations to save children.


So how can YOU get involved?

There are several ways to help O.U.R. Rescue. You can donate, volunteer, host an event or start a campaign. They need all the help they can get — because their mission needs to be heard. They are taking action against one of the most despicable things someone can do to a child. This needs to end. They are making that happen.

If you can’t tell — I am super passionate about this organization. My heart aches for all of the women and children forced to have unspeakable things done to them. 

This time of year especially, we need to be opening our hearts a little bit more. While we have our families to come home to and spend the holidays with, they are spending their holidays alone and scared. No innocent person deserves to live like that. Let’s work together and make a change.

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Taylor Mobley


  1. Helen | 13th Dec 16

    Thank you for sharing information about this wonderful charity! I work in non-profit and love to see what others are interested in.

    • Taylor Mobley | 13th Dec 16

      Thanks, Helen!! What non-profit do you work for??

  2. Dominique | 13th Dec 16

    What a fantastic initiative – good for you! Sex slavery – man. The world can be a horrible place.

    • Taylor Mobley | 13th Dec 16

      That is so true. That is why people like this exist! To hopefully save these sweet children.

  3. Meghan | 13th Dec 16

    Thank you for posting about such an important issue. More people need to be aware of what’s going on in our world, so keep up the good work. Also, I high five to a fellow spoiled cat mom. 🙂

    • Taylor Mobley | 13th Dec 16

      Hahah! YES! It is an amazing organization. And YAY for spoiled cat moms. 😉

  4. Oh to Be a Muse | 13th Dec 16

    Thanks for highlighting such a great charity!

  5. Dominique | 13th Dec 16

    This is such a good cause – it makes me feel sick to think about what these children go through. I am so glad there are people dedicated to doing something about it.

  6. Neely Moldovan | 13th Dec 16

    I love knowing about more charities. Especially this time of year!

  7. Jessica Hughes | 13th Dec 16

    I love this cause as this always makes me sick to my stomach to think about. I can’t believe we live in a world where this is going on.

  8. Jasmine | 13th Dec 16

    Human trafficking makes me sad. I still can’t believe that happens everyday.

  9. Ashley Miller | 13th Dec 16

    Love this!!! Thanks Taylor 💕

  10. Olivia Morris | 13th Dec 16

    A very admirable charity for sure. No child should ever be afraid and sold into the sex trades.

  11. Jocelyne | 13th Dec 16

    I love how you touch on this topic because it’s become a real issue for years. This has got to stop and hopefully we can get there. I appreciate it very much. -Jocelyne from

  12. Heather Denniston | 13th Dec 16

    this is wonderful. I volunteer at REST in Seattle (Also human trafficking) What you are doing is wonderful!

  13. claudia | 14th Dec 16

    Great work!

  14. courtney | 16th Dec 16

    Such an incredible cause!! It is so important to fight with all that we can so I really commend you!

    La Belle Sirene

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